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Top 5 Mind Blowing Inventions You Didnt Know Existed YouTube

Top 5 Mind Blowing Inventions You Didnt Know Existed YouTube


Top 5 Mind Blowing Inventions You Didn't Know Existed

Top 5 New Tech Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

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5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Existed

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1) “Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting. ...

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... emails (!) with a new feature called Smart Compose — just keep hitting the tab button, and Google will autocomplete your message. You can switch it ...

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Silent Karaoke

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Eye Dropper Funnels

We took great effort to roll changes out gradually. But over time you can see how far we've come:

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Adam's been making mashups and editing video for longer than YouTube has even existed. He's got skills, just like the researchers Davis studied.


9) The mobile phone number 666 6666 fetched £1.5 million in a charity auction in Qatar in 2007.


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