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Putin and Russian army officers Articles News t Russia

Putin and Russian army officers Articles News t Russia


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Soviet Cold War T-80 Tanks Vladimir Putin Russia

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (C), Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (L) and

Putin's ex-bodyguard challenged a critic to a duel and Russians can't stop making memes

Strengthening Russian military among Putin's key achievements – poll

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu watch military drills at Tsugol training

Putin meeting with soldiers of the Russian army (AFP/FILE)

Vladimir Putin and Syria's Assad study military plans in Sochi

President Putin (L) with FSB special forces in Chechnya, 20 Dec 11

Russia's ...


Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves a podium at the Army-2015 international military show outside

Image. Russian soldiers ...

Putin 2005

Cossacks scuffle with opposition supporters in Moscow during an unauthorised anti-Putin rally called by

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) reacts after a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by the Kremlin wall to mark the Defender of ...

Vladimir Putin, left, and Russian soldiers, right

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin poses for a selfie with members of a youth military patriotic

Vladimir Putin and Russian Army

Vladimir Putin

US Russia Alliance Why Russia Can't Be America's Ally: What Putin Doesn'

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C), Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (R) and Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Korolev visit the Admiralty ...

300,000 troops, 900 tanks: It's called the most massive Russian military exercise since the Cold War, and China's role is growing

Putin, center, attends a meeting with senior military officers in the Kremlin in Moscow

Russian youngsters at the training camp

Before last Thursday, President Trump's meeting in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin already promised to be interesting.

The name Red Square has nothing to do with communism, but derives from the word

A Russian FSB security service officer escorts a detained Ukrainian sailor to a courthouse in Simferopol

A Ukrainian sailor, right, is escorted by a Russian intelligence agency FSB officer to

Viktor Zolotov and Vladimir Putin

Russia says Syrian 'chemical attack' was staged

Russia's first deputy defense minister and chief of the general staff of the Russian Armed Forces, general Valery Gerasimov, center, in Moscow's Red Square ...

Amvrosievka is a small sleepy town in eastern Ukraine around 40 miles from Donetsk and only 12 miles from the Russian border. Yet the conflict that has been ...

Putin and the FSB

Mr Putin made his announcement in Moscow today (Image: EPA/Reuters)


Gen John Nicholson: "We know that the Russians are involved"

World War 3 Putin Russia Syria mercenary Kremlin USA Washington

Russian liberals ask Putin to fire National Guard commander over fisticuffs challenge to activist

How Russia Crafted a Three-Dimensional Strategy to Regain Global Influence

Putin attends Russia's Vostok 2018 war games | Al Jazeera English

troops march Russia

Putin describes new missile as 'invincible'

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends Navy Day in St Petersburg last month

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspect Russian Army's and

Russian armored personnel carriers roll during the Vostok 2018 exercises in Siberia. Russian soldiers ...

Putin attended the Navy Day parade in St Petersburg with Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy

Spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov speaks during a news

US Army

Vladimir Putin

Assad's saviors.

President Vladimir Putin has expanded Russia's influence around the world in recent

Putin could launch an attack on the Baltic states within as little as 24 hours,

Gen Korobov, Aug 2017

T-14 Armata tank


During a televised appearance this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise announcement declaring the creation of a new National Guard, ...

Students from the General Yermolov Cadet School attend a military tactical exercise on the ground, which includes intrenchment training, forest survival ...

Last month Korobov was said to have been in 'sudden ill health' after a

What Russia really wants

A Russian soldier stands in front of poster with portraits of Russian President-elect Vladimir

Approval rating for Russia's President Vladimir Putin at 85 per cent Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Leader of the Night Wolves, Aleksander Zaldostanov and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sevastopol,

Putin watches Russia's biggest ever war games; China taking part

President Trump met with Russian President Putin at the Helsinki summit on July 16, 2018. CNN

Vladimir Putin NATO Russia

Ukraine and Russia: Peace, War and the Future

Sergei Shoigu, Vladimir Putin and a Russian Robot

putin military. Putin meets Russia's ...

Panel: National Defense Strategy Doesn't Meet Challenge of Countering China, Russia

Ukraine, Russia ramp up confrontation

Glen Grant: How Ukraine can build an army to beat Putin

Archive photo of Viktor Zolotov and Vladimir Putin

Putin, Vladimir

The Romanov family's extraordinary return would aim to give the Kremlin a role in unifying Russia

Putin's enemy.

Syrian government tank near Aleppo, 8 Mar 17

Russian President Vladimir Putin, centre, chairs a meeting with defence officials in the Bocharov Ruchei residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia

Igor Strelkov during a press conference in Donetsk, Ukraine, in July 2014

Sergei Shoigu Vladimir Putin

President Putin greets veterans after the Victory Day parade at Red Square in Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2015.


Jeff Elkins; Alexey Kurbatov and Muti

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Putin and Uk tanks

Ukrainian patrols boat in Mariupol, Sea of Azov port, 27 November 2018.

Russian President Vladimir Putin walks past honour guards. Picture: Aleksey Nikolskyi

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin (C) meets with the commanders of Russian military districts and the Northern Fleet as part of a session of the Defence ...

956433684-594x594 Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a wreath ...

Putin relies on Russia's richest men to project power. From left: ViktorVekselberg, Oleg

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (R) take

Vladimir Putin during a 2006 visit to GRU headquarters

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