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I was annoyed at how my inktober pumpkin looked so I colored it

I was annoyed at how my inktober pumpkin looked so I colored it


Pumpkin Lord, ink/digital color, 9x12Artwork (i.redd.it)

Day one of Inktober and this year I am going to follow a prompt list because I found one I really like. The list is from Rowena Frenzel, a really great ...

Kerilynn Wilson - Created for the event Inktober, “Poison” is a part of a 5 piece series evolving from the official Inktober 2018 Prompt list as well as ...

Little Halloween scarecrow drawing from yesterday evening. Not long to wait now! #Halloween #Drawing #Sketch #Pumpkin #Illustration

I know I'm very very VERY LATE, but here is inktober #11! Mama Sally and little baby skelly ❤️

Ooh, this is one of my favorites – maybe even my favorite! The prompt was “spell,” so I took that two ways – one as in “magic spell” and the other as ...


Angry pumpkin - inktober 2016

Inktober Drawing 17 - My pumpkin design this year. Going to be fun! #

Made it 2 the end!! ✨✨ Anyways Hope everyone had a fun Halloween

#inktober day 10! Our wind witch finds hard to control her powers early in the morning before her first cup of coffee ☕ ✨

#inktober day 6 Trick r' Treat Sam • • #inktober2018 #ink #

day 12 of #inktober ! hangin' out with the neighborhood cats~ ✨for those asking YES i'll have both prints and zines of my inktober witches in november, ...

I forgot a prompt here, so I had to divide this page in half to add it in, since I had already written out the rest of the prompts in the sketchbook.

I then refined the lines with a thicker pen and then a thicker pen over that.

Oof Inktober day 8 Pumpkin 🎃 why is she so sad when there's pusheen next to

I used to be a Pumpkin like you then I took an arrow in the head

This is Halloween, This is Halloween and even more pictures of the pumpkin (King

I started with the wall, pumpkin and leaf, then wanted a wrought iron gate. Don't you love an iron gate? I colored it ...

I only mixed a tiny bit of each color, but I really liked them, particularly how they layered over each other and had a bit of translucence. I resisted the ...

Halloween/ thanksgiving window ideas Halloween Doodle, Halloween Drawings, Halloween Crafts, Pumpkin Sketch

Inktober day 12 - Whale Don't Panic! 😂 Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy | Douglas Adams | Inkwork | Manga Artist | Comic Artist | Whale drawing | Whale sperm ...

Inktober Compilation by Rai-Knightshade ...

Arrrggghhh! Another @#$% Blog! Arrrggghhh Ink LLC · My INKtober Images

Inktober 2017: Day #6 Greetings from the Pumpkin King! Did a very sketchy

Halloween Pumpkin ink drawing 10/26/2016 Inktober 2016

Inktober day 20 - personal helicopter

Jack will be popping up a few more times throughout the month in his various roles and guises. "I'm a master of fright and a demon of light and I'll scare ...

Inktober day 3 - Roasted - Marshmallow Party! Doodles are so fun to draw! I don't know why I don't use to draw this kind of stuff.

Inktober 2018 Day XXI - the Mayor of Halloween Town 2 - happy face. #

The downside of having a pumpkin for head 😅 Inktober day 24 | Chop Sara V

Inktober 2018 - dai 4 - Spell Blair from Soul Eater Ink drawing inktober ink drawings | ink drawing | cloud drawing | smoke drawing | soul eater blair ...

How could I go through Inktober without drawing an eye, right? XD I attempted to draw an exhausted eye, and it sort of worked. It also kind of looks ...


#inktober day 15! Owl love


Inktober Day 15: The Addams Family - #half way there #inktober #inktober2016 #girlsinanimation #sketch #deawing #doodle

day 11: cruel phoenix is smashing pumpkins 🎃 how cruel of him. doesn'

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I missed inktober day 2 and 3 to draw and color this D; This is Mai with her cats and CANDY EVERYWHERE!! xD I messed up on the pumpkins ...

Spooky Boo on Twitter: "Inktober day #1. This year I'll

Inktober day 22 the prompts for the day were pumpkin and expensive so my first thought

Little #inktober bonus, got a printout pumpkin to draw and decided to just go

New characters 😆 I have an idea for a little Halloween project! I may try

""""Inktober"""" 25! The sketch was done early. """"

I then refined the lines with a thicker pen and then a thicker pen over that.

