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Just one of the 2764883 reasons Paul Wesley is the greatest

Just one of the 2764883 reasons Paul Wesley is the greatest


Just one of the 2764883 reasons Paul Wesley is the greatest;)

I wonder where he gets his good looks from? ;) ||Paul Wesley

"Daddy at night" 😂🙊😏 follow @spnxinterviews for interviews of supernatural

Silas. I loved his character and the attitude. Paul Wesley did a great job playing him! Sad to see him go, but I bet he will be back - no one stays ...

Image about cute in The Vampire Diaries by A on We Heart It

Paul Wesley for Fashionisto #8

#TVD The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley(Stefan) xDD

Picture: Paul Wesley in 'Vampire Diaries.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Paul Wesley featuring 143 pictures.

Paul Wesley what a freaking stud. Only reason i tuned in all these years.

Stefan Salvatore, Delena, Vampire Diaries Funny, Vampire Diaries Cast, Vampire Diaries The

Paul Wesley will be directing an episode for Season 2 of Shadowhunters!

Paul Wesley Spiky Hair Cut. So much more attractive than Ian Somerhaulder. Just saying

Paul Wesley Stefen Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Zach Roerig, The Salvatore Brothers, Sweet

Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev at Microsoft VIP Lounge At The Hard Rock Hotel, July

Paul Wesley aka Stefan on Vampire Diaries, Had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him for 5 mins, he's a jersey boy!

Quando sua amiga tá tentando conquistar os boys de forma errada | Crush <3 | Pinterest | Paul wesley, Stefan salvatore and Originals

Paul Wesley, with geek specs? I think I may, I think I might!

The Vampire Diaries - Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley Vampire Diaries

Paul...(see what I did with the ...)??

TVD Hotties Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder launched T-shirt Design Campaign to raise awareness & funds to help Earth's environment

Paul Wesley aka Stefen Salvatore - to die. Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries Cast,

#NinaDobrev after last scene with #PaulWesley #TVDFamily #TeamStelena.. #Good-ByeElena

Paul Wesley {by Paria} Stefan Salvatore, Serie Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diaries The

paul wesley Vampire Diaries Besetzung, Vampire Diaries The Originals, Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley, Vampire Diaries, American actor, Stefan Salvatore

paul wesley

The one and only Paul Wesley❤️

Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley, Vampire Diaries, Love Him, Originals

one of my favorite shoots “Uniqlo” X

Pin by Vindhya on Paul Wesley ❤ | Pinterest | Paul wesley, Paul wesley vampire diaries and Vampire diaries

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley Sweet Paul, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diaries Stefan

Paul Wesley 100th episode interview. Love him, he is hilarious.

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"No it feels great." Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley with funny faces

tvd / the originals - paul wesley and daniel gillies | Vampire Diaries in 2019 | Pinterest | Vampire diaries, Vampire diaries the originals and Daniel ...

tvd - paul wesley and daniel gillies | Vampire Diaries/The Originals | Vampire diaries, Vampire diaries the originals, Paul wesley

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Stefan through all the seasons. The Vampire Diaries.

Paul Wesley being devilishly handsome

PAUL WESLEY · Reasons why I have a crush on Stefan (VAMPIRE DIARIES) ... Stefan

Love these candid pictures of Paul Wesley (Stefen Salvatore)! Caroline Forbes, Stefan

Elena Damon, Damon And Stefan, Vampire Diaries Cast, Vampire Diaries The Originals,

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley ♡ Vampire Dairies, Paul Wesley, Vampire Diaries Stefan, Vampire Diaries Cast

Paul and Phebs 24/3/16 Paul Wesley Phoebe Tonkin, Vampire Diaries Stefan

Paul Wesley & his guilty pleasure at craft services.

I just love him so much

Paul Wesley Vampire Dairies, Ian Somerhalder, Vampire Diaries Stefan, Vampire Diaries Cast,

Starring as vampire Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley has great style.

stephen vs klaus The Vampire Diaries 3, Vampire Diaries The Originals, The Salvatore Brothers

Mix it all together and u have the better boyfriend for Elena

tvd - Paul Wesley -'I've heard that you had somebody special waiting for you in your trailer when you're on set?

#TVD The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley(Stefan) Vampire Diaries Cast, Vampire Diaries

The many faces of Damon

Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries :)

Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Idol

Pin by Aneta Natanova on Paul Wesley in 2019 | Pinterest | Paul wesley, Vampire diaries and Stefan salvatore

The Vampire Diaries | Silas | Paul Wesley Silas Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diaries Seasons,

ian x paul The Vampire Diares, Vampire Diaries Damon, Vampire Diaries The Originals,

Actors Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin film 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' in Atlanta on September The movie, a sequel to 'The Hunger Games,' also stars ...

Paul Wesley's Photoshoot for Mr Porter | The Vampire Diaries Cast | The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley, Stephan is still a weak spot

Image in josh collection by Anabell Acosta on We Heart It

Image result for paul wesley tattoo

Daily Phoebe Tonkin. Paul Wesley ...

Paul Wesley Bites 'August Man' Magazine January Photo Paul Wesley suits up for a feature in August Man's January 2013 issue, out on newsstands now!

Pin for Later: 20 Times Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Were Too Cute For Instagram

Director Paul Wesley puttin in werk on tvd ep

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley good lord Paul Wesley, Kevin Williamson, Stefan Salvatore, Vampire Diaries The

Paul Wesley

#TVDhumor Paul Wesley Vampire Diaries Memes, Vampire Diaries Damon, Vampire Dairies, Vampire

'The Vampire Diaries' premiere recap: Plus, your burning Season 4 questions answered by Julie Plec. Paul WesleySeason ...

Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore, Sweet Paul, Vampire Diaries The Originals, Ian Somerhalder

Thirteen Reasons Why, 13 Reasons, Captions, Feelings, Quotes, Quotations, Tumbling

Paul Wesley Gioia magazine 2014

Paweł Thomasz Wasilewski vulgo Paul Wesley vulgo Stefaan Salvatore vulgo MOZÃO <3 Katherine Pierce


Paul Wesley - for you Brandi!

Paul Wesley Paul Wesley, Original Vampire, Vampire Diaries The Originals, Sexy Guys,

Paul wesley The Salvatore Brothers, Stefen Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Paul Wesley, Backwards

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"michael clifford is ugly" "why do u even like those bands" "they arent punk rock. you arent punk rock" bye bye, haterz. Ameena Farooq · Paul wesley

Paul Wesley on Instagram: “In honor of the final ep of VD airing tonight, here's a throwback pic of me and smoldeypants conspiring on an airplane 8 years ...

Image about the vampire diaries in MEUS by ❁ Amantes dos Sonhos ❁

Adorable faced Paul.

Paley Center, Paul Wesley, I Love Him, Vampire Diaries, Hollywood California,

Bit mean guys! lol Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley. TVD Cast…

Another good hair day for Paul.

honey Nina Vampire Diaries, Celebrity Guys, Celebrity Crush, Paul Wesley, Sweet Paul

Paul Wesley and his love for.Elijah :") - The Vampire Diaires

139 best Vampire diaries images on Pinterest in 2019 | Vampire diaries the originals, Vampire diaries cast and Mystic falls

Paul blooper- "wow a lot of volunteers"

Elena Damon, Paul Wesley

(Video - Stefan) Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley, Vampire Diaries, The Vampire

Paul wesley Lili Reinhart, Paul Wesley Phoebe Tonkin, Paul And Phoebe, Phoebe Tonkin