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Samuel Garland Jr 18301862 Cpt of VA Militia Brig Gen CSA

Samuel Garland Jr 18301862 Cpt of VA Militia Brig Gen CSA


Samuel Garland Jr. (1830-1862); Cpt. of VA Militia &

Samuel Garland Jr. (1830-1862); Brig. Gen. CSA.

Cpt. USA; Col. & Act

William R. Boggs (1829-1911); 1st Lt. USA & Brig. Gen. CSA. Here as Lieutenant between 1853 and 1861.

Joseph Wheeler (1836-1906). Maj. Gen. CSA & Maj. Gen. USV (as well as Brig. Gen. USA). Here as 2nd Lieutenant between 1859 and 1861.

McHenry Howard (1838-1923); Lt. CSA. Here in the Maryland

1855) Captain Percival Drayton

(1848) A.A. Harwood - Captain, US Navy

Alexander W. Reynolds (1817-1876); Cpt. USA; Brig. Gen. CSA & Col. in Egypt. Here as Captain between either 1847 and 1855 or between 1858 and 1861.

Members of the 2nd MN Light Artillery Battery are honoring the original soldiers by marking the graves that they locate.

(c. 1840s-1850s) Portrait of Major Stein

Lewis Henry Little (March 19, 1817 – September 19, 1862) was a career United States Army officer and a Confederate brigadier general during the American ...

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Richard Delafield (1798-1873); Brig. Gen. USA. Said to be as Major in the 1840s.

Cpt. John W. Kemper, Co. G, 3rd Missouri Infantry CS

John Echols (1823-1896); Brig. Gen. CSA.

William W. Loring (1818-1886); Col. USA & Maj. Gen. CSA and Egypt. Between 1846 and 1861. | Antebellum ACW Soldiers | Pinterest | American Civil War, ...

Montgomery C. Meigs (1818-1892); Brig. Gen. & Bvt

Lt. Col. George P. Turner (1837-1905). He served in both the U.S. and C.S. Marine Corps, was a volunteer on the staff of his uncle Ma…

John B. Magruder (1807-1871); Cpt. and Bvt. Lt. Col. USA & Maj. Gen. CSA. Here in an 1848 painting.

Clarence Derrick (1837-1907); West Point, Class of June 1861 (4th/34); Bvt. 2nd Lt. USA & Lt. Col. CSA.

Robert E. Lee, ca. 1850.

Abraham K. Arnold (1837-1901); West Point, Class of 1859 (21st/22); Col. USA & Brig. Gen. USV; MOH.

GOUVERNEUR KEMBLE WARREN AS A WEST POINT CADET half-plate daguerreotype, with hand-tinting and gilt detail, with identification and publication information ...

Union Brigadier General James Scott Negley commanded the 5th Brigade within Keim's 2nd Division James Scott

John M. Jones (1820-1864); Cpt. USA & Brig.

Cpt. USA & Brig.

Montgomery C. Meigs (1818-1892); Brig. Gen. & Bvt. Maj. Gen. USA. | Union

William P. Smith (1833-1895); West Point, Class of 1857 (9th/38); Bvt. 2nd Lt. USA & Col. CSA.

John W. Whitfield (1818-1879), Lt. Col. USV & Brig. Gen. CSA. Here during the Mexican-American War.

1833-1864); West Point, Class of 1857 (38th/38); 1st Lt. USA & 1st Lt. CSA. | Civil War 6 | American Civil War, Civil war photos, American

David A. Weisiger (1818-1899); 2nd Lt. USV & Brig

Union Brigadier General George Cadwallader commanded the 1st Division which included the 1st,3rd,

Union Union Army, Major General, Military Pictures, American Civil War, American History

Born at Pampatike, he was the third child of Thomas Nelson Carter and Juliette Gaines

Rufus Dawes (1838-1899); Lt. Col. USA. Here as a student in 1859.

Union Brigadier General Alpheus Starkey Williams commanded the 3rd Brigade within Cadwallader's 1st Division. Elmwood

1846) General Robert Patterson - US Army (future Union general)

Pre-war daguerreotype of 8th Connecticut Sergeant George Marsh of Hartford. He was killed about sunrise by concussion of solid shot at Antietam, ...

Legh W. Reid (1833-1908); VMI, Class of 1858 (

Double armed reb officer dressed in a grey frock with black shoulder straps and a small

James G. Martin (1819-1878), West Point, Class of 1840. Cpt. USA & Brig. Gen. CSA.

