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The 100 on Instagram OTP 26 CLARKTAVIA I know most of you

The 100 on Instagram OTP 26 CLARKTAVIA I know most of you


Clarke and Echo #The100 #5x12 | the 100 ❋ in 2019 | The 100, Bellarke, Clexa

Maya on Instagram: “5.09 ⚑ — there were so many iconic things in this episode this scene,clarke slapping bellamy,octavia waking up,clarktavia it was my…”

multifandom !! on Instagram: “linctavia/clexa. y'all know i don't like octavia but i was inspired lol, i still shipped linctavia and i miss my babies ...

Clarktavia. Find this Pin and more on The 100 ...

bellamy & clarke ♕ on Instagram: “[5x08] iconic scene wow i'm in love - q: are you on bell/clarke's side or octavia's? — bell & clarke and I could write a ...

The 100 🌱🌎 on Instagram: “[5x09] Q - Thoughts on the new episode? — Mia • • #the100 #thehundred #octaviablake #marieavgeropoulos #clarkegriffin ...

Echo and Bellamy #The100 #5x06 | the 100 in 2019 | The 100, Bellarke, Clexa

The 100 and texts || Octavia Blake and Clarke Griffin || Pocahontas Octavia || tumblr - textsfrommountweather || Clarktavia || Eliza Jane Ta…

The 100 on Instagram: “• 🔈Sound On!🔈 Do you think this means Clarke will try and kill Octavia or do you think she'll just get Madi to become commander, ...

She stopped being a kid they day you sent her down here to die.

octaven au: octavia and raven like each other but octavia is afraid of what would happen because of her past experiences. quote from the vampire diaries

#The100 4x11 "The Other Side" - Clarke and Murphy

The 100 on Instagram: “[5.13] Who's your real life otp? - #the100 #thecw #madigriffin #lolaflanery #seeliequeen #bellamyblake #bobmorley #clarkegriffin…”

The 100 5×12 Bellarke, Clexa, The 100

The 100 on Instagram: “[5.10] #the100 — When Monty's voice broke 😭 — Okay y'll, I'm gonna be straight up honest with you: I am not with Octavia anymore.

Bob Morley - The 100 on Instagram: “. 5.07 Loved this scene 😂 and Bellamy's smile aww Did you like the new episode?

The 1OO ( @countingbellarke )

Lexa and Octavia Blake Lexa and Octavia Blake Lexa and Octavia Blake


#The100 4x06 "We Will Rise" - Luna and Murphy The 100 Luna,

The 100 4×13 The 100

𝙘𝙡𝙚𝙭𝙖 𝙭 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚 • why are they so damn cute 🥰🤧 sorry this is shitty

Eliza Jane Taylor and Marie Avgeropoulos || The 100 cast || Clarktavia || Octavia Blake and Clarke Griffin

Season 5 The 100 Quotes, The 100 Serie, The 100 Clexa, The Hundreds

The 100 | The 100, Clexa, Lone survivor

yaya im still here missing my

Thank you guys so much for 200 followers❤❤ I'm so excited😍

[ clarktavia x quote ] I actually really like this wow - q; no question

Photos and Videos about #johnmurphy

The 100 on Instagram: “• I loved Murphy in this episode. He caused a battle and he's so proud 😂 - #the100 #thecw #johnmurphy #richardharmon ...

my grieving babies deserve their happily ever after with each other. - favorite the 100

"Life is about more than just surviving" #The100 #5x12 The 100 Show

Octavia Blake: darkness is all we have left🔫 ° who is your favorite character

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger- Octavia #the100 #the100edit #

Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100, Mary, Teen Wolf, Oc, Wolf Pup

Octavia and Ethan #The100 #5x12 | the 100 ❋ in 2019 | Pinterest | The 100, Bellarke and Clexa

[ the 100 | favorite brotps ] ⠀ many of my fav friendships on the

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Octavia Blake || Osleya The 100 Quotes, The Hundreds, Bellarke, Clexa,

