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Higher Rates Reported for the Affordable Care Act

Higher Rates Reported for the Affordable Care Act


Higher Rates Reported for the Affordable Care Act

Uninsured Adults and Those with Coverage Gaps Reported Medical Bill Problems at Higher Rates Than Did Those Continuously Insured, 2016

Percentage change in average premiums across plan types (HMO, POS, PPO) before and after implementation of ACA market reforms on Jan. 1, 2014.

Uninsured Adults and Those with Coverage Gaps Reported Cost-Related Access Problems at Higher Rates Than Did Those Continuously Insured

Exhibit 2: Democrats Willing To Pay Higher Taxes, Premiums For Community Rating Provision, But Reject Quality Reductions

Effect on Availability of Affordable Health Insurance and Access to Care

Uninsured Rates Among Low-Income Adults Have Fallen the Most But Remain Substantially Higher Than Those for Adults with Higher Incomes

Yet, the resulting problem is not primarily, or even mostly, one of supersized profits. Prices have soared at nonprofit and for-profit hospitals alike.

“It is clear in this that what the ACA has done is created through regulations and subsidies basically a high-risk pool in the individual market,” Ed ...

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage has increased since President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in

A chart showing how the number of personal bankruptcy cases dropped after the ACA was introduced

Insured Women Are More Likely to Receive Cancer Screenings Than Uninsured Women, 2016

The ACA's Individual-Market Reforms and Subsidies Have Made It Easier for Women to Buy Health Plans on Their Own

Uninsured Adults Are Less Likely to Have a Regular Source of Care or Receive Preventive Care, 2016

Uninsured Adults Are Less Likely to Receive Cancer Screenings, 2016

Of the Four Largest States, Texas Has the Highest Uninsured Rate in Every Age Group

MONDAY, Oct. 31, 2016 -- Just days before the next enrollment period for health plans offered through the Affordable Care Act, many Americans were jolted by ...

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1095-C reporting: How to use affordability safe harbors for 2019

Rural Health Week: How the Affordable Care Act is Helping to Build a Stronger, Healthier Rural America | USDA

How the Affordable Care Act Has Improved Americans' Ability to Buy Health Insurance on Their Own: Findings from the Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health ...

Exhibit 1: Support For Community Rating Flips If It Harms Health Care Quality

The charts compare Affordable Care Act insurance premiums in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and in selected areas of Wisconsin. The numbers are from Citizen ...

The Justice Department's decision not to defend major provisions in the Affordable Care Act was approved

After Rising Steadily Through 2010, the Number of Uninsured Women in the U.S. Had Fallen by Nearly Half by 2016

PPACA Premium Chart

Figure 1: Nearly Four Million African Americans Will Gain Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance Rates

With less competition, that could mean sharply higher rates. And with more insurers still considering leaving other markets, customers around the country ...

... 890,000 individuals who lack health insurance will have access to quality, affordable coverage without fear of discrimination or higher rates because of ...

The US Affordable Care Act may have increased the proportion of patients with cancer diagnosed at

Obamacare has led to health coverage for millions more people

... Ga., hugs Monica Baldwin, a navigator with Christ Community Health, after she helped him sign up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

All-Cause, 30-Day Hospital Readmission Rate among Medicare Beneficiaries.

Why have health insurance rates gone up after the Affordable Care Act was implemented?

5 + The Problem: Rising Costs Costs of procedures and care increasing at a higher rate than inflation Delays in seeking preventive care lead to higher use ...

Healthcare Roundup—Patients to have more—and more expensive—options on ACA exchanges

The HealthCare.gov website is photographed in Washington on Dec. 15, 2017. 1. Pennsylvania's individual Affordable Care Act ...

It's worth keeping in mind that not all of this coverage is due to the Affordable Care Act. By the Commonwealth's estimate, only about half of the 15 ...

New administration raises worries about public health: ACA, climate change, gains under threat | The Nation's Health

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A chart from the CDC showing how much medical bills contribute to personal bankruptcy.

Even as Governor Bruce Rauner denounces higher insurance premiums in Illinois under the Affordable Care Act ... the federal government is trying to tamp ...

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Fewer insurers, higher prices: That's the forecast from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which found in a study that consumer choice has been reduced, ...

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Lower-Income Adults with Marketplace Plans More Likely to View Their Premiums as Affordable Than Adults with Higher Incomes

Obamacare deductibles are on the rise for 2017, along with monthly premiums

Here's Why Texas' Uninsured Rate Is Climbing Again

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5 ACA Reduces Premium Cost ...

Low-Income Adults with Marketplace Coverage Less Likely to Have High Deductibles Than Adults with Higher Incomes

... Affordable Care Act. blood pressure monitor and stethoscope on blue background medica

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Obamacare Rates Expected To Increase By 8.8 Percent

People with Family Incomes Less Than $48,500 Have Uninsured Rates More than 10 Percentage Points Below 2001 Levels

(New York, NY) -On Thursday, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer released a new report, “Time to Deliver: Pregnancy and the Affordable Care Act,” ...

health expenditures per capita 2013

Percent of Women Uninsured

More Women Have Coverage Through Medicaid and the Individual Market Since the ACA's Passage

2018 Premium Rates by state for health exchange silver plans-individuals

Top states giving Obamacare rebates.

The Healthcare.gov website is seen on a computer screen Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, in Washington. It's sign-up season for the Affordable Care Act, ...

Health Insurance News

The High Price of Uncertainty

"But it's even higher in those rural areas where people have fewer opportunities to get insurance through their jobs maybe unemployment rates ...

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2018 rates for ACA plans expected to climb even higher. Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | 05.23.17

3 3 California Individual Market Rules Pre-Affordable Care Act Carriers can deny coverage or charge higher rates ...

2018 Premium Table for Average Bronze, Gold and Platinum Health Exchange Plans (Healthcare.gov states only) - Open: ...

Calculated by a private third party researcher Charles Gaba, and not binding for states, as of 8/14/2017. ONE LAST ATTEMPT TO REPEAL THE ACA- ...

After The End of the Affordable Care Act's Second Open Enrollment Period, the Percentage of Uninsured U.S. Adults Was 13 Percent

Lower-Income Adults With Marketplace Plans More Protected from Premium Increases than Adults with Higher Incomes

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Correction: An initial version of this story misstated the size of the decline of the uninsured rate for LGBT people. It is 24 percent.

The chart nearby shows an index of marginal tax rates for non-elderly household heads and spouses with median earnings potential.

Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Protections Under the Affordable Care Act

Adults in California and New York Reported Lower Rates of Cost-Related Access Problems Than Those in Florida and Texas

WSJ/Oliver Wyman. The ACA ...


3569-report-web-resources/image/Figure 6 - ACA Major Reductions

... Affordable Care Act. Figure 1: Two Million Asian Americans Who Would Otherwise Be Uninsured Will Be Covered or

7. Case Analysis 7 The execution of the Affordable Care Act ...

The Affordable Care Act requires more robust health benefit coverage for all health plans. But self-funded employers will be immune to the same ...

... include premiums; 5.

... Affordable Care Act Brian D. 2 Examples ...

Uninsured Adults and Those with Coverage Gaps Reported Medical Bill Problems at Higher Rates Than Did