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Is2 object 240 Soviet heavy Tank 1944 WWII Tanks and Other

Is2 object 240 Soviet heavy Tank 1944 WWII Tanks and Other


Is-2 (object 240) Soviet heavy Tank '1944

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Heavy Tank Tracked Combat Vehicle

IS-2 model 1943 (fore) and IS-3 at the Great Patriotic War Museum, Minsk, Belarus. Type, Heavy tank


IS-2 Soviet heavy tank, Jun 1944 Military Armor, Battle Tank, Ww2

Is-2 (object 240) Soviet heavy Tank '1944 | WWII Tanks and Other Armored Vehicles | Pinterest | Ww2 tanks, Battle tank and Wwii

IS Tank: Soviet Army Heavy Tank World War II

world war 2 tanks damaged in combat - Google Search | WW 2 Allied Tanks & Vehicles | Ww2 tanks, Tank destroyer, WW2

Kliment Voroshilov tank

Is-2 (Object 240) - Soviet heavy tank ' Minsk 1948

Is-2 (object 240) mod 1944 in Berlin 1945

IS-2 Heavy Tank

A T-34-85 tank on display at the Musée des Blindés in Saumur

Вопросы по СУ-152

There were two different Soviet tanks ...

An IS-7 tank during trials (1948)

I s - 1 (Object 237) Soviet heavy tank 1943 World Of Tanks,

Object 703 IS-3[edit]

KV-85 (Object 239) Soviet heavy tank '1943

IS-2 used as target

IS-2 in action, Berlin, 1945

ZVEZDA 3524 Model Kit "Soviet heavy tank IS-2 / Joseph Stalin"

Engines of the Red Army in WW2 - IS-2 at Targul Frumos

Tanks in the Soviet Union

item 1 Zvezda 5011 IS-2 (Object 240) "Iozef Stalin-2" /soviet heavy tank/ 1/72 -Zvezda 5011 IS-2 (Object 240) "Iozef Stalin-2" /soviet heavy tank/ 1/72

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tiger Ausf J - Michael Wittman

IS-2 destroyed by landmine (~1944) in Lithuania. All four members. Soviet UnionLithuaniaWw2TanksModel BuildingShelled

Т 34-85 36й Гвардейской ТБр 4го мехкорпуса на улице Белграда. Август 1944 г

T-10M in the Museum of The History of Ukraine in World War II,

Tanks in the German Army

A column of Soviet tanks T34/85 winter 1943-44.

Churchill tanks of Troop, 'B' Squadron, Regiment Royal Armoured Corps, Tank Brigade.

ISU-152 Tank Destroyer (Soviet Union)

1:72 IS-2 WW2 Eaglemoss Joseph Stalin Soviet heavy tank diecast russian Tanks | eBay

ISU-122 tank destroyer. Early model of the ISU-152 but remained in production because of an excess of 122mm guns.

Sherman Firefly June 1944, France. Sherman Firefly, Sherman Tank, Tank Destroyer,

IS-2M at the Kubinka Tank Museum

T-34-42 Soviet Medium Tank Winter 1941 Year WWII 1/72 Scale Diecast Model #RussianTanks #T34

T34-85 Vetnam 60s | all sort of things | Pinterest | Soviet union

Кв-2 3.jpg

Design and production

Soviet Union WWII tanks · IS-2 mod.1944 Soviet heavy tank . winter 1945 Tank Destroyer, Battle

Soviet heavy tank IS-2 from Polish 4th SPCzC (the Polish abbreviation for Independent Heavy Tank Regiment,) fired at close range against German positions in ...

Cromwell tanks of 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry, 11th Armoured Division, passing through Herouvillette, 14

1941 Soviet heavy tank at Aberdeen War Machine, Armored Vehicles


wholesale Military BAR CLUB painting # World War II ART oil painting work--panzer M-Tank army painting# 32 inches. David Marlow · RUSSIAN TANKS WW2

Soviet KV-1 Heavy Tank - WWII World Of Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicle,


T-26 in Kirovsk.JPG

KV-1 Soviet heavy tank WW II

IS-2 front right view

IS-2 with the 'Revenge for the Hero Brother' slogan on the side

Tank T-43.jpg ...

Eaglemoss #R0002 1/72 Diecast WWII Soviet IS-2 Iosif Stalin Heavy Tank


T-26 Model 1933 screened (version 1940)

KV-13 front view

... IS tanks, in museums and monuments.


Panther tank

Самоходная установка ИСУ-122 - Танкист Василий Удалов — от Расейняя до Силезии | Военно-исторический портал Warspot.ru


Russian IS-2 tanks near the Reichstag after the battle. | Battle of Berlin | Pinterest | Wwii, Berlin and World War II

Berlin Soviet tank behind the Reichstag. David Marlow · RUSSIAN TANKS WW2

The Iosif Stalin tank (IS, in Cyrillic "ИС" tanks, meaning the Joseph Stalin tank) was a heavy tank developed by the Soviet Union during World War II and ...

the Soviet tank and its crew; Berlin, May Note the spring metal bed with mesh welded to the body of the tank to protect it from the Panzerfäuste

Red Army, Military Vehicles, Soviet Union, Battle, Tanks, Wwii, World

IS-3 heavy tank at the Museum Polskiej Techniki Wojskowej in Warsaw.

Soviet Heavy Tank IS-2 - Image 1

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Comparison of selected KV tank chassis variants.

RED ARMY 7th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Brigade, 1st Byelorussian Front Berlin, 1945 ИС-2 "Иосиф Сталин" IS-2 model 1944 "Joseph Stalin" D25-T 122 mm gun

Soviet Wwii Is-2 Heavy Tank 1944 Model Kit Nib #003 Scale 1:

Development history[edit]

1944 after the Battle of Dompaire. Originally from the 112th Panzer Brigade. On display at Musee des Blindes, Saumur, France.

Battle of Raseiniai: June 23 – 27, ...

... 03269-d02-soviet-heavy-tank-is2.jpg ...

item 6 1/100 Soviet Joseph Stalin IS-2 Heavy Tank - Art of Tactic - Zvezda 6201 -1/100 Soviet Joseph Stalin IS-2 Heavy Tank - Art of Tactic - Zvezda 6201

A pair of Russian T34-85 tanks in front of an SU-100 Super

Russian Tanks 1/72 Tank SU-122 WWII Soviet Diecast Fabbri Eaglemoss

KV-85 left side view.JPG. KV-85. Type, Heavy tank

IS-2 at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev. USSR

The IS-3 at the Military Technical Museum Lešany

KV-13 front view

ww2 soviet armour

Additional ...

Engines of the Red Army in WW2 - T-60 Light Tank

1/100 Soviet Heavy Tank IS-3 (JS-3) - Zvezda

The only known image of the IS-2 “Sh”.