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Photography night classes framing photography examples

Photography night classes framing photography examples


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Wooden Doorways

Perfect Examples of Framing in Photography. make great pictures using your own hands ...


A few examples photos where I have used natural framing for my subjects:

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Front Row Seats



In June, 2016, Cooper will be a participant in the second annual B&H Optic Conference and the National Parks at Night Photo Workshop series.


photography balance architecture

Attenborough framed


surfer framed by pier in photography


... natural-framing-in-photography-photo-retouching-sample

20130202_It's Snowing_0002_web

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20130213_Bray Office Shadows_0052_web


I took this photograph in the Dublin Docklands. The dock cleats along the quay provided the foreground interest in this shot. I think it adds a real sense ...

... natural-framing-in-photography-photo-retouching-sample

How to make natural framing photography

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fast shutter photography examples

... natural-framing-in-photography-photo-retouching-sample

The Assignment

The photo above is an example of the rule of odds. I deliberately framed the scene to include three arches. I think that two arches would not have worked as ...

Framing (visual arts)

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easy tips for better framing. Photo ...

Why you should use natural framing:

Filmmaking 101: Camera Shot Types

Example of framing in photography

Symmetrical Photo of Octagonal Space Within Building

Composition Techniques – Framing, 2

The center of the round object is the focal point, that is the point where you look at.

Antigua Photo Walks: An example of natural framing...one rule to help

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Photography Composition Example Framing

The Golden Ratio

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A bad backlight situation. The sun is behind the subject.

In June, 2016, Cooper will be a participant in the second annual B&H Optic Conference and the National Parks at Night Photo Workshop series.

use framing for interesting photos

Inspiring Examples of Ways To Fill The Frame. Inspiring Examples of Ways To Fill The Frame Photography Composition ...

building framed with greenery

example of framing in composition of professional photography

Breaking Down Your Picture Elements


framing your subject

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30 Photographs taken from Creative and Unusual Angles By Speckyboy Editors

perspective ~

Discover 8 Leading Lines Photography Tips From These Beautiful Photo Examples - PhotographyTricks.com

By Mayr

... natural-framing-in-photography-photo-retouching-sample

... natural-framing-in-photography-photo-retouching-sample

how to frame using a window. photo ...


this is an example of framing because the leaves are creating a frame around the girls

Classic Framing

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A Level Photography examples and ideas

Leading The Eye


... natural-framing-in-photography-photo-retouching-sample

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Perfect Examples of Framing in Photography

The Ultimate Photography Guide to Depth of Field (DoF)

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You've Been Framed!

Click on this link for more examples.

In June, 2016, Cooper will be a participant in the second annual B&H Optic Conference and the National Parks at Night Photo Workshop series.

A photo re-cropped to use the rule of thirds

Framing. Assignment ...

framing in photography

General Example 3



A framing view of the Uetersen Rosarium.

... framing in photography. girl with dog framed with light

This photo is an interesting example of framing, because it uses an actual doorway to create a tunnel leading back to the subject, a man passing by.

2) What is a Closed Composition? A closed composition photograph ...

Framing of antique photo with Flexible Fillet, arch mat

Cowboy Shot (aka American Shot) A variation of a Medium Shot, this gets its name from Western films from the 1930s and 1940s, which would frame the subject ...

Long Shot (aka Wide Shot) Shows the subject from top to bottom; for a person, this would be head to toes, though not necessarily filling the frame.

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