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Learning from Tiger Woods followthrough The GOLFTEC Scramble

Learning from Tiger Woods followthrough The GOLFTEC Scramble


Follow Through like Tiger Woods- Header

Learning from Tiger Woods' follow-through - The GOLFTEC Scramble #LearnToPlayBetterGolf

What we can learn from Drive, Chip & Putt competitors

Golf Lesson Series: How to hit the low stinger shot

Improve your follow-through to stop chunking irons

How angle of attack helps putting distance control

Learn to find the center of the driver face

Stay in posture to add consistency

Add distance with more core power

Want to drive it like Justin Thomas? Increase your shoulder tilt

Stop mishitting drives by finding the center of the face- tee shot

BEST OF 2018: Top 5 Instruction Drills

Achieve that swing change with a practice structure

Still fighting a slice? Try these two fixes

Best of 2016: Top 5 long game drills

Set smart targets when chipping on the golf course

The Sand Shot Distance Control Exercise. GolfTEC Las Vegas

Stretch your follow-through, stretch your tee shots

Improve your turn to swing like a pro!

How to get a 'handle' on more distance with your driver

The Follow-Through Knee Flex Exercise

Backswing checkpoints to help eliminate your slice

Shoulder Bend Drill for a proper finish

The Pre-Round Putting Warmup Exercise

GOLFTEC tips: Proper Timing of Wrist Bend | Golf Channel

Golf Science: MOI and off-center hits

A drill to find your driver's sweet spot

Improve iron contact with this drill

Golf Lesson Series: What causes your slice tips to draw it

Improve your putting stroke path

Rory McIlroy British Open Favorite

Golf Lesson Series: What causes your slice

Golf Tips for Beginners: 2 keys to start with

Use the Parallel to Parallel Drill for impact position - The GOLFTEC Scramble

Achieve that swing change with a practice structure - The GOLFTEC Scramble Golf Tips

Short Game Tips: Vary trajectory with a setup change

Golf Lesson Series: Golf ball flight laws and your slice

right foot down at impact for power HERO

Add 'flare' at address for more distance! - The GOLFTEC Scramble

Move your hips toward the target for better contact

Looking to add distance? Start with shoulder turn

Putting Speed Control: No 3-Putt Game

Proper hip movement hero

For all of the latest golf instruction articles, visit the GolfTEC Scramble.

What creates the worst golf swing possible - The GOLFTEC Scramble

VIDEO: Golf Ball Flight Laws and Your Slice

Off-center hits hurt

GolfTEC Reviews: The Return of Big Bertha Callaway Golf, Callaway Driver, Phil Mickelson

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GOLFTEC's 'Best of series begins with the top five golf equipment stories appearing this year on the GOLFTEC Scramble.

Tips to hit solid golf shots into the wind

Driver Follow Through

The Links: Hottest golf stories — May 2, 2016

Wrist Condition To Help Draw Every Shot - The GolfTEC Scramble

How I Play Golf

The Follow-Through Hip Sway Exercise

The Doorframe Drill for lateral motion control - The GolfTEC Scramble

Tips From the Best Young Teachers In America 2016-17

Draw the golf ball with proper wrist hinge and hip turn

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REVIEW: Ping i500 irons, i210 irons and Glide Forged wedges

Chip Vs Pitch How And Why, Ladies Golf Tip

Augusta National Golf Course

The Links: Hurley III wins Tiger's tournament, more Olympic dropouts

What creates the worst golf swing possible

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Demo and purchase the TaylorMade M5 and M6 driver and woods at GOLFTEC!


Turn your hips for more DISTANCE - GolfTEC Scramble Blog Golf Lessons, Golf Ball,


Trail foot down at impact common problem

Three Must-Have Swing Characteristics for Proper Impact Position


BEST OF 2018: The top five equipment stories on the GOLFTEC Scramble this year





Ditch ...

It's no secret Justin Thomas is one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour, but why he is may elude you. We break down the source of his …

Should I Straighten My Knee In Golf Swing?

Andy Hilts, VP of Instruction & Education at GolfTEC, shares the chair drill that


Uneven lies tips for sidehill shots - The GOLFTEC Scramble




Increase hip & shoulder bend with driver

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REVIEW: Mizuno ST190 drivers and woods

What Dropping Your Head Means for your Drives

Callaway releases Odyssey Stroke Lab putters


Spin Your Wedges Setup


Use a lower lofted club around the green

Flat-footed pitching

Square your clubface with the Palm Down Drill - The GolfTEC Scramble Golf Aids, Club


GolfTEC 3d Motion Measurement