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Make AmeriKKKugh gr8 again Welcome 2 Amerikkk ughPrePost

Make AmeriKKKugh gr8 again Welcome 2 Amerikkk ughPrePost


Trump election coupled with corrupt Republican congress sets United States back hundreds of years of progress

This is also the only way America will ever be great (again).

First the Paris Agreement. Now the nuclear peace deal. Will this incompetent baboon ever stop making us less safe?

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Humpty trumpty had a great fall

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Should President Trump be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

A Narcoleptic Panda

Got... Meat as protein? Got chitlins brewing and stinking up the crib? | Welcome 2 Amerikkk (ugh)...Pre/Post racial) | Pinterest

The wall that will make America safe again.

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Do you freakin see the hypocrisy

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The Wizard of BS Samsung Wallpaper I Love America, State Of The Union, Oval

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I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna jump. AHHH!

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via me.me. sherry Roberts · Amen · "Make AmeriKKKugh gr8 again" ...

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The Queen of Darkness: Halloween, Haunting and Life . how pumpkin pie is made . Kinda like pumpkin pie until now.

Yukiko: Cutest beauty and the beast ever My daughter old My Great Dane bruno is old I made bruno's Costume with cotton material.

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Just Great Danes 2018 Wall Calendar (Dog Breed Calendar)

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Best dog costume ever!

Greyhound dressed as a Greyhound bus. Could be a great Halloween costume for Skeeter.

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Poodle groomed and dyed fur to look like a hors groomed and dyed fur to look like a horse

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