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Oh Loki!! LOL!!! :-)

Loki (Thor 2011) images LOL! HD wallpaper and background photos

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Tag Funny LOL

avengers jokes FTW (thor,loki,avengers,meme,lol,funny)

Loki (Literal God) Destroys LOL Red Hulk | Marvel Contest of Champions

The inhabitants of the realm of Asgard included Thor and his adopted brother Loki, the God of Mischief. Unlike characters that can be categorized as heroes ...

Marvel is making a League of Legends comic book.

grafika Marvel, thor, and loki. I internally lol-ed at this so hard, it's a wonder I haven't burst yet. Can't literally laugh-out-loud 'cause at work.

LOL funny tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor Marvel loki avengers

Marvel and Riot Games Team Up to Publish League of Legends Graphic Novels! | The Nerds Templar

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious - Slux

Image about lol in ❥ Marvel Universe by ✧・゚:* ᏰᏗᏰᎩ ᎴᏒᏋᏗᎷ *:・゚✧

So, the new Marvel Xbox 360 Minecraft Loki skin came out...and

Oh lol. Oh lol Loki Marvel ...

avengersmemes: Lol Loki 😂 😂. Posted on 07/12/2017 by Avengers Memes Posted in Uncategorized. avengersmemes:

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So apparently sea snakes are super venomous and super common! I'm gone die lol #loki #marvel #thor # | Avengers: Excelsior (@loki.loverr) - MyStalk

Lol. #loki #ofasgard #lokiofasgard #lokiodinson #marvel #thorragnarok #asgard #lokilaufyson #sonofodin #sonoflaufy #frostgiant

Marvel, loki, and tom hiddleston image

thor ragnarok lol

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The Climb | League of Legends

#this never gets old#loki#tom hiddleston#lol

Marvel The Avengers Steve Bucky Loki Thor Tony Badge 4set Sticker Be

Excelsior! Hope I haven't posted this yet lol - Follow me for more

adorable, couples, and lol image. ← →. Tagged with. Marvel

i guess it's loki's birthday today lol, so here's some art of my favorite character

LOL, his face. "How did I end up between these two imbeciles?"

mythical god meme | loki's army, loki, thorki, loki laufeyson, Svaðilfari, Sleipnir ...! OMG! LOKI WHY! Lol!

• LOL haha unicorn comics Marvel loki axis Comic Books wednesday spoilers loki agent of asgard agent of asgard teen loki Marvel Comcis agent loki evie-a •

Avengers: Infinity War || [ Insert bowling pin sound effect] LOL

GIF loki, love, lol, best animated GIFs hot, tom hiddleston, marvel

I would love to see that rematch! Lol.

Lol no he would do it though just with a double.

LoL hi5. Ey Thor is never going to forgive Loki Marvel ...

#Rocket #Loki #Lol

Lol run loki run

Loki LOL

Lol he's actually her father


lol x)

Also, Loki. Lol

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Tag Funny LOL

And why would I not want this lol. And why would I not want this lol Loki Marvel ...

The best part is then she looks at Loki like "what the hell are you talking about?" lol

Thor and Loki...I was thinking the same thin when I saw this scene.

LOL this is adorable | All Things MARVEL ♥ | Pinterest | Loki, Avengers and Thor

Haha! this is so funny! Thor- I'm the reason we have the rules! Lol!

Asguardians of the Galaxy LOL. Asguardians of the Galaxy LOL Marvel ...

Lol. Smiling they look like brothers!!

Hilarious Avengers Memes that will Make Even Thanos LOL

Except, I DID know lol and I called it instantly in the new Thor - the "outdoor theater" scenes lol

Lol Loki yes u r

Me lol. Me lol Mcu Marvel ...

Ignore the swearing Aw my little baby... Lol I'm so weird Ignore the swearing

Lol!! Hawkeye and Loki. #avengers

O Bobele Boblele bobole... lol #AvengersInfinityWar #Avengers #InfinityWar #Thanos #Yondu #Marvel #MarvelComics #MarvelAndDCUnited #Marvel&DCUnited Marvel ...

Lol😂😂 good one Loki🤣 Leelo, Loki, Marvel Avengers, Decir No

lol!!! XD

This made me laugh so hard. Credit to Loki-Friggason on Tumblr. Thor 2/Mean Girls mashup, lol.

Lol Loki we love you

Tom Huddleston as Loki Laufeyson. All good years...but good lord 2017 😉 lol


Loki is giving that look! He knows it is a bad idea! LOL. | Tom Hiddleston "Obession" ;] ❤. | Pinterest | Loki, Thor and Loki thor

Tom Hiddleston Some of the best "Loki" lols Tag Funny LOL

Scar = Loki Mind. Blown.

Lol he's not a mood he's my mood

LOL! LOL! Loki Marvel ...

LOL! I could completely see Loki doing that!

LOL Hela is awesome! I kind of missed this scene when I watched Thor Ragnarok. #Hela #Thorragnarok #Marvel #Thor #Loki

You just have to love that not even Dr. Strange wanted to take on Loki. Lol.

Loki's smile lol. Loki's smile lol Marvel ...

... Avengers. My favorite hero and favorite villain. And just look at tony's little smile in the last frame lol

Avengers - Loki - MEME, LOL and Funny Pictures. Get the BEST and Funniest MEME, Funny Pictures and LOL from the Funny Pictures Blog.

Lol poor loki :D

Thor returning home with Loki lol

Inspired by this and this with a slightly more angsty twist lol Part 1 here Rebloggable version HERE PLEASE DO NOT REPOST

Disney Princess Loki lol

I dont ship thorki but it's my brotp and this art is RLY good lol

Loki and Tony frostiron art by Batwynn lol those two | Shippy stuffs | Pinterest | Loki, Marvel and Avengers

But he's not dead lol. Hayley Carter ❤ Loki Marvel ...

Loki! Your Tom is showing. Lol. Loki Marvel, Loki Thor, Loki

Thor Loki Hela LOL Via @u_ka_mcu

Lol loki tweet

But loki was lonely, sad and damaged. Lol he does smile pretty bright though. Hahaha I think I need a board just for the Avengers lol

lol, Loki looks so freakin' done xD SPOILER It's sad that they are both dead. I wanted this to happen. Np. THEY GOING TO LIVE AGAIN. IDC WHAT DO YOU SAY.

BWAHAHAHHAHAHA Even Agent Hill disagrees! Lol

LOL "If you're going to destroy the universe might as well look good doing it" XD


Wonder how much of this is actually Tom Hiddleston lol

Avengers Text from Last Night. Lol SOO true

He broke character and chuckled lol Loki Avengers, Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes, Loki