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The Grandeur of German Pipe Organs Photographed by Robert Gtzfried

The Grandeur of German Pipe Organs Photographed by Robert Gtzfried


The Grandeur of German Pipe Organs Photographed by Robert Gtzfried

Case design by Jacques Nonnet & Martin Bacot; Orgues-Giroud; l'

Paris XIV église Notre-Dame-du-Travail - orgue

Le grand orgue. Cathédrale Saint Front. Périgueux. Périgord. Dordogne. Aquitaine

The story of how I designed and built an all wood pipe organ for my house.

L'orgue de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de la Treille.

P I P E S - les orgues d'églises par Robert Götzfried

The world's oldest playable pipe organ

Yanhuitlan Mexique orgues quoirin

Les orgues de St Sauveur , La Rochelle

... he quickly highlights the similarities or differences that bind a culture or lifestyle together. You can explore more of his photography on Facebook.

L'orgue de Notre-Dame des Neiges

Cavaillon - Ancienne cathédrale Notre-Dame et Saint-Véran - Choeur - Orgue

german pipe organs

P I P E S - les orgues d'églises par Robert Götzfried

pipe organ german pipe organs ...

Toulouse St Etienne grand-orgue Kern

Toulouse - Cathédrale Saint-Étienne

pipe organ german ...

Orgue multicolor / Rainbow organ


New Hampshire Institute of Arts low-residency Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in Photography, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Writing for Stage and ...

Tlingit hide armor and Tlingit armor with Chinese coins, both collected in the mid 1800s (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)

The exhibition shares what they bought and wore. The walking tour allows you to see what they built the way they expressed their tastes and flaunted their ...

Installation view of Adrienne Elise Tarver's Secrets of Leaves

Credit: Arizona Humane Society

Reconvene below for a closer look at Davids urban army and then keep checking back with us for more fresh street art updates from South American and beyond.

Henry Taylor, Ancestors of Ghenghis Khan with Black Man on horse (2015-17), acrylic on canvas, 104 x 250 inches (all images by Benjamin Sutton for ...

advent films photography life in cuba

50cm by 40cm, metallic on canvas

Akoakis Mothership at the 2017 Biennale Internationale Design Saint-tienne (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

what's on my mind

For the majority of a long if intermittent career, the Swedish indie-pop troubadour has specialized in cheerful dolor.

Cloud photography

Our friend Elian just sent us some images from a brand new piece that just popped up on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina for the first edition of ...

Henry Stanier, Karnak (1868), watercolor and bodycolor, 665 x 476 mm, British Museum 1994 ( The Trustees of the British Museum)

adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography

This unique real estate offering has sweeping views of the valley and is located minutes away from the city.

... his dizzying landscape series Flatland with this new collection of collages shot in various locations around the United States including Texas, Arizona, ...

New Hampshires House of Representatives passed a bill that goes one step closer towards effectively exempting persons using virtual currency from ...


Architecture studio oiio has conceived a bending skyscraper for 57th Street in Manhattan and theyre calling it the worlds longest building. (via DesignBoom)

In 1987 a Japanese team from Waseda University (Tokyo), under the direction of Sakuji Yoshimura carried out an electromagnetic sounding survey of the Khufu ...

Plaza Hotel (1907), photographed by the Byron Company (courtesy Museum of the City of New York); Plaza Hotel (2014), photographed by Harlan Erskine

Smart meters technology

Prints from the portfolio Concinnitas (2014), a collaboration between Dan Rockmore, professor of mathematics at Dartmouth College, and 10 mathematicians and ...

innovative graffiti daku

Les Choux de Crteil logements, Crteil, designed by Grard Grandval (1966-74) (photo by Nigel Green)

But now, unwittingly for some, their art may serve as office decoration, following a convoluted sequence of events that exemplifies the infamously murky ...

Sony A6000 uglified with gaffer tape The dial that stopped working

rone street art alpha project

China announced plans to establish a national park dedicated to saving the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard. A comprehensive plan and pilot is slated for ...

Leandro Erlich, Port of Reflection, installation view (photo courtesy of the artist)

50cm by 50cm, metallic on canvas

... art critic Diedrich Diederichsen; artist Christopher Williams; and musician Michael Wertmller (the latter two contributing their own work).

