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Yes Percy would pretend to be a carpet gethimtochaseyou get him

Yes Percy would pretend to be a carpet gethimtochaseyou get him


Yes Percy would pretend to be a carpet. #gethimtochaseyou

YES!!!!! <-- "hey you remember that one time that we--" "kansas, kansas, KANSAS!"

So, just a head's up, there are some spoilers for The Percy Jackson Series and The Heroes of Olympus Series (like, all of them). So this is a fair warning.

Pin by R. A. Rain on Percy Jackson, Hero's of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase | Percy jackson, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson memes

This is one of the most accurate representations of the guys I've seen in a while < < < < I don't think Leo would say makeup is like lying tho

I'm trying to be less negative i really am. I just.

get him to chase you · Mah pure bby Magnus #gethimtochaseyou

get him to chase you · HAHAHAHAHA!!! #gethimtochaseyou

mandalorian14 · PJO , HoO & Magnus Chase · Yes, Percy would pretend ...

Honestly I love the ones when percy proposes or get an engagement ring sooooo cute

Percy Jackson and Monopoly seems to always be entertaining!

Took him long enough with Rachel and Annabeth! Both of the girls had to make the first move. Come on Percy.

Idk who made this but I'm in love with it #gethimtochaseyou


1046 Best PJO , HoO & Magnus Chase images in 2019 | Heroes of olympus, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson books

1046 Best PJO , HoO & Magnus Chase images in 2019 | Heroes of olympus, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson books

:3 los amo #gethimtochaseyou

get him to chase you · Yeeeeeees #gethimtochaseyou

1046 Best PJO , HoO & Magnus Chase images in 2019 | Heroes of olympus, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson books

My chirstmas ornament I made in first grade?!?! Is that you???

#wattpad #fanfiction This a remake of Mark of Athena Jason has prepared to meet the almighty Percy Jackson. He doesn't see why everyone adores him so much ...


Okay, how many times did this happen Annabeth? | Percy Jackson in 2019 | Percy jackson, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson memes

1046 Best PJO , HoO & Magnus Chase images in 2019 | Heroes of olympus, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson books

I laughed so hard! Then I was sad. Then I was a sad kind of happy. Best Headcannon I've read in ages. | The Heroes Of Olympus | Percy jackson, Jackson, ...

percy's face tho when his coffe flys away #gethimtochaseyou

get him to chase you · Haha! Just used amazon today!! #gethimtochaseyou

Image result for percy jackson memes < < < they did go on a quest together, to return Hades his sword.

Nico Di Angelo pretends NOT to know Percy Jackson when he comes to Camp Jupiter!!!

get him to chase you · Dam #gethimtochaseyou

Percy Jackson and Mrs. O'Leary #gethimtochaseyou

4/4 <--This isn't something to dream about, it's a nightmare. I think he would of died without Annabeth in Tartarus

viria: Lityerses, Georgina and Ella for those who might have missed a chance to see it :”D

not my drawings just miss the characters #gethimtochaseyou

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase Fan Art by Viria #gethimtochaseyou

Demigodishnesh. Is this...is this a zombie apocalypse? < < < <--- yes. Yes it is. I CAN TOTALLY SEE THIS HAPPENING

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase - disney version Prince Eric and Ariel # gethimtochaseyou | get him to chase you | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Percy jackson ...

(1) Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies {Completed} - how I meet Annabeth - Wattpad

I ship percabeth and solangelo I can't do this. Good drawing though..just pretend percy has blond hair and make him Will.

pjo, mcga, magnuschase, tumblr | "I'm dead Valdez" Lol. Leo Valdes and Magnus Chase everyone

It's there, just concentrate on your inner demigod. -- yeap. It's confirmed. I'm a demigod.

Yes, these all apply to Percy, got a problem?