Edward Porter Alexander

Union Brigadier General George Campbell Wynkoop commanded the 4th Brigade within Cadwallader's 1st Division American Civil

Pin by Alexandra Butler on civil war era | Pinterest | American Civil War, Franklin pierce and United states

A young Jefferson Davis Zachary Taylor, Jefferson Davis, Mexican American War, Major General

John H. Winder (1800-1865); Maj. USA & Brig. Gen. CSA. Here as Captain; after 1841.

John Brown.

Emerson Opdycke (1830-1884); Brig. Gen. USV. Here during the 1850s.

James Cantey (1818-1874); Cpt. USA & Brig. Gen.

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Judson Kilpatrick "Kilcavalry" Civil War Books, Major General, Civil War

(c. 1860) VMI Cadet Photograph of Valentine Mason Johnson

Edward Ferrero. (1831-99). Spain One of the leading dance instructors

1852) Passed Midshipman Kidder R. Breese, US Navy (future Union naval captain)

McClernand was commissioned a brigadier general of volunteers in 1861. His was a classic case

Union Captain John Radcliff Smead commanded the 1st DC Infantry(Detachment) in Stone's 7th

Unidentified Confederate infantry captain. I would surmise he was most likely from the state of

Albert Hazlett, who fought beside John Brown during his raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia).

Captain Melchezedek Chandler Co C 29th Inf Amerikai Történelem, Polgárháborús Fényképek, Észak Karolina,

July 1861 – The standoff between Federal Major General Robert Patterson and Confederate Major General Joseph E. Johnston continued in Virginia's Shenandoah ...

Lieutenant Jesse C. McNeill. McNeill's Rangers. CSA. Did he top Mosby?

William H. Seward (1801 – 1872) One of the most influential men of his time, William Seward was a New York State Governor, a U.S. Senator and a Secretary of ...

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Brig Gen H.H. Sibley | Image Credit: Wikimedia.org

Confederate Partisan John H.

A relaxed General Custer sits next to a Confederate prisoner

Union Colonel Sullivan Amory Meredith commanded the 10th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment in William's 3rd Brigade within

View source image Civil War Photos, National Archives, Livingston, American Civil War,

J.E.B. Stuart (1833-1864); Cpt. USA & Maj. Gen.

Frank James 1863

Frank James

Union Captain Abner Doubleday commanded the Heavy Artillery Battery in Thomas's 1st Brigade within Cadwallader's 1st

New Civil War Photo: CSA Confederate General Richard Ewell

John C Caldwell

Gen. Charles Devens was wounded 3 times, the last time severely at Chancellorsville.

Nathaniel B. Barnwell and James S. Barnwell. The twins, born in 1845, served as Privates in the 7th South Carolina Cavalry R… | Antebellum ACW Soldiers ...

bowlersandhighcollars: “ Lieutenant Colonel Henry Northey Hooper Jr., 37th Massachusetts Infantry. Southworth & Hawes daguerreotype, Boston. c. 1850's. ”

1862) Captain James H.M. Neblett of Neblett's-Coleman's Virginia Heavy Artillery

Unknown C.S.A. soldier with sword. Ambrotype is 3.25 x 4.25 inches. State of Alabama

Charles John Biddle (1819-1873), 1847 | Robert Cornelius | Mexican american war, American war, Civil war photos

*WILLIAM NELSON BOSWELL ~ Entered CSA at of age as a drummer in the VA. His soldierly bearing on drill attracted attention of President Davis that w/his own ...

CPT John Blalock - 29th Inf NCST

r/Colorization - Brigadier General Israel Bush Richardson (USA)

General Robert Edward Lee, by Michael Codd. America Civil War, Confederate States Of

John B. Grayson (1806-1861). Maj. USA & Brig. Gen. CSA.

John B. Moomau (1821-1864); Col. of Virginia Militia, Cpt. CSA.

Robert E. Lee General Robert E Lee, Civil War Art, Gettysburg, Southern

Maj General Mansfield Lovell - Confederate Army 1861 - Civil War Portrait Poster Mexican American War

USA & Maj. Gen. CSA. Here as junior officer between 1842 and 1860.

c9f165036f24d4966b9292a9faaa2009 Jackson Generals, Military Art, Military History, Military Uniforms, Robert E Lee

James B. Ricketts

Bushwhackers and Jayhawks

General Nathaniel "Commissary" Banks in the Civil War War Novels, Stonewall Jackson,

Pin von Einschildritter auf amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg | Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg und Kriegerin

Heros von Borcke, a massive Prussian 200 lbs) who decided to come to America and join. He served under Confederate General J. Carried a huge sword too ...

Charles A. Page (1837-1862); Pvt. CSA. Here in

Captain A. W. Gloster commanding Co. C of the 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops. The image

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