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The 80s gym teachers and the kids in the back of the class that you

The 80s gym teachers and the kids in the back of the class that you


La Sierra High PE Film Project

A Blast from the Past: Reliving Gym Class from the 1980s

Why Physical Education class today is better than ever before

Even as Obesity Concerns Rise, Physical Education Is Sidelined - The New York Times

I can remember first playing music in my classes on actual 33rpm albums! I can remember the kids bringing in their favorite records to play for class.

Fun Dance Exercises For Kids and Kids Fitness Workout on Video

The Evolution of Jazzercise

Girls Gym Suits, 1960s (omg...what a bad memory this is!)Yes...and in Jr high our were puky green! | Remember When | Pinterest | Childhood memories, ...

45-Minute Cardio Dance and Toning Workout Mashup | Class FitSugar

Despite Obesity Concerns, Gym Classes Are Cut

Older woman stretching

Teacher Nicole Abdool, left, works with students from left, Michael Fialho, 3

PE teacher Mike Ginicola shares how to play Castle Crushers, a great collaborative throwing activity

Child in classroom

When any parents walk into their child's school, there are probably a few things that seem familiar -- desks, books, teachers -- but there are probably even ...

school in the 80s versus now

It may be the summertime, but many are already thinking ahead to the back-to-school season – and that includes school fundraisers!

When you walk into your child's school, there are probably a few things that seem familiar – desks, books, teachers – but there are probably even more ...

East High School, Changing Room, Athlete, Female, Teacher, Middle, Change

An unidentified schoolteacher leads her students to a library from school in Harlem.Adrees Latif / Reuters

London's best alternative fitness classes

P.E. Teacher? Or you just happen to have a parachute lying around?Check out this bunch of parachute games...perfect for summer programs!

Researchers were careful to ensure the obese children in the study maintained their weight

How we were taught

The Motivation Factor - Physical Education in schools in 1960's - #JFKChallenge - YouTube

Head of the Class

Dead by Daylight [18+]. The 80's gym teachers and the kids in the back of the class that you ...


I was traumatized by gym class

Aerobic exercise

For Halloween, my two fellow PE teachers and I wanted to dress up for our school's annual costume contest. We wanted to enter the “team” category but ...


yoga teacher training class

Surely favouritism is a thing of the past?

Nair's visionary speeches ...

Meet the 80-year-old bodybuilder who started working out at 56

We need to stop pushing our kids

#BritishPathé #History #School

Reddit user Shadowyugi took to the forum to ask the teachers: 'Have you ever

to hear at the gym when the instructor is talking about the music. Most gyms play music at levels that put exercisers at


Reddit teachers reveal what it's really like when a pupil develops a crush on them | Daily Mail Online


Mitchell Deutsch, 7, on his way to TAG Young Scholars last month; the school has physical education class on Fridays only. Credit Jennifer S. Altman for The ...

Standarized Testing - Education - Schools - Test Scores - The New York Times

Julie Krizay I tried a lot of sports as a kid but was basically a non

Sponge activities are a great tool for teachers to have in their back pockets when they

And applying for a job felt even MORE like rolling out every good thing you've ever done to prove you were, and still are, a good kid.

When Did Competitive Sports Take Over American Childhood?

Is mindfulness meditation good for kids? Here's what the science actually says. - Vox

Students sit around Elina Starobinets as they do math worksheets at the Studio of Engaging Math

Is the Feedback You're Giving Students Helping or Hindering?

16" Blue Gym Class Scooter Board with Safety Handles by K-Roo Sports

30 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

10 Outdoor Games from the '70s that It's Time To Teach Your Kids

21 Famous Top Yoga Teachers in America

Creating an Engaging Obstacle Course in PE Class

Scary teachers

Jen Gonzalez My start with Zumba® Fitness was forced back in 2009. Jennifer Rubenkoenig

The revolution that's changing the way your child is taught | Ian Leslie | Education | The Guardian

Feminist organisations, backed by government policy, are teaching young boys at school to feel guilty and ashamed of their gender, writes Dan Bell

This game does require a low level of shooting ability but remains an ideal game for kids with varying skills because everyone gets a chance to shoot.

The Overprotected Kid

Left: A U.S. high school girls' water polo team (with their male coaches in background) posing with their trophy. Right: A U.S. university girl practising a ...

I've always loved dancing – as a kid,

Take your Spinning class back to the 80's with this selection of rock music. You'll ride over two big hills...great variety, good bike workout.

those scooter things we used in P.E. Some of the most fun and most dangerous things we did in P.E.

Photograph of older adults in a fitness class.

Mostly female gym teachers here. If you're like me, you might have hated gym in school, but miss staring at the sexually ambiguous gym teacher with wonder ...

Hop Hop Hop | Kids Fitness and Exercise Song with Lyrics | Children Love to Sing

Business class digs on the A380. What could possibly ruin this? Photo by the

How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America

Kids using a parachute during a PE lesson

20 Favorite Children's Songs: Let's Sing, Dance & Move! children3

A proper education

Freaks and Geeks Diary

Hip Hop for Kid

Pound Your Way to Fitness in Drum-Based Workout Class

Feeling It: Zumba instructors are both the primary customers and the core product of Zumba Fitness. Some 8,000 of them paid at least $399 each to attend an ...

Miss Treadway, my high school gym teacher not screaming at kids to go run laps for once.

Wally Rudolph

Jane Elliott's famous exercise, race 50 years later

Jazzercise 1982 Original Workout 80's Video FUNNY COMPILATION Judi Sheppard Missett

'Welcome Back, Kotter' Cast: 40 Years Later Photos - ABC News

I am the Music Man - Action Songs for Children - Brain Breaks - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

should be dead (10)

Michael ...

Young Portuguese children participating in a school race

Physical education