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Harrison Ford on realDonaldTrump Wikileaks LessGovMoreFun

Harrison Ford on realDonaldTrump Wikileaks LessGovMoreFun


Harrison Ford on @realDonaldTrump @Wikileaks @LessGovMoreFun @BrittPettibone @WashingtonDCTea #militia @PrisonPlanet @LindaSuhler @KatyPerry [Ford on Trump]

Pin by Betty Mulvihill on America First 2.0 | Presidents, Donald trump, Trump is my president

Pin by Michael Haeflinger on President Trump....My President | Pinterest | Presidents, Donald trump and America

President Donald J Trump ❤️

We stand with you President Donald J Trump Steadfastly!

"Trump is the only president ever...to come into office owing nothing to anybody. Nothing. He took no money f/ anybody." -Tucker Carlson #tlot #foxnews

"President Trump is actually doing everything he promised to make our nation great again. No politician has ever done that!" -James Woods #maga . "

... Waters calls President Trump a buffoon. Waters: great voice tremendous songs. Needs to keep the pie hole closed zippo knowled… | lessgovmorefun | Pinte…

... election is the most important one yet. I support candidates backing President Trump. And I WILL VOTE! RT if you if y… | lessgovmorefun | Novem…

"Donald #Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime" --Newt Gingrich #MAGA #Crooked #UniteRight #sorry #Debate # wikileaks. "

"Once a crook always a crook." -Rudy Giuliani #MAGA3X #

. Here's your seat #MSNBC and #CNN. Consider it an exception you're even allowed on the premises! #ThrowTHemOut #KAG #USA #MAGA | lessgovmorefun | Pinterest

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Dems are gonna ask for your membership card back.

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... Breitbart saw Crooked Media years ago. "I study media. I pay attention to the media. I've been to the circus. I know a trick… | lessgovmorefun | Pinte…

lessgovmorefun | Pinterest | Education

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#Truth --> Wise people speak wisely: "...The best politician is the one who hates politics...The best bureaucrat is the one who hates..."

... Correctness wave that swept across this country -- Donald Trump was direct result of that" -Charlie Kirk #TPUSA #LessGovM… | lessgovmorefun | Pinte…

Twitter Account Hero for TODAY OCTOBER 26 ---> FOLLOW --> MAGS for MAGA Top relevant tweets like no one else! #America #USA @magnifier661

"I never anticipated that one of the great joys of the Trump election would be the liberal meltdown" --James Woods #maga . "

Michael Cohen Tears Into Donald Trump's Denials In Interview, Says 'Of Course He Knew

Happiest Birthday to the most awesome First Lady Melania Trump. May God continue to bless you & your entire family #FLOTUS Melania Trump President Trump .

. The onslaught of the liberal media has ignighted the beast...and we will NEVER back down. #KAG #Thursday #USA #MSM | lessgovmorefun | Pinterest | Never ...

Now THAT'S cuttin to the chase Mr. Eastwood!

Sec Mattis puts the media in its place. #kag #deplorablesunited | lessgovmorefun | Pinterest | Hot and Places

Live Free or Die: Photo

Def of #Tyranny from great 3rd President Thomas Jefferson 'Tyranny is defined at that which is legal for the #gov but illegal for...' #p2 .

Democrats float more Kavanaugh investigations, impeachment even if he is confirmed | Fox News

Donald Trump during Fashion Group International Presents The 22nd Annual Night of Stars Honoring 'The

It is time we have somebody in 1600 Pennsylvania who really knows us --> #TrumpTrain #p2 #usa

Donald Trump and Andrew Stein attend Gala Honoring Andrew Stein on November 28 1988 at the

Wow! Such nice words from Robert Redford on my running for President. Thank you, Robert.

An Indian/Pakistani (?) woman for Trump; shattering all the stereotypes of "his supporters"!

The father of Florida school shooting victim Meadow Pollack slammed the “fake news” media

America First.

--Daniel Webster #LHMF #SGP | lessgovmorefun | Pinterest | Liberty, …

#DNCproud you should know better post #EpicFail #usa #CCOT #lessgovmorefun #deplorables

Benghazi Survivor Has Choice Words For Those Who Criticize Trump Over Khashoggi


Anybody running for office that will say this and back the American culture and people like this? any republican? any democrat? any independent? anybody? ...