Pin by Cleo Jackson on Percy jackson | Percy jackson, Jackson, Heroes of olympus

I just read this over and over... felt it every time; still


get him to chase you · Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott #gethimtochaseyou

bananabun — Solangelo dump!! yes very short comic because.

cherryandsisters: i just wanted to draw octavian getting slapped tbh

Nico di Angelo. im great Nico thanks for asking! Love you!

Percabeth Rick Riordan Series, Rick Riordan Books, Book Funny, Percy And Annabeth,

You fricking tried to eat a stapler. it doesn't get more embarrassing than that.

Reyna: Nico EAT NOW! Hazel: Nico EAT YOUR FOOD THAT I PACK FOR YOU!!!! * Jason, Hazel, Reyna all surround Nico and make him ...

That's not the only crossover.

And they have no idea on how to run it. Percy Jackson Fandom, Piper

They suggested you wear it with a flower crown."

Mind blown

I am dead😂😂😵

Yes!!!! I like these. Not only are these historically accurate, but they also match the book descriptions well. Finally, someone who did these blades ...

Come back alive Seaweed Brain, Then we'll see. Percy Jackson Fan Art

This blunt print that will remind them every day to keep chasing their badass


You guessed it, more Percy Jackson! This is another take on Percy and Annabeth :) based on the customers preferred hairstyle :).

Percy Jackson and Jason Grace | thief at camp half-blood

PJO demigods | Percy Jackson | How to make me cry in this many words

Yes yes yes yes yes yes

And that ladies and gentelmen is how to get your self into an awkward situation.

More friendly Percy Jackson reminders. #gethimtochaseyou

I dont rly ship this...but the art is too nice to ignore.

Hahaha, Percy Jackson, Carter Kane, Will Solace, Magnus Chase


#magnuschaseandthegodsofasgard, #rickriordan, #MagnusChase, #Blitzstone

Its not true love! Im the only one who had love in there heart and

Yes go Paul! Percabeth children in the back tho

I will celebrate them all.

Oh my gosh yes but he should be an advanced card and his jokes are so not horrid... He's hilarious!


i really love him so dam much. <3 T_T <3

YES YES YES TO THAT LAST ONE YES Rick Riordan Series, Rick Riordan Books,

Percy getting claimed by his father, Poseidon, during capture the flag.

#wattpad #fanfiction Percy is a mute slave on a pirate ship or at least that's what everyone thinks. Percy is really the son of Poseidon and is fully ...

Don't really ship it but like lowkey Jason would do something like this

I got the lost hero the son of neptune and .

Annabeth Chase the photo from Percy's notebook at the beginning of Sea of Monsters #gethimtochaseyou

"Percy is the most powerful demigod I've ever met. No offense to you guys, but it's true. If anybody can survive, he will, especially if he's got Annabeth ...

Race Shirt Drag Racing Dirt Track Racing Go Cart Racing Some Girls Chase Boys We Race

Hello guys if your reading this look up Percy Jackson Netflix. If we get enough

Lil percy :)---Daww! What if he did have a fish when he was really little but his mom just convinced him the voice he was he… | Camp Half-Blood is home ...

Hermes was probably in despair when he got the actually-paid-for gift (if you call it a gift).

What I'm like when my brother asks my other siblings who their favorite sibling

Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo

Ahhh, yes, Yes, YES!!!!!! Rick should do this at the end of The Blood of Olympus. What do you guys think?

Percy Jackson and Nárnia Ψ

Percy and Nico playing Mythomagic. ~ Dude this is about my favorite thing ever! Like I love any of the things with people playing Myth…

I mean it was heartbreaking but so beautiful.

The Titan's curse "that's a manticore!" Bianca Di Angelo, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson

Persassy back at it again | Percy Jackson | Percy jackson, Percy jackson fan art, Percy jackson fandom

Day 5 Fav Friendship... I'm really looking forward to Leo and Nico... these are their older versions



get him to chase you · Kreative DIY-Idee zum Selbermachen: Schriftzug aus Fimo basteln #gethimtochaseyou