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The present moment is one of growing discomfort both in America and

The present moment is one of growing discomfort both in America and


The present moment is one of growing discomfort, both in America and in Europe, with the regnant .

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4:02 PM - 4 Jan 2019

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness (v. 1): Michael Brown: 9780825305375: Amazon.com: Books

Knees and Hips: A troubleshooting guide to knee and hip pain

Javier Zarracina/Vox The ...

The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness (v. 1): Michael Brown: 9780825305375: Amazon.com: Books

'Between the World and Me' by Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic

There are a few problems here. One is that at that moment, you're kind of skill-less and knowledge-less and a lot of other things-less:

Growing up black in America: here's my story of everyday racism | Brian Jones | US news | The Guardian

Stress-Induced Shingles: How The 'Dragon In My Ribcage' Led To A Painful And Unexpected Diagnosis

R. Kikuo Johnson

Discovering the present moment.

Lorde Rolling Stone cover story 2017. Lorde discusses growing up in the ...

Jasu Hu

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From 1962: “Whatever white people do not know about Negroes reveals, precisely and inexorably, what they do not know about themselves.”

Peter Yang

John Garrison

Taming the Mind A Conversation with Dan Harris

Phil Toledano

A mushroom cloud rises moments after the atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of

A growing problem


The rise has been staggering in its speed: As recently as the 1970s, America's foreign-born population was under 5 percent.

maya angelou quotes that will blow your mind wisdom quotes

When we have faced down impossible odds; when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans ...

Lonely People - your stories: “The kind of loneliness that makes my heart ache”


Upset problem child with head in hands sitting on staircase concept for childhood bullying, depression

Drawing of a knob representing the intensity of back pain, dialed up to 11.

The church isn't even biblical, is it?

Today, amid the dust and glamour, Lorde is on a mission to find something fun to wear to Coachella, where in a couple of weeks the 20-year-old New Zealander ...

Relationship Advice: The No. 1 Thing 15 Relationship Experts Have Learned About Love | Greatist

A 2017 GenForward poll of white millennials found 48 percent agreed with a similar statement, showing that the sentiment isn't confined, ...


Man walking on the smile of a smiley face like a tightrope

At her sentencing, she said she had been “very scared to bring a helpless human being into the world.” In a letter from prison, ...

How to grow up and be more mature: Difficult carrer with driving businessman

Sometime back in 2010, a good friend of mine from college who had since become a pediatrician posted a complaint on Facebook about “made up” health ...

Returning Home After Living Abroad

This is a map showing the English, Dutch, French, and Spanish colonies on

Sometimes Embracing Emotional Distress Is the Best Medicine


Foot image indicating location of navicular and accessory navicular

The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can't win.

Chuck D's bond with the New York Knicks

Cognitive Dissonance in Real Life: Examples and How We React

I have always been fond of the West African proverb "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

Grief Article: Healing a Broken Heart

Credit: Sebastien Wiertz via Flickr. It's been accepted as a ...

maya angelou quotes do the best you can until you know better then when you know

Between the World and Me Teacher's Guide

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash. “

5) By and large, the drug overdose epidemic has hit white Americans the hardest

Chart showing that the number of days an opioid is prescribed matters for curtailing continued use

The economy since Trump took office has mostly shown the same trends from the final years of Obama — job growth, in fact, has been slightly slower — but his ...

Almost a year has passed since Kennedy was born in drug withdrawal. Yeager, at risk of losing the ...

Concealing the Pain. “

Common Sense

Drawing by Tighe Moore, age 7


13) Fentanyl has become a growing problem as well

The announcement, made during the second term of the nation's first African- American president, was not a surprise. Demographers had been predicting such a ...

A timeline shows important events of the era. In 1876, professional baseball begins with


A new report out of the University of Wisconsin Madison's Applied Population Lab found that white births are now outnumbered by white deaths in 26 states, ...

Inside a Killer Drug Epidemic: A Look at America's Opioid Crisis - The New York Times

They question of what is consciousness has been called by scientists and philosophers “the hard problem” due to the difficulty of answering it (Blackmore, ...

Cause and Effect

A year-by-year catalogue of some of the magazine's most momentous work.

Protestors in Kiev, February 2014

Two panels show the growth of urban populations in the United States. Panel (a

Mindfulness is an attitude and an intention that can turn any situation into an opportunity to learn, grow, and love well. This month, acclaimed yoga and ...

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