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Tested Colt Night Cobra Revolver Handguns Hand guns Revolver

Tested Colt Night Cobra Revolver Handguns Hand guns Revolver


Colt Cobra: Gun Test

colt cobra revolver

A Colt Detective Special .38 Special revolver was introduced in 1927.

snubnose revolver pistols

Colt Cobra Revolver, Range Test, Gun Review, profile right


colt cobra colt diamondback revolvers

... gun. The new Cobra has a lower bore axis than the older model.

Like the originals, the new Cobra offers a six-shot cylinder—one more than comparable snubbies from other companies. (Photo: Colt's Manufacturing) I

Colt King Cobra 4" Blue

Colt Cobra - Cool new grips from VZ

Night Cobra. Colt has a very storied history of producing phenomenal single-action and double-action revolvers. To the dismay of many, over the years they ...

Enhanced trigger guard, being larger for more room inside while the location changed to avoid getting your fingers hammered between the guard and stocks ...

Designed for everyday-carry, this Colt is going to make a lot of shooters happy. (Photo: Colt/Facebook)


Colt made a lot of jaws drop when they announced the re-introduction of double-action revolvers back in January 2017. That initial offering of a Cobra was a ...

In a move that very few shooters could have predicted, Colt has just announced that a re-release of the classic Cobra revolver is coming in 2017.

... snub-nosed revolver will sadly remember 1995 as the year that the Colt management team, driven by pressure from gun-control advocates as well as cost, ...

A left-side profile shot of the new Cobra.

Fans of Colt revolvers have been clamoring for a new model for years, and the Colt Cobra addresses that desire.

Colt Night Cobra revolver left profile

Night Cobra

GW 1709 COLT 05 COLT PHOTO 1020x1024

colt cobra revolver ammo and holster

1964 COLT Agent, Cobra, detective Special, PYTON 4" & 6" Barrel Revolver AD

The Cobra is a six-shooter, one more round than most revolvers of its

by Wiley Clapp - shootingillustrated.com - National Rifle Association of America. CategoriesRevolvers

Best New Handguns of 2018. The concealed-carry revolution continues to sweep across America and the handgun ...

Snake guns could not be hotter these days, and with the revived Cobra, Colt makes their first re-entry into the beloved reptilian market.

Night Cobra


Shooting Colt's New Stainless-Steel Double-Action 38 Special Cobra Revolver - Gunblast.com

1975 Colt Python 357 Magnum Revolver Ad, this is my favorite hunting pistol and this is awesome

It shot great. The fiber optic front sight is highly visible, and the trigger is very smooth and consistent. The single action is super crisp with zero ...

COLT Night Cobra 38 Special +P 2" Inch Barrel Matte SS Finish Night Sights

Colt Cobra Revolver, Range Test, Gun Review, aim

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Colt Cobra 38. Find this Pin and more on Pistols ...

Colt Cobra Revolver 1st Issue "Fitz Special" with Colt Shroud

5 Best New Guns of 2018 (Glock 19X and Ruger Make the Cut)

Once I made it to the range, I decided to put enough time in on the new revolver in order to give a review on that gun.

1955 COLT MARSHAL .38 Special Revolver AD Vintage Firearms Advertising

Kahr “We the People” Custom Desert Eagle 1911

Sig Sauer P365 polymer framed, striker-fired pistol in 9mm Luger.

My first stop during range day of SHOT 2019 was at the Colt booth. Some new 1911's were on display, but what caught my eye was their new revolver, ...

1973 COLT Python 6" 4" 2 1/2", Agent, Cobra Revolver AD. Weapons Guns ...

Colt Night Cobra 38spl - 1 of 4 ...

Colt Cobra .38 - See Why I Can't Shoot This Classic Firearm


Beginning in 1971 the Cobra received a face lift with the Second Issue and was produced

Colt Cobra 38 Speciall+P Double Action 2" Barrel Hogue Overmolded Grip 6rd NEW

... Colt Official Police .22Caliber 6" BBl. MFG 1953 Excellent in Original box Test ...

... Colt Official Police .22Caliber 6" BBl. MFG 1953 Excellent in Original box Test ...

The stainless steel finish of the Colt Cobra ensures durability and ruggedness.

colt cobra revolver cylinder

Hand Guns · Colt King Cobra .357 Magmum 8" barrel Colt Python, King Cobra, Revolver

Ruger SP101 v. Kimber K6S: Which one will I choose?

Colt Python, Guns And Ammo, Weapons Guns, Cool Guns, Hand Guns, Firearms, Revolver Pistol, 357 Magnum, Custom Guns

The Cobra arrived from Colt last week and now that it is in my hot little hands, the long promised review can start.

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Colt Cobra COBRA-SM2FO 38 Special

Rare Colt Collection on an 8-Gun Armory Rack 1) NIB Combat Cobra 2) NIB Colt …

Browning Buck Mark Plus

The viper lives.

Kimber's Got New Revolvers, Concealed-Carry and Limited Edition Guns

It was merely 15 days ago that The Firearm Blog broke the news that Colt was bringing back their highly coveted snake gun in the King Cobra.

John Browning's 1903 Pocket Model pistol in 32 ACP.

In fact, considering there's no hand finishing in this gun I'd say I'm quite impressed with the quality of the trigger pull and the really smooth and ...

Making a case for the Tauris Public Defender. This versatile handgun ...

Colt Cobra and detective special revolvers

Drool. Guess how much this little baby is selling for on GunsAmerica?

Colt Cobra vs Kimber K6S

Colt and Smith & Wesson snubnose revolvers.

Comparing the Colt Cobra, Ruger SP101 and S&W 642


I fired several 5 round groups from a bench rest at 25 yards to test the accuracy of the K6s. Most of the loads I tested gave me groups between 3 and ...

The new Colt Night Cobra with black nDLC coating and bobbed hammer (photo from Pintrest).

The Colt Cobra holds six rounds of .38 Special ammunition, despite its compact dimensions. The revolver features ...

Colt King Cobra

Colt Cobra Revolver, Range Test, Gun Review, target

1991 COLT PYTHON, King Cobra, Anaconda Revolver Print AD w/ original prices

The Colt .38 Police Special revolver has a really sweet trigger pull.

Photo of Colt Cobra revolver 2017 re-release.


Colt Night Cobra custom competition 1911 right profile