News about #makeamericagreatagain on Twitter

This Is The Viral Video That Is Shutting Down The Democratic Party and It Needs To Be Shared!!


The Federal Government has taken too much money f/ the people too much authority f/ the states & too much #Liberty f/ Constitution' #rr #yr

If you want the wall built call congress! There's nothing more convincing than 1000's of calls telling them to build that bad boy. #usa

Adult are in charge now.

Nice art work John Trump, Donald Trump, Presidents, God Bless America, Usa

I'm not racist. The president sucks. Worse president ever in USA ||Counseling Services @ ceciliacarroharvey.org

Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Political Memes, Political Views, Truth Hurts, Conservative

Donald Trump arrives at the HollyRod Foundation's 12th Annual Design Care at Ron Burkle's Green Acres

Andrew isn't here any longer but his spirit is. #WAR @Breitbart | lessgovmorefun | Spirit

TRULY EPIC!! The First American Tribute To Our Beautiful First Lady Melania Trump -

Donald Trump during PAL Press Conference Celebrity Softball at Plaza Hotel in New York City New York United States

*sigh* I love intelligent Trump quotes, almost as much as I love oxymorons (like the one above) and the general use of sarcasm.

Sons of Liberty Tees

Trump Immigration Crackdown Deports First Dreamer With Active Protection

History repeats itself . . . | Donald Trump

How much more do we need to hear before everyone wakes up!

24Hrs After GoFundMe Started To Pay For Wall – Americans Give Trump HUGE.

Trump played the the Trump/PUTIN card.

"Donald Trump is a good friend of mine. I have known him for a long time. I support all my friends...." -Tom Brady #maga

UN rules in favour of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. | Top Stories | Pinterest | Politics, Obama and Ecuador

God, Freedom, & Everything USA

More than 37% of her Twitter followers are fake. Yeah that's someone I trust. Said no one ever! #LessHillaryNoFun #WAAR #war #ycot #nfl

Trump says Andrew Jackson was 'really angry' about the Civil War | THE 7 BLACK PRESIDENTS | Pinterest | Donald trump, Sayings and Black presidents

Dean, Nevada, Les 100


Conservative women at our best......so confidant, speaks her mind, and does not seem to care what anyone thinks!! Love it!

matt-ruins-feminisms-shit: “Yup. How many seconds of audio did Nixon have to delete to be impeached? That's a drop in a bucket compared to Hillary. ”

Pin by Jerry on POLITICS !! | Pinterest | Trump, Humor Político and Política

Amazing.... Former British Leader gets it better than millions of empty-minded #Americans #Brexit #trump #usa #mnf .

Designer Tom Ford shows his #Leftist view ---> WILL dress Michelle Obama won't design for Melania Trump. #Boycott #WrongForAmerica #usa .

"Merry Christmas" Y'all | Donald Trump - President | Pinterest

Donald Trump: The "Anti-Christ" Agenda Exposed (R$E)

Verdades, Política, Gente Ignorante, Honestidad, Sentido Común, Despertarse

Dr Gina Loudon delivers the truth again! "This room is full of arm-in-arm warriors and we will unite" [email protected] march 2016 #MAGA #RR .

Hey! Ana Navarro -- still here? You said you'd move

Beautiful, Christian, American, Republican perfect combination! Angie Harmon, Gezond Verstand,

FOX NEWS: Lindsey Grahams Kavanaugh moment earns conservative praise

Trump readies to announce Mike Huckabee as Ambassador to Israel. #MAGAX3 #rr

"You Are The Movement. I am the messenger." -- #PEOTUS #Trump #tgif #friends . "

Me too! Oh how I love to hear of another thing Trump is undoing.

Amen! God Bless All Who Have Served Or Are Currently Serving In our Military❤️️

Enough #CrookedHillary --> turn in the meal ticket & take a nap. You will outspend Trump 52 to 1 and nobody want #crookedhillary #cuban #usa .

Super Bowl motivation: Sean Payton woos Saints with $200000 in cash Lombardi Trophy Sports

Hello #Democrats @Monday #Deplorables #RNR #RSB Hot, Instagram, Torrid

Thank you Catylin Jenner should have won an award for inspiring others not a courageous award the true hero's are the ones who deserve a courageous award

Finally, some common sense words coming from Hollywood!

Yep...even a billion people.

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I miss Breitbart #Breitbart #WAR #RR #KAG | lessgovmorefun | Pinterest | I missed


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