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Light Yagami luls4me t Light yagami Funny pictures

Light Yagami luls4me t Light yagami Funny pictures


Light Yagami Isn't Always Hot

Jus't Light Yagami

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Resultado de imagen para light x l kiss

Team light did nothing wrong!

Light Yagami Confession ( funny edit )

Try writting your name Light Yagami, I Love Anime, All Anime, Manga Anime

Shinigami in Death Note

Funny / Death Note

A good description of the relationship between Light and Misa. Light And Misa, L

Death Note Meme 7

Hilarious Laugh - Yagami Light - MUST SEE!!

Death Note - Sayu Yagami Funny Kitchen Scene (Jap Audio - Eng Subs)

Light Yagami didn't die, he just escaped and assumed a new identity. And L followed him and became Plankton.

Light Yagami Did Nothing Wrong Unisex T-Shirt

Apply water to burned area. Light Yagami ...

light+x+l | LIGHT X L AHAHAHA TAKE THAY MISA....I thought this was funny...btw I don't ship this

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Teru Mikami[edit]

Light. Anybody? Anybody? Ok. Woo Death Note (I can't

Death Note -- L, finding Kira like a boss xD LOL. Unfortunately, it didn't happen this nicely. Or cleanly. Or sanely. < < L be like gotcha bitch XD

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anime death note kira light yagami - 5919322368

That's how he should have done it. Light got cocky and way over confident so

Accused of killing? Denies it and tries to kill whoever accused him. I honestly hate Light but this is hilarious. Charvi Dahiya · Death Note.

Death Note | Clip: Light Meets Ryuk [HD] | Netflix

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Death Note Light and L shower scene

Anime Laugh Collection #1(Demonic,Evil,Creepy,Funny,Annoying,Crazy Laughters) - YouTube

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The Real Reason Why Yagami Light Didn't Want Shinigami Eyes

L stared at a wall for like three hours... xD Death Note Funny · Death Note FunnyLight ...

Oh Hi (I'm) Mark. He/him on Instagram: “Morning, guys. Sorry for the early post, I woke up really early because of a bad dream and I couldn't go back to ...

#incorrectdeathnotequotes. Mia Jones · Death Note

Death Note Photos

ONE GUY, 44 CHARACTERS (Death Note, Family Guy, Rick & Morty, Famous Character Impressions)

I don't even watch the damn thing and the last one got me Death · Death Note Funny · Light Yagami · I Love Anime ...

Tags: Death Note, lies, literally everyone lies in this show, well this couldn't be more accurate <-- i lost it at "no matt i won't explode anything else". ...

Light and Near meet face-to-face at an abandoned warehouse (aren't they all?), each determined to destroy the other. Mikami is positioned outside, ...

In Death Note[edit]


yk what i've done that too *looks at door* *door shuts bc ac turned on* hOLY

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You can't fix stupid.

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