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Lilium Jet White Front doors closed with gear VEHICLES Jet

Lilium Jet White Front doors closed with gear VEHICLES Jet


Lilium Jet White Front (doors closed with gear)

Lilium Jet White Front (doors open & with gear). Lilium Jet

Lilium's futuristic electric plane is about to get a big design overhaul | WIRED UK

The Age of Electric Aviation Is Just 30 Years Away. Lilium Aviation

Lilium Jet 5-seater in silver ...

Lilium Jet 5-seater

... Lilium Jet flying above a green landscape ...

LiliumJet first flight, April 2017

Lilium secures $90 Million Series B Funding Round

Lilium Electric Vertical Take-⁠Off and Landing Jet

Lilium Jet is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Image

The egg-shaped aircraft can accommodate two passengers in the cabin. Image: courtesy

... Lilium Jet Rooftop Landing Pad

The Gleiter Prototype

top view lilium jet

Successful flight of world's first Electric Jet - The future of ride sharing is here

Introducing the future of transport

Full-scale prototype of the Lilium Jet

Lilium Jet 5-seater in silver The Lilium Lobby and Landing Pad ...

Lilium Facts

lilium jet cruise

With gear.

Sneak peak into our workshop at Lilium


World's First All-Electric VTOL Jet Tested – Are Flying Cars Here? - YouTube

The two-passenger Volocopter, being tested in Dubai (Jun 2017).

Credit: Neva Aerospace

Lilium Electric Jet has gull-wing doors

The first SpaceShipTwo during a glide flight over the Mojave desert. Credit: Virgin Galactic

Lilium Jet landing.

Lilium's Air Taxi Prototype (2017)

Air traffic controllers and regulators trail this nascent technology Airbus Flying Car, Taxis, Aircraft

Ilium Jet Lilium studied the feasibility of having a roadable capability.

Close-up of one impeller

Hypersonic Successor to Legendary SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane Unveiled

Terrafugia Transition

Credit: Aeromobil

Top 25 Aviation Stories of 2017

The aircraft is designed to fly during daylight with good weather conditions. Image: courtesy

Lilium App (Vision) electric airplane

Ilium ocean flight Artist's depiction of the original Lilium Jet concept. Lilium Jet prototype

Workhorse has received an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate for SureFly from the Federal Aviation Administration

delorean aerospace flying cars. “

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Jack Stewart

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Taylor Aerocar flying car

All photos: Adam Clark Estes

Having announced plans to publicly demonstrate its flying car service in Dallas and Dubai earlier in

Lilium test flight

Boeing's newest passenger air vehicle (PAV) made its first flight in Manassas, VA yesterday, completing a takeoff, hover, and landing flight profile.

An e-jet that takes off from your yard

This infographic says all you need to know about the Su-34, the most advanced Russian plane in Syria

Porsche unveiled an electric car concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, but the

Kitty Hawk's Cora, an electrically triply-redundant (plus parachute) droneplane. Source: Kitty Hawk

“Artist's concepts of the refined TTBW design released by Boeing show the increased sweep of the high-set wing and the revised design of the truss. The main ...

Boom Supersonic Passenger Airplane

A two-ship formation of B-1B Lancers assigned to the 28th Bomb Squadron

EasyJet Says Electric 9-Seat Jet Will Hit The Skies Next Year – Automotivetestdrivers.com Your Source For Automotive News

Flash Falcon (FF) : Futuristic Electric Supersonic Jet With Its Own Compact Fusion Reactor

EasyJet Says Electric 9-Seat Jet Will Hit The Skies Next Year

The project was scrapped after the US Army determined 'flying jeeps' were not suitable for battlefield operations. The ultimate goal of the flying car is to ...

GF7 image 1

Pilatus PC-24

Ehang 184 flying car

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The roadster functions much like a regular vehicle or sport airplane, seating two, and running on gasoline. The vehicle has a top speed just shy of 100 mph, ...

Over-the-nose shot from large opening in Duo's canopy. Eric undoubtedly uses image processing software to eliminate long selfie stick from final image

Uber plans to publicly demonstrate its flying taxi service in 2020

TAP ...

The Lilium Jet's electric jet engines work like the turbofan jet engines you'd find in a regular passenger plane: They take in air, compress it and push it ...

Bruce Willis's flying taxi in The Fifth Element,

In 1940 Henry Ford told the world “Mark my words: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

Inside the Workhorse Surefly flying taxi

The EHang 184 represents an electric, personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. Credit: PRNewsFoto/

The First Flying-Car Review

FedEx Express placed a firm order for 50 copies of Cessna's SkyCourier and holds options for

A two-seater version of the Lilium electric aircraft lifts off for the first time

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An illustration of the AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL in flight(Credit: AeroMobil)

Landscape and skyscape frame a gorgeous aircraft

A two-seater version of the Lilium electric aircraft lifts off for the first time (Credit: Lilium)

Ways to pass the time on a long-haul private flight

Stratospheric Luxury

Up in the sky – it's NASA's Low-Boom Flight Demonstration aircraft.jpg

The most affordable private jets available today


Then there's Lilium Aviation in Munich which is developing the world' first all-electric flying car or fully electric vehicle take-off and landing jet.