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This year has been quite a ride for the Voltron community but Im

This year has been quite a ride for the Voltron community but Im


This year has been quite a ride for the Voltron community, but I'm

Day 7: Thank You VLD! 🖤❤ 💙💛💚💖🧡 it's

Voltron Joaquim Dos Santos Lauren Montgomery

Many Voltron fans know and ship " Klance ," a fantasized relationship between protagonists Keith and Lance. Essentially, Klance14 is demanding that the ...

“ Season 8, last season. “ . . Day 7 of 7 days of. “

Day 7: Thank you Voltron It's the final day of @actualyohane 's 7 Final Days of Voltron and these are some of my favorite moments I've had in the Voltron ...

I'm not sure if this even classes as a spoiler but I'll put warnings just in case as don't want anyone accidentally finding out something they didn't know ...



Voltron FandomBury your gays!


I just finished watching season 8 of #Voltron and I am an emotional mess. 🖤. Voltron has been ...


There's been more than a little discourse in the Voltron fandom over the sexuality of the paladins, but I think we can all agree that we'd like to see at ...


The classes are geared toward students from fourth to seventh grade, and many of the

I just finished watching season 8 of #Voltron and I am an emotional mess. 🖤. Voltron has been ...


Day 7 of #7finaldaysofvld : Thank You Voltron • It's been an honor flying with


Yes, that knife of his is Galran, as is Keith himself-- or well, half-Galran if you want to get technical. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that ...




We are kicking off 2019 the only way we know how at The Shared Desk. We're bringing in a special guest who has never been on the show, but is practically ...

We're bringing in a special guest who has never been on the show, but is practically art of the family. Welcome to The Shred Desk author Tim Dodge.

Jeff Weiss

Personally, I'm inclined to agree with those theories. The show made a big effort to keep this person's identity secret, apart from Keith confirming that ...

How much research did you have to do? Did you just watch the original Voltron?

A White Paladin (Voltron Reader Insert)

Five things you need to know about Will Larnach-Jones' Debut Book 50 Queer Music Icons

The Galra have been a pain in our side since the moment they reared their ugly heads. We want to see an epic final battle between Voltron and Zarkon (with ...

The Weekly Advertiser - Wednesday, May 16, 2018 by The Weekly Advertiser - issuu

Interview: Michael Mohammed Ahmad on his new novel The Lebs and the inspiration behind it – Arts on the AU

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Everything is sports: The best movie songs of all time


It's been quite a while since I embarked on this endeavor, and it's been a wild ride. I have had a lot of people tell me that this whole 75% endeavor ...

Interview: You&Mei is Putting a Face to Fashion and Transforming Lives


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Story cover photo ...

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My shit and stuff. Enjoy?

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Best Photos 2018

Lance jealous aF

Welcome back to the 2015 A Song of Ice and Fire 5-Site Theory Poll! You've been waiting for this moment. I've gotten your PMs, comment replies asking when ...

In Westeros, dragons are the end all and be all of power. Aegon the Conqueror only is known as “the conqueror” because he and his sisters landed in the ...

Counting down the year in Rap and R&B songs.

For improvisers who want a deep dive into ColdTowne's principles and training methods, we regularly offer intensives lasting a day, a weekend, ...


We've been collecting and rejecting community-submitted recruits for months, and now it's time for them to do battle. Imagine of version of D&D with the ...


The Bullet Train: California dream or California nightmare? | Washington Times Communities

Courtesy of An Indoor Lady

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (1982) - Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (1982) - User Reviews - IMDb

Brunch was a hit!

New @ SCPL - Every year D.A. has lost at the school's game of Extreme Hide

And later in the year, the park re-opened what is described as “the world's tallest duelling roller coasters”.

Haneen Martin on remaining true to her own vision & creating within Adelaide's arts community

Jeramy & Shay


Journalist Jeff Weiss on standing up for your work and your community – The Creative Independent

Classic ...

From the New York Times.

Grown-up me is not quite as entertained by the images of Tigger bouncing on everyone—I'm not at all sure why that made me laugh so hard when I was small, ...

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All Are NOT Welcome!

Ben Moore is here ready to enjoy a record number of video submissions from our busy community including a Secret Shenmue VO project, a subtitle tutorial, ...

Aw it's a bisexual and a gay < < a bisexual lance and gay Keith. I'm a slut for klance

“We have loved working with so many iconic Austin theaters – headlining at cozy improv theaters, performing between runs at the City Theatre, and singing at ...

students, Telus invested roughly $1.3 million over their two years of study. But the students' resulting

Hottest Hip-Hop & R&B Albums ...

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I'm an early adopter of Lean Startup. Ever since Eric Ries starting writing about his…

Deliveroo Editions: Australia's first delivery-only kitchen unites Melbourne's food scene

Sadly we have to end with a departure of a beloved filmmaker, this case in the form of actress, writer and director Penny Marshall, who died at the age of ...

Look, despite what people like Pauline Hanson may try and show you, the historic Great Barrier Reef is in trouble, and it has been for quite a number of ...

From Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant comes the charming story of nine-year-old Flora Smallwood and the eventful year she spends in the quiet community of ...

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Free things to do in Manchester - Charlie Craggs

Thus one Silmaril lies buried somewhere deep in the earth. One has fallen into deep waters. And one rides above the atmosphere with Eärendil and Vingilot.

Voltron vs

international women's day 2018

Racers all gathered under the only real shelter available – a roofed picnic area. I had expected rain, but the icy wind made the weather extra nasty ...

The Fruit?

And that's not the only thing lining the streets – look out for fire hydrant artworks, with references to the area you're in sitting atop the hydrant.

“I received the Holiday Pass as a Christmas gift last year from my girlfriend. I always talked about taking improv classes but never committed, and this ...