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Related image Vuhlkansu Cartoon

Related image Vuhlkansu Cartoon


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Star Trek: Vulcanology

Star Trek: Vulcanology

Star Trek, Vulcan hand gestures... Poor Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock does have a since of humor!!

Star Trek: Vulcanology

Star Trek: Vulcanology

BluRemembra 9 17 Taluhk Nash-veh K'dular by vibrantoxymoron

#Camp #Lazlo.

Should they kill an intelligent life form or be killed by them.

Jade-Lana 14 24 Vuhlkansu by MackenzieCrookLover

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T'Uerell, Logic's Queen

Image result for vulcan art star trek fleet commander | Vuhlkansu | Pinterest | Star Trek, Trek and Stars

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Max Matthews · Vuhlkansu

GIF cartoon, reactions, star trek, best animated GIFs spock, free download

4th century:

Lesbian Vulcan

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GIF star, peace, trek, best animated GIFs handshake, symbol, free download

OKAY FIXED THE ISSUE: I LOVE She-Ra. It's great, have a crack vid!! There aren't that many right now from what I can tell so I figured I'd get the ball ...

We've written a great many words about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this

Shows on Netflix that make the important point that Family is What You Make It,



Star Trek and Hello Kitty

Olga Sanmartín

Planet Sheen - Sheen Estevez

fun fact: many old propaganda posters talked about scary women who had STDs and told men to stay away from them. So, there ya go.

Harley Quinn Batwoman, Batgirl, Dc Comics, Puddings, Gotham Girls, Marvel Girls

Wander over Yonder MEME by PokeFreak202 Wonder Over Yonder, Wander, Meme, Random Stuff

Holy Roller

Doctor Strange #390

(Mccoy ...

#Camp #Lazlo.

Smells Like Library Old Libraries, Library Books, Comics, Books To Read, Reading

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Uss Enterprise Ncc 1701, Anime Artwork, Star Trek,

Leonard Nimoy's Final Artwork Is One of 50 Pieces of Star Trek Art Going On Tour

El Batmano Nerd Geek, American Comics, Comic Book Covers, Comic Books, Gotham

Celeste Doodles

Unmasking Spiderman: How Does r/yaoi feel about non-anime .

Pin by Lisa Johnson on Alphabets - complete | Alphabet, Alphabet print, Lettering

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Janeway coffee company I beat the Borg with it

Stanley Chow, Comic Books, Comic Art, Star Trek Tos, Star Wars,

data and spot by kirrys #startrek #tng #fanart

Jeff Drew

My collages get dark.

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Sun and moon

Musings of a SCI-FI Fanatic: Star Trek: Merry Christmas scifimusings.blogspot.com

Vulcan Sports Team Vulcan Star Trek, New Star Trek, Star Trek Tos, Star

The ...


Making ...

Star Trek Tos, Valentines, Funny Valentine, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Stars, Live

For all the Classic Harley fans! Be your own Whyldgirl http://whyldgirl

art is anal cheese

George Takei Takes On The Kardashians: Star Trek Star Makes Cardassian Joke. This is actually perfect.

Star Trek Humor | Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself | From CyberPunk - Google+

You watched it for free on the web and we all know it. Now be a good little parasite, and sit quietly or I will send you to the black capsule for ...

16x20 "Live and Let Prosper" print by Ant Lucia Sci Fi, William Shatner

spock under the mistletoe by LimedotEXE on DeviantArt

De-aged Chekov

Resistance is Futile: Awesome Star Trek art by Garry Brown — GeekDraw

Smells Like Library

Image result for vulcan art star trek fleet commander | Vuhlkansu | Pinterest | Star Trek, Trek and Spock

I wasn't sure if I should post this on my G33k board, or

>8^) Nerd Humor, Sarcasm, Smbc Comics, Funny Memes,

Juggernaut Marvel, Comic Villains, Comic Book Characters, Marvel Characters, Comic


Nerdy Valentines, Valentine Day Cards, Funny Valentine, Valentine Craft, Star Trek Spock

Illustrations by Loogart - Photo 6 | Image courtesy of Loogart Digital Illustration, Digital Paintings

Modern Golic Vulcan Pronunciation: Vowels

Vivi and Gigi, or, Who Is Vivian James and What Is GamerGate?

SuperSketch's Junko Mizuno geisha tattoo was done by Jason Ackerman at Lucky 7 Tattoos in West

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strawmancomics - Google Search

Silver Surfer Bd Marvel, Marvel Comics Art, Marvel Comic Books, Marvel Heroes,

Nerd Love, Geek Out, Star Trek Universe, Science Fiction, Akira, Spock

Planet Sheen TV | Planet Sheen Jimmy Neutron, Kids Tv Shows, Classic Cartoons,

someday we'll all be free