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Watch CNNs Don Lemon shows priceless 2013 clip of Trump calling

Watch CNNs Don Lemon shows priceless 2013 clip of Trump calling


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"Priceless": CNN's Don Lemon recalls Trump's call for Obama to be "fired" over 2013 shutdown | Salon.com

Video: CNN's Don Lemon Shows 'Priceless' 2013 Clip of Trump Calling for Obama to Be Fired Over Government Shutdown

CNN's Don Lemon airs 2013 clip of Trump saying Obama should be 'fired' over shutdown | TheHill

Watch: CNN's Don Lemon shows "priceless" 2013 clip of Trump calling for Obama to be fired over government shutdown

Don Lemon rips Trump over personal attack. CNN

Cnns Don Lemon Recalls Trumps Call · "

Don Lemon 12.6

WATCH: Biographer Recalls 'Odd' Moment When Trump Tried to Show Him His Bone


Ex-Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Calls On President Trump To End Shutdown · '

Cory Booker Press Conference After Launching 2020 Campaign: Need

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CNN anchor Don Lemon on Monday delighted in recounting comments from cabinet secretaries and key White House staff on Donald Trump — stated prior to joining ...

CNN host Don Lemon on Tuesday evening wondered why so many of President Donald Trump's supporters overlook his “racism” that Lemon said is “personal” and “ ...

Pompeo Announces Suspension of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty With Russia

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Americans blame President Trump for the government shutdown: poll

CNN's Don Lemon Scolds Panel: 'Let Me In Or I'm Gonna End the Segment' ( Video)

Trump Wants to Make Himself 'a King and a Tyrant' by Usurping Congress Over Wall Shutdown, Senior House Democrat Says

Trump is so obsessed with cable news that his staff prints off chyrons to show him

John Hickenlooper:

Don Lemon Says Trump's 2013 Call For Obama To Be 'Fired' Over Shutdown Is ' Priceless' - Stats

Where ...

Northam releases apology video for yearbook photo

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown celebrates his campaign victory at the Hyatt Regency on November 6

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CNN's Don Lemon Attacks Trump For Iraq Visit: 'He's Like The Grinch' https

CNN's Don Lemon airs 2013 clip of Trump saying Obama should be 'fired' over shutdown - Stats

Trump shrugs off impact of government shutdown because furloughed workers "are Democrats"

Dem strategist says media leaks from Mueller probe should be taken with 'grain of salt'

US President Donald Trump attends a campaign rally in Estero, Florida, on October 31

Fun times: CNN anchor Don Lemon stepped out on Saturday night holding hands with his

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Trump threatens to shutdown more than the government

Video: CNN's Don Lemon Shows 'Priceless' 2013 Clip of Trump Calling for Obama

Barack Obama Lists His Favorites in 2018, Including Michelle's Book and Jay-Z Songs - Stats


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Not about race: Don Lemon said he doesn't believe the word thug carries

The Hill | CNN host Don Lemon on Thursday shared a... - Stats

How Trump's EPA is changing the public health benefits around mercury - Stats

Fox's Gregg Jarrett Pummels CNN's Don Lemon: 'a Racist, Hypocrite and Idiot All

Trump demands Mitch McConnell end the filibuster or else suffer a "very long" government shutdown

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Federal Union Chief Slams Trump's Comments About Democratic Workers As 'Preposterous' — HuffPost

Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting charged in separate case — The Washington Post

CNN Election 2000 - All State Calls (President)

Troops Won't See The Pay Raise President Donald Trump Said They Would | NBC Nightly News

CNN Election Night 2014 - All Projections

Miss USA Speaks Out on Donald Trump Mexican Flap to CNN's Don Lemon: He Has 'Right to Free Speech'

Twitter Users Taunt Donald Trump As Old Hurricane Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him Comebacks,

trump tweet sexual assault.jpeg

play_arrow. CNN

The disturbing signal Trump's silence sends to Russia — CNN | 21st Century | Pinterest

Michelle Obama named America's most admired woman, poll says - Stats

WAPO's fact-check of Trump's speech: Arrest stat is misleading because it includes ALL CRIME - Stats

Nancy Pelosi and Trump


President Donald Trump Claims He's Given Military 'One Of The Biggest Pay Raises' | NBC News

(Clockwise) Don Lemon, Robin Wright and Ashleigh Banfield on "House of Cards," Sam Rubin

Donald Trump Mocked by Iran: 'Perhaps We're Also Responsible for California Fires Because We Didn't Help Rake the Forests' — Newsweek | Wannabe Fake ...

CNN anchor Don Lemon attends the 12th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute

All-in attack: Donald Trump said of Colbert that he is 'a no

Michelle Obama Had Some Advice for Donald Trump - Stats

CNN in his sights: Trump called Don Lemon, who anchors CNN at 10pm weeknights

Joe: Even In Doing Something Right, President Donald Trump Makes Chaos | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mulvaney: "Is Nancy Pelosi's Speakership Worth Shutting The Government Down?" | Video | RealClearPolitics

Watch Fox News Defend Rival CNN Against Donald Trump's 'Fake News' Claim ( Video)

Marco Rubio confronted by student on CNN



CNN host pushes back on GOP lawmaker claiming Dems vote against security measures: 'That's

The Cash Flow Mentality Of The President Donald Trump White House | Morning Joe | MSNBC

CNN | Of no surprise, Obama said "Becoming," the memoir... - Stats

“The Service Is Terrible”: Trump Is Returning to a Very Different Mar-

Iran Slams Trump Administration As 'First-Class Idiots,' Says Their Defeat Will

Lemon started his career at CNN in 2006 as a correspondent and has won an Edward

Don Lemon apologized on CNN on Wednesday for comments he made to an alleged rape victim

New Reporting Sheds Light On Donald Trump, Robert Mueller During Vietnam Era | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Unhinged Birther Trump Supporter Loses It on Camera, Caught in Outrageous Lies. David Pakman Show

Don Lemon flipped the bird at Wilmore after the comedian called him an 'alleged journalist

SHOCKING NEWS: Barack Obama Calls Trump's Whore To Melania On CNN Live Today (Video). Would You Support President Trump To Arrest Him? (Watch VIDEO )