(Sayer Ji) What if conventional wisdom regarding our most fundamental energy requirements has been wrong all along and we can directly harness the energy of ...

Take a look at more images below and keep checking back with us to discover the latest street art updates from Europe and beyond.

I do not know when Alan Felsenthal and Ben Estes founded their press The Song Cave, but at some point early on I began subscribing to their chapbook series, ...

Installation view, Hanne Darboven, Kulturegeschichte 18801983 (Cultural History 18801983) (198083) at Dia:Chelsea ( 2016 Hanne Darboven Foundation, ...

Is the most egalitarian form of photography, street photography, being destroyed by its own popularity? Is such a thing even possible?

And since FBI agents arrested the 23-year-old in late July, the US either freed Cottrell or will shortly. The aide landed in the FBIs scope for Laundering ...

Shannon Taggart, Table-Tipping Workshop at Rev. Janes House, Erie, Pennsylvania (2014) (courtesy the artist)

George Digalakis Surreal Nature Photography black and white minimalism landscape

The word photography derives from Greek and literally means drawing with light. It is a combination of the Greek words photo- (), meaning light, ...

2 x 50cm by 50cm, metallic on canvas

Bubblefish I a photograph of a soap bubble by William Horton. Here are some photos that will bring you right back to your childhood and the days you spent ...

French embroidery artist Noboru Hoareau recently stitched this fun series of creepy insects, spiders, and arthropods comprised mostly of beads.

jennifer bolande desert billboards visible distance second sight desert x

Take a look below for a few more images on this floral artwork and then make sure to drop your two cents down in our comments section.

Cloud photography

Jennifer Coates, "Thanks for the Sex" (2017), acrylic on canvas

The recent collapsing of the Azure Window in Malta finally motivated me to take my keyboard and tell you the story behind the picture above.

John Fekner, Falsas Promesas/Broken Promises Charlotte Street Stencils South Bronx, NY (1980) ( the artist)


Adjua Greaves performing Writing Like a Flower at the St. Marks Poetry Project (photo by Gabriel Kruis)

The exhibition brings back to life the culture of social movements that fought racism, imperialism, patriarchy, and capitalism throughout the 1970s.

The piece was arranged by the good lads from Backwoods Gallery for the City of Yarra.


As the German crew watched the enemy boat sink they noticed there was a strange disturbance beneath the waves as the Iberians boilers exploded and debris ...

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Learn more: Brasser on our blog.

janelia mould conceptual portrait photography


Valton Tyler, with one of his early oil-on-canvas paintings, at Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Dallas, Texas, March 2016 (photo by the author for ...

The ensemble cast of Dolphins and Sharks in act two of the play (photo by Marsha Ginsberg)

Albert Oehlen, Bume (2004), oil and paper on wood, two sections; 265 x 385 cm ( Albert Oehlen, courtesy the artist, photo by Galerie Max Hetzler, ...

(Dr. Michael Salla) Officials from a highly classified U.S. Air Force space program that operates a space surveillance system around the Earth, ...

Pulsar Moonlight brings the beauty of outer space into your home with their moonlight lamp.

In my particular case, and in the majority of those that are color challenged, being colorblind doesnt actually mean we cannot see colors.

Every genre of music has its lineages and filiations, and each generation tries to outdo its predecessors. In no genre of music are these relationships so ...

In 1974-5, artist and copywriter Gordon Keirle-Smith wrote a treatment for a trinity of novels called Genesis Antarctica: The Secret Origins of Humanity and ...

Olympus has officially announced that its killing off its Four Thirds mount lenses and focusing instead on the Micro Four Thirds mount.

Secret handshakes for everyday use

Even though its spring, its still chilly outside at night and a human skull log might be just what the witch doctor ordered to keep you warm.

Prosecutors in Belgium have recently announced that executives with pharmaceutical companies based in the country will be charged with knowingly providing ...

Artworks by Stickymonger, Duda, Sonni, and Lauren YS on the 69th floor of Four World Trade Center (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless ...


Victor Hugo, The Works. Extra Illustrated Edition

scientific photography wellcome image awards

Photo by Devin Blaskovich Photo by Kieko Hoshi.