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Luhan and XiuMin Lu Han t Luhan

Luhan and XiuMin Lu Han t Luhan


Luhan Xiumin <3 WOAH! I literally did a double take on Luhan there

Xiumin Luhan

Lu Han


your resident lu han fanboy, xiumin enthusiast and cat parent. Naeema · LuHan

Luhan. Han Lu at Nature Republic's press conference 03.jpg

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EXO wallpaper with a portrait entitled Luhan~ xiumin hotties ღღ

#luhan mobile phone wallpaper

Before and After Debut Xiumin and Luhan

Luhan Profile

lu han on Twitter: "“@EXOSEOUL: Luhan and Xiumin with cute kids http://t .co/AwGK221pIw”"

Lu Han 鹿晗 ||170711 零界点 Music Video Teaser [ Cr:mydeeryo ]

Lu Han 鹿晗 || Date Super Star [ Cr: mydeeryo ]

luhan - my pretty boy

EXO - @Star1 Magazine - #tao #luhan #lay #sehun

Xiumin Luhan

LuHan 鹿晗. My Prince

Lu Han & Xiumin · Luhan Xiumin Kendo, Kim Min Seok, Kim Joon, Exo Couple, Huang Zi

Kpop Dream. Luhan ...

Watch Luhan doesn't want to let Xiumin go[x] GIF on Gfycat

Exo Xiumin, Exo Ot12, Kpop Exo, Teen Wolf, Taemin, Shinee,

Daaaw xiuhan! Luhan trying to get xiumin to talk more wait.... what's Taemin doing there? | EXO | EXO, Luhan, Kpop

EXO Luhan #EXO #Luhan

#Luhan #Venture

Luhan Sehun, Kpop Exo, Exo K, Exo Chen, Kdrama, Luge,

Luhan Xiumin lulu is so hot

Luhan Exo, Das Biest, Lady, Exo Mitglieder, Unterschnitt, K Drama

Don't Mess Up My Tempo

fan ...

Half of EXO-M: (left to right:) Zhang Yixing (Lay), Huang Zitao (Tao), and Lu Han (Luhan)!

lu han

How Tall Are You On A Scale Of Luhan?

EXO-M Luhan xiumin xiuhan lumin nature republic

[ XIUMIN & LUHAN ] Die Jungs Photobook #exo

鹿晗 Luhan as guest at Cho-Lam Wong's concert in Beijing

Lu Han 鹿晗 (루한) was formerly a lead vocals member of EXO-M. Born in Beijing April 1990. kittykat · LUHAN

Luhan and SM Entertainment's first court-referred mediation ends with no settlement

Luhan graces the cover and plays the role of an angel and a demon in his latest concept photoshoot with "Harper's Bazaar" in China.

Xiumin Luhan fanart. I don't even know which is cuter the drawing or the original

LUHAN Chen, Tao, Luhan Exo, Kpop Exo, Exo K, Exo Ot12

鹿晗 Luhan Weibo Update

Lu Han 鹿晗 || 170627 Lu Han Studio Wei bo Update: Boss Lu's Final Album in "XXVII" Series "I" Has Been Officially Released on "QQ Music" , "QuGou", "QuWo".

Luhan looking like every white boy wants to be. Brooke Brown · Lu Han


Luhan for Phương. PastelGalaxyKat · Luhan/Lu Han


Any Luhan is good for me.


Instagram post by Hunhan • Dec 18, 2015 at 1:44pm UTC

Lu Han 鹿晗 · luhan Exo Xiumin, Exo Ot12, Exo Members, Kpop, Men's Grooming, Hunhan

Luhan 鹿晗 winter song 微白城市 MV


Luhan no makeup

Luhan happy new year♥

Wolf with luhan. Does anyone else love luhans pumpkin hair and xiuhan?

Exo in Lotte Magazine - May Issue: Luhan I like him with darker hair better than his current hairstyle. Xanthe Russell · Lu Han

Lu Han 鹿晗 (루한) is a lead vocals member of EXO-M. Born in Beijing April 1990. Kaylee 케일리 · EXO Luhan

Luhan at Beijing Airport 3.2.2014 (without makeup)

Luhan weibo update reassuring fans that he alright how cute

Luhan and Xiumin

your resident lu han fanboy, xiumin enthusiast and cat parent.

Luhan (루한) images Xi Lu Han HD wallpaper and background photos

~{EXO's Luhan}~ #Luhan #XiLuhan #EXOM #EXO Exo Chanyeol

Lu Han 鹿晗 (루한) was formerly a lead vocals member of EXO-M. Born in Beijing April 1990. Kaylee 케일리 · EXO Luhan

LuHan / EXO

Luhan Izzue new hat line (with Luhan's logo!!) promotion

Real Name : Lu Han (鹿晗) Stage Name : Luhan (루한) Nickname : Marilyn Monroe, Cute Little Prince Super Power (Badge) : Telekinesis

Luhan at the SMTown Week in 2013.

Awww Cutee ❤❤ discovered by Narii95 on We Heart It

Lu Han 鹿晗 || Fighter of the Destiny [ 颖兒eer ] Fighter

LUHAN เสี่ยวลู่❤ 鹿晗 (Lu Han)

LUHAN Exo Xiumin, Chen, Bigbang, Exo Members, Kdrama, Hair, Aliens

Keep calm and love Exo <--- Dude, it is nearly impossible to keep calm and love Exo; I can't contain my excitement about them!

Taemin, Shinee, Bigbang, Got7, Dawn, Hashtags, Luhan, Hair Ideas

Lu Han · Luhan --- What If I Said ~ Venture Exo Ot12, Exo Xiumin,

Lu Han 鹿晗 || 170420 Fighter of the Destiny E8

Hunhan, Exo Xiumin, Exo 12, Got7, Kdrama, Meme, Creatures, Kpop, Celebs. Mikaela · °LUHAN° ~ Lu Han

Luhan luluuuu Hunhan, Black, Wattpad, Luhan Exo, Exo Ot12, Kpop Exo

LuHan Xiumin - getting serious XuiHan feels here. Nevada · Lu Han

SHUTTING MYSELF OFF FROM THE WORLD | EXO | Pinterest | EXO, Luhan and Suho exo

XIUMIN LUHAN. MY BABES. | via Tumblr | We Heart

EXO M Luhan & Xiumin(Xiuhan) Be Mine

Luhan's Meteoric Rise in China Cemented with Cover of Forbes and GQ

Luhan, Exo


LuHan 鹿晗. Mari · Lu han

Yu Luhan of EXO (yes I know his surname is actually Lu but I decide to put him in the Yu family)

Lu Han 鹿晗 || 170807 欧舒丹粉丝见面会LuHan × L'OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Fan Meeting [ Cr: Logos ]

Lu Han 鹿晗 · Luhan, Deer, Baby Lulu, Kpop, Boss, Exo Ot12, Exo Members

Read 1 from the story contract boyfriend (Hunhan) by (ordinary) with reads. Sehun is staring at a boy who wear jersey.

Luhan to Star on His First Online Mini Variety Show, 'Hello is it Luhan? Nevada · Lu Han

fyxiuhan: “ hq xiuhan from 'die jungs' photobook ”. Sugar&Spice💚Taeyong · Lu Han & Xiumin


Image about exo in Luhan by Ka Ro Lina on We Heart It. Erika and Jordan · Lu Han

Lu Han 鹿晗 || 170906 Mingtian's mom in Sweet Combat Weibo Update