Octavia and Madi #The100 #5x13 The 100

#The100 2x08 "Spacewalker" - Clarke and Lexa Lexa The 100, Clarke And

Raven and Shaw #The100 #5x07 The 100 Raven, Bellarke, Clexa, The

[Au- Raven is a skaikru that Octavia saved when they were at war]

y e s - #clarketavia #octaviablake #clarkegriffin #the100

The 100 + Tumblr Text Posts || Raven Reyes || The 100 crack || Lindsey Morgan

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I'm a warrior, not because I always win but because I always fight

The 100 ladies

The 100 Quotes, Bob Morley, We Meet Again, Bellarke, The Cw,

My loves! • ◇ • #the100 #bellarke #clexa #linctavia #bellamyblake

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tonight's the night #bellarke #bellamyblake #bellamy #blake #clarkegriffin #clarke #

... I dont know about this edit hope you guys like it 😅💞 - #octaviakomtrikru

#the100 #clarke #season5 #maddie #clarkeandmaddie the 100 season 5

... It is more depressing than i tough it will be , hope it is still oke

I wish you all a happy new year !! 🎊🎈 Take a moment to

Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Music Books, Bellarke, Otp, Tv Series, The 100, Cool Stuff, Bob Marley

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This is so sad but from the ashes we will rise. sorfina · The 100. See more

ahhh I messed up on my last one :( but like and comment what you

+ Q: did you like ALIE as a villain? • + follow @alyciafeed

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there's been so much drama in our fandom lately omg qotp: do you like bellamy

The 100 || Clarke Griffin || Abby Griffin

Clarke and Bellamy parallels yet again season 5 | Heart and Head | Bellarke, The 100, Clexa

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Octavia Blake: You love no one and no one can hurt you❤ • From

's AU •ugh only if •do you think bellarke will happen this season

Latest Instagram Photos. “

Andddddd done with this theme <33 _ Q: Whats your clothing style? A

The 100 fanart - The Golden Trio || Ladies of The 100 || Raven Reyes, Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake || Lindsey Morgan, Eliza Jane Taylor, Ma…

Bellarke x book quotes, • • I love bellarke in the books they are so

Tʜᴇ1OO on Instagram: “3x12 she's such a cutie #Q: do you ship Memori? #memori #emori #Murphy #the100”

... arkofwanheda - •The 100•🏳 🌈🇺🇸 - • 𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕥𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕒 𝕩 𝕄𝕒𝕕𝕚

lextavia AU where lexa is lonely and want to get to know octavia. the ending

to the stars || zaven {details from my edit on ig (@r.aidiant)} zeke shaw and raven reyes

I never knew how much I needed this ship until now. ~~~~

Bellamy is alutelybso not jealous #bellvrkau . thought ?

I'm done with this theme oops _ Clarktavia is growing on me ughhh I

... Tell me what you got! (The quality is shitty fuck Instagram)


Octavia Blake Bellarke, Fatale, The 100, Costumes

"Thanks princess" Clarke And Finn, Clarke The 100, The 100 Season 1

#The100 2x10 "Survival of the Fittest" - Lexa and Clarke Lexa The 100

when i'll awake, you'll disappear ; back to the shadows

song | the 100 — ay new theme! i really wanted to try something new

I love that the Grounder leaders are all women and they're all fierce, but I do not like the lady on the top (can't remember her name)

Eliza and Alycia #clexalove The 100 Cast, Otp, Eliza Jane Taylor, Lexie

#The100 3x04 "Watch The Thrones" - Octavia and Lincoln

I LOVE THEM • ◇ • #the100 #bellarke #clexa #linctavia #bellamyblake

Lincoln And Octavia, The 100 Clexa, Best Tv Shows, Favorite Tv Shows, Bellarke, The Cw, Music Tv, Great Photos, Black Box

[ #dontleavemeAU ] • CHAPTER 8 • I feel a little bit better, thanks

they were made for each other Q: top 3 characters from the 100? ic

Tʜᴇ1OO on Instagram: “1x01 // 3x13 thank you so much for 7k+ • #The100 #The100Season3 #clarkegriffin #octaviablake #theblakes #the100parallels”. The 100 ...

Marcus kane, abby griffin, lincoln, octavia. The 100 season 3! #kabby #linctavia

The 1OO (@100rebels) en Instagram: "[Season 5] #the100

Q: What do you think about the addition of fun facts beside random question in

#Becho Instagram Story & Photos & Videos