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Nine poisonous plants horses should avoid

10 Horse Breeds You Will Not Believe Exist

Credit: Sarah Richter photo A "wild" mare and her foal on the Caribbean

This horse is suing its former owner for $100,000 — yes, a horse

Laminitis Claims Record-Priced The Green Monkey At Age 14


Suffolk Punch

A farm in the US has bred a horse with 'dished' facial features as

Oh, Just a Race Horse Sporting a Three-Piece Tweed Suit

Irish Draught mare & foal

Diagram of a horse with some parts labeled.

Deadly EHV horse virus detected again in King County stable

IF YOU DON'T LAUGH, YOU LOSE - Hilarious ultimate HORSE compilation - Watch and enjoy!

Kevin Seely's horse Rocky was found dead with a gunshot wound on his rural property on Nov. 4. (Facebook/Cheryl Thomas)


Horse facts: Interesting facts about horses. Horses are four legged mammal that have a long relationship with humans. They are amazing animals that are not ...


Laminitis in Horses | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Laminitis in Horses | Blue Cross

Adopt Sophie



cat and horse best friends

Horse neglected by Christopher Tuaupiki


Senate Votes, House Votes, Horse Slaughter, Wild Horses: What Does It All Mean?

Horse disease

Bardigiano horse

Palomino horse with long blond male on flower field

Meet Big Jake and Thumbelina: The tallest and smallest horse in the world - CNN

Przewalski's horses


Should You Put Your Horse On Loan?

Find out Why Turnout Makes Horses Happier and Healthier

The Gypsy Horse Cowgirl Magazine

Breed, train and compete with your horses. Follow a study, start a company

Helping Old Horses Gain Weight

9 things your horse's urine says about his health

'Spirit Riding Free' Trailer: Netflix Brings the Wild Horse to the Small Screen

The ancestors of the Przewalski's horses that inhabit Mongolia today were bred to have "leopard

American Paint Horse mare of bay colouring.

Horse Spirit Animal

It's cool, although highly morbid, to imagine a herd of horses flash-freezing

The Andalusian horse is the epitome of elegance.

Trail Riding with The Horse

White Camargue horse rearing in the dunes

Life size bronze arabian by Heather Jansch

A brand new color variant has appeared on an Icelandic horse called Ellert. Instead of

Our Horses


Is Your Horse Stressed? Learn the Telltale Signs

Artist's reconstruction of Sifrhippus sandrae (right) touching noses with a modern Morgan horse (left) that stands about 5 feet high at the shoulders and ...

Horse Planet

Horse Fact

A large brown horse is chasing a small horse in a pasture.

13 signs your horse is happy

A head held high or bobbed up and down is body language that signifies a horse's


Appaloosa horse


Irish Horse Welfare Trust - Dedicated to the Welfare of Equines in Ireland

The British Horse Society. Membership


two white horses eatting grasses

The Breeders' Cup Torrie Horse artwork

Caterpillar nest next to a horse paddock. Photo credit: Nigel Perkins.

Provided by El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Horse Head Mask

El Rey Magnum's father Basilio, pictured, also has an unnatural look. Arabian show

Introduction for new owners

Miniature horse

The Economist explains

funny horse names

Przewalski's horses are not as wild as researchers once thought.

Shire Horse Society of Australia | Registrar of the Australian Shire Horse Stud Book

Teach Your Horse to Give You a Hug

Two horses in a pasture, one is standing beside the other that is laying down

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Blanket

Since ...


Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses - Soo Cute! #16

Ballyhoura Horse Trekking

Deep Field