Jim Romer on Instagram: “Inktober 2018 - Day16 Angular I hate when this happens. #Inktober #inktober2018 #ink #sketches #sketch #cute #arrrggghhh ...

Inktober 2018 Day I - The Pumpkin King #Inktober #NightmareBeforeChristmas #TimBurton #Disney #JackSkellington #PumpkinKing

Arrrggghhh! Another @#$% Blog! Arrrggghhh Ink LLC · My INKtober Images

I set myself two challenges with this drawing. The first was to use a pen I bought a while ago and never used: a pen with two tips in two colors, ...

Happy Halloween mummy and pumpkin

My crummy inktober piece today (i.redd.it)

Did a test batch of stickers today!!! Lil pumpkin looks so cute on

InkTober 2015 Brian Allen

Second-last illustrations from my Inktober! Day 29: Pendulum. This prompt didn

Inktober Pumpkin- Inked | Colored

My final Inktober post - pumpkin boy lookin super happy with his Wizard initiation. (

Inktober, Collection, Image, Character Design, Artwork, Work Of Art, Character

Schufie is now well-equipt for scaring off ghosts and ghouls! . . . #inktober2018 #inktober #ink #penandink #schufie #bats #batsofinstagram # pumpkin ...

I didn't get to drawing yesterday, because I spent the day applying for jobs, making a silly video for my own entertainment, knitting a red, woolly hat for ...

More #inktober from my sis and I. Today she told me that she hopes

Inktober day 5 PUMPKIN 🎃 I'm so happy with this one!

Arrrggghhh! Another @#$% Blog! Arrrggghhh Ink LLC · My INKtober Images

Inktober Pumpkin- Inked | Colored

Our pumpkins look so cool lit up. And by that I mean @realnamedannyboy's Oogie


I drew a pumpkin girl last year and I felt like drawing her again this year, any improvement? Also I'm really sorry about Inktober I'll probably do it all ...

Last day of inktober. Slice Can`t believe I finished my first inktober!

I didn't want to draw any gross swollen eyes or fingers or toes or something, so I drew the swollen-looking leaves of a succulent being watered by a rather ...


The First Day of Inktober

Inktober day 26!! Stretch! I guess it's cheating to draw the stretchiest dog

Inktober day 30: Lost and Found

My Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin!! It's a lot collet this year.

I love the shimmer on the water from darkening the color in sections. Now I know how to leave uncolored areas as highlight. I love this little sketch, ...

I colored it in with my prisma-color pencils. I used metallic silver for the rocks, then black squiggled on top to give the impression of shadows.

For the final day of inktober i wish you all a happy halloween!! •

#inktoberBonus {B O N U S ▫️3} - The final flower in my #inktober journey

irl I'm a children's illustratror and my “work” style looks mostly like this… I wondered how it looked like in a fanart…

Arguably the best part of the season! What strange pumpkin spice foods have you had? What's your favorite? . . . #inktober2018 #inktober #schufie #bats ...

#halloween #inktober #inktoberday31 #sketchbookpro #

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Do brush pens count? Because that's what I used. If they don't count… well, I didn't use color for most of the ...

And that's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing my interpretations of the 2018 Inktober prompts and listening to my mainly disparaging comments.

leona-florianova …

Inktober & Mermay fusion 👏 Halloween style. Mash up on this piece.

Jack got a new look Jacks my pumpkin boy, the spin-off jack the

Pumpkin-Palooza Ok...i love to draw with

Here is this year's Halloween offering .I wish I could color it but I tripped

jon-doe297: “@mathildemeow's pumpkin head guy I was given persmission to draw

Inktober 2018 Pumpkin Witch. “

Inktober Day 25: Tomoe looks confident, but he's actually really scared.

Skottie Young: Nightmare Before Christmas: Clown with the Tearaway Face

I started a very light sketch of a spooky pumpkin, Maybe should have sketched first in pencil to have a better idea of what I was going to inking but I find ...

Inktober day 1 Pumpkin Head Kicking it off a date late, but I'm doing Inktober this year! I decided to use the @drawtober prompt list, and I'm hoping that ...

Day 1! I hope you hear the musical theme when you look at this! . . . # inktober #inktober2018 #ink #pumpkin #bats #batsofinstagram #schufie #legendofzelda ...

Day 20-mermaid Day 21-fluffy pumpkin Im at day 23 so yeah.