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I scraped and its up on th paperissues blog today Highlighting

I scraped and its up on th paperissues blog today Highlighting


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The highlighted words contain the spin suggestions. Just click and decide which ones are fit to use.

a Google Scraper Result: A set of Anti-ACTA Web pages queried for ACTA


Live view of the Scraperwiki

Writers post content and websites looking for free content may choose from the several categories available and republish the content on their site, ...

I attended the conference on Day 2 and Day 3 and left the conference hotel after the keynote on Day 3.

Here's another one.

Facebook highlighted a few great examples of fundraising on their platform, which included some of the major U.S non-profits:

Learning how to scrape with ScraperWiki in the CAST Lab, Goldsmiths (December 2011)

Stories Ads Come to Facebook (it's for real, now!)

There are fewer opportunities in this channel compared to the booming community it was some years ago, but it's still online and still functions as a place ...

Identifying the URL structure


This would include cases in which an EU national worked full-time for 4 years and then enrolled at a UK university without having a CSI, thus unwittingly ...

Below, I'll use my free credit to see if Articoolo can generate an article for me about “free blog content.”

How The Guardian tracked the News of the World scandal on Twitter

social media for business

7 Reasons the Affordable Care Act Matters to the LGBTQ Community

Bloggers post some details about their ready-made articles looking for a home, blog owners post a call for guest posts to their sites along with a snippet ...

It has to be one of the most elaborate, confusing and pointless pieces of newspaper design I've ever seen.

My worries about the transition from a desktop workflow to a tablet one are a relic from the days of Windows 8, where you were stuck in a weird ...

How to Be Strategic with Guest Blogging and Content Licensing without Incurring Duplicate Content Issues Whiteboard

As mentioned before, content obtained this way usually will still need a human editor to make them readable and natural.

References 30; 31.

Today's highlighted artifact looks at one of about two dozen issues of the school newspaper from the first volume of the publication during the 1922-23 ...

paper-based data collection

You sign up for a forum, find relevant threads, and leave a valuable comment on the thread. It's the same story with Q&A sites like Quora. The problem?

Your Venmo Transactions Leave a Publicly Accessible Money Trail | HuffPost

HIPAA reports

Study: 97% Of Business Owners Say Online Reputation Management Is Important--Here's How To Keep Up

How We Support Our People from Day One

The customer is always right?

For five free downloads a month, you can use Snappa to add better, personalized graphics to your blog for free.

It's almost three years now (here's the 2017 and 2016 edition) that each month we select the best Facebook updates, those that will impact the way marketers ...

Web scraping – how to use it? Consider the amount of raw data floating around the internet: webpages made up of text, images, videos, graphics, memes, ...

New-MailChimp-logo 3 Disappointing Truth About MailChimp Email Marketing Solutions Blog Email Marketing

... graphic design tools, Canva makes for an excellent resource if you're looking to create unique images and visualized quotes for your blog content.

Select ...

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned : All Tech Considered : NPR


Free Blog Content Resources [The Ultimate List]

I write multiple articles each day.

How technology disrupted the truth | Katharine Viner | Media | The Guardian


You would then scrape all of these Google search results using something like Scrapebox, or this SERP scraping bookmarklet for Chrome.

A Step Closer to Our Mission: April Inside SocialCops

google knowledge graph scraping top results

data analysis methods

Benford's distribution (Rozklad Benforda in Polish): the percentage of leading digits that are 1s, 2s, etc. Credit: GKnor Wikimedia

Unlinked mention of Ahrefs Content Explorer

This site has a lot of users and you will usually find an article that will suit your blog no matter your blog niche.

google knowledge graph content scraping

1. Piggyback off competitors' resource page links

The Web Archive, or the Wayback Machine, is an online archive of a ton of things—any type of media that you can reuse into blog content for free included.

If we investigate the IMDB site further, we can discover the page shown below. It contains all the data we need for 50 movies. Given our aim, this means ...

To test Benford's Law, tally the “friends of friends” for each of the user's friends. Credit: Peter Bruce

Here's what happened when I entered “free blog content” and “free content.”

Even at small organizations, it's important to designate a single person to lead and prioritize cybersecurity risks. The person needs the authority and ...

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Tip 2: Where to Line Up Your Silhouette CAMEO Mat. Read this tip and

White Papers

The Facebook Controversy: Privacy Is Not the Issue

Extracting the data for a single movie

Contact the Guardian securely

There are a lot of HTML lines nested within each div tag. You can explore them by clicking those little gray arrows on the left of the HTML lines ...

ArticleSphere only accepts articles in English and, compared to other directories, are not as lenient with their writer rules. They reserve the right to ...

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Industry and influencer blogs: Why do you ever need to struggle to find great ideas for your blog, when industry and influencer blogs have everything that ...

The script for a single page

MailChimp-Review 3 Disappointing Truth About MailChimp Email Marketing Solutions Blog Email Marketing Marketing SEO

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Understanding Workers' Compensation in 2 Minutes

Women across China have taken to the internet to share their incredible transformations in a series

digcard1 digcard2 UNPFII16_digital_images3 digcar4 digcard5

In ...

Content scraping (when someone copies your content and posts it verbatim on another site) is another nasty form of negative SEO that really shouldn't work, ...

Original Articles Come Top (usually)

Bad Email Example

... what happens if one puts $3 billion dollars (12,000+ visa applicants) from one country in line to a gate that can only issue about 700 visas annually.

What happened before the Big Bang?

apifier website crawler

Google Autocomplete: A Complete SEO Guide

Oktoberfest Insta Square 2018


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I used to think social media was a force for good. Now the evidence says I was wrong | Matt Haig | Opinion | The Guardian

14,000 people got out and marched in Ostend during COP21 talks. Photo: Oxfam Solidarité

Are Your Employees Engaged with Their Own Workplace Safety?

In ...