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Technology that can visualize nerve cells firing Brain science

Technology that can visualize nerve cells firing Brain science


Water molecules to unlock secrets of brain cells

... For decades, scientists have struggled to find a way to monitor neural conversations, stymied

Do bigger brains mean smarter brains?

Rewriting Life. Neuroscience's New Toolbox

These Neurons are Alive and Firing. And You Can Watch Them In 3-D | WIRED

Signal ...


How the brain functions is still a black box: scientists aren't even sure how many kinds of nerve cells exist in the brain. To know how the brain works, ...

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retinal diseases

Neuroscientists used a new, gene-based classification of mouse brain cell types and additional information about neuron shape to uncover two new types of ...


3 Radical New Brain-Mapping Tools Obama's Plan Could Deliver

A map of the human brain showing the connecting nerve cells in our minds by Van Wedeen

Meet the Rose Hip Cell, a New Kind of Neuron

a, The cell fired rhythmically on the descending phase of theta oscillations (filtered 3–6 Hz), and at high frequency at the troughs of ...

A 3D rendering shows a neuron firing on black.

organoid brain

neurons that fire together, wire together. Brain Cortex, Cerebral Cortex, Brain Neurons

CaMPARI fluorescence in a larval zebrafish brain showing active neurons (magenta) that were marked while the fish was swimming freely.

Nerve cells, artwork More

Neurons and What They Do ~ An Animated Guide

Technology that can visualize nerve cells firing

Researchers develop a technique to visualize and control the neural activities that underlie behavior

Imbalance of inhibition and excitation in the autistic brain is not the cause of, but an adaptation to the disease ...

Neuron derived from neural stem cells by California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. BrainHQ · Neuroscience Images

As patients with diabetes participate in a new activity, they are training their brains to create a new neural pathway. When the activity is repeated, ...

Nerve cell ...

Firing Synapses (Dr Jon Heras). Computer artwork of nerve cells (neurons) forming a neural network. Neurons are responsible for passing info.

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Scientists isolate neurons in the brain that could be targeted to dampen pain from touch

How attention orchestrates groups of nerve cells to enrich the brain's symphony

Image: Computer artwork of a frontal view of the brain with a neural network of nerve cells firing in the back. (Getty/Science Photo Library - PASIEKA) Link ...

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Two neurons of the basolateral amygdala. MIT neuroscientists have found that these neurons play a

Confocal micrograph of nerve cells inside a section of adult mouse brain.

New technique generates human neural stem cells for tissue engineering, 3-D brain models

Brain Forest | Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are Brain Art · Brain Art · Brain Activities · Neurons ...

Entire nervous system of an animal recorded for the first time

Scientists have developed a new microscope that can image living things in 3D, ten to

New technology allows obtaining PET images of the brain in freely moving animals ...

Map of the brain showing neuron connections.European researchers chase billion-euro technology prize : Nature News Jackson Pollack painting?

When ...

Neuron tattoo, Neuroscience tattoo. Psychology Tattoo, Back Tattoos, Small Tattoos, Cool

Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience have discovered a network of brain cells that express our sense of time within experiences and ...

A new artwork by two scientists is likely the most detailed piece of brain art ever created.Will Drinker and Greg Dunn

Visualization of a cortical neuron (red) and its neighbors (blue) from the Blue Brain Project, which has modeled a part of the rat brain the size of a grain ...

Researchers create noninvasive technology that detects when nerve cells fire

Young oligodendrocytes (green) are glia that help insulate nerve cell axons in the brain.

Creative concept of the brain

Effects of Morphology Constraint on Electrophysiological Properties of Cortical Neurons | Scientific Reports

Visualizing an Intimate Journey Through the Brain – Journal of Labocine – Medium


Remote control of brain activity with heated nanoparticles | Science | The Guardian

Synesthesia: How Neurons Can Let You Physically Feel What Others Experience

A team of researchers has identified the specific synaptic and post-synaptic characteristics that allow auditory neurons to compute with temporal precision, ...

Watching Memories Being Made

A 3D reconstruction of the neurons, showing them firing in a unique 3D movie

A microscopy image showing a rosehip neuron (top) connected to a pyramidal cell (bottom).

Dance of neurons: How brain cell vibrations could help treat diseases like Alzheimer's

Researchers read and write brain activity with light | Science | The Guardian

Real-time visualization of neuronal growth cone dynamics. Thermo Fisher Scientific

The connectome is the physical map of your brain's neuronal structure. If we can fully

Neurons Firing by mouseek (would make a cool background)

The dynamic mind: Stunning 3D 'glass brain' shows neurons firing off in real-time | Daily Mail Online

Neuroscientists are automating neural imaging and recording, allowing them to monitor increasingly large swaths of the brain in living, behaving animals.

The Neuroscience of Changing Your Behavior

Inhibitory interneurons in mouse brain tissue. The cells are genetically engineered to produce green fluorescent protein (GFP). Credit: Joe Shepphard

Close up of a few of the photo organs. Courtesy Steven Haddock – http://biolum.eemb.ucsb.edu, Author provided

Developing Fetal Brain

The Allen Institute has a new $200 million headquarters. Allen Institute

Rabies on the Brain


Mapping The Brain Onto The Mind | April 22, 2013 Issue - Vol. 91 Issue 16 | Chemical & Engineering News

Water and the brain - an illustration by Tatiana Shepeleva

Photo - This photos show the setup for a system known as CAGE (Critically coupled

What are nerve impulses?

Cell bodies of active neurons

Image - This chart, producing using a graphene-based technique, maps out a

White matter might matter much more than we thought | Mo Costandi | Science | The Guardian

From "Texture of the Nervous System of Man and the Vertebrates" by Santiago Ramón y Cajal. The figure illustrates the diversity of neuronal morphologies in ...

Brain-computer interface allows paralyzed patients to use off-the-shelf tablet

Remote control of brain activity with heated nanoparticles | Science | The Guardian

The differential processing between high and low characteristic frequency neurons ...

Nikon Brain

Download high-res image ...

Allen Brain Explorer

Scientists use a fluorescent protein to visualize the neural pathways that connect the cortex, pons