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Haha say it it Dean Sam t

Haha say it it Dean Sam t


Haha...sam's ass!!

[GIFSET] okay, let me just say something. Dean makes all these pop culture references which means, that he reads books, he …

You don't say Castiel! He sounds so bored about it like its not the best news for humanity ever.

Cas looks confused like, dean how does he know, did u tell him, y r u denying the fact I'm ur boyfriend,

Like the saying goes, "God made us best friends, because our mothers couldn' t handle us as brothers."

Haha I say Idgit all the time, non-stop:) I call my friend an idgit because she stopped watching Supernatural after like 8 episodes because it freaked her ...

Winchester Men ❤ Dean's phrase is like my motto I've always said this, you earn it!

...and Sam's hair just continued to grow until he became Dean's rival for the spot of a gender-bended Rapunzel.

I guess its mainly because I've always wanted to have a big brother, or a little brother; heck. I've just always wanted a sibling. Haha I just know if.

Or let's play I wanna give you reasons why Dean is such a sub/bottom. Haha. ;}

... his jokes, the way he cries, the way he Hugs <3 . His love towards his baby Impala. His love towards his Family especially Sam, Sammy !

cute, dean winchester, funny, haha poor sam, jared padalecki - inspiring picture on Favim.com (supernatural,jensen ackles,jared padalecki,sam winchester ...

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Dean x Reader x Sam - Supernatural Summer (2/2) by angelmewmew on DeviantArt

So yes Sam is Smart, he is a better Hunter than Dean but sometimes he went selfish ( he should've looked for Dean when he was in Purgatory ) whereas Dean is ...

Supernatural Recap

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Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Sam, John

I wish I could meet him :)

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Supernatural: Jeffrey Dean Returning As John Winchester — Episode 300 Spoilers | TVLine

I love all these touching theories about the Winchester boys. And...can I just say I love the image from Iron Giant, haha! So great, it sums up my feelings ...

He Killed Hitler Haha !

Supernatural Spoilers

omg I used to watch Gilmore Girls. and when I started watching SPN I was so confused at first because his name was Sam and not Dean D:

Day by day I started liking him after seeing how he eats, his jokes, the way he cries, the way he Hugs <3 . His love towards his baby Impala.

by feather Liane Hentscher/The CW

Winchester Mornings - Dean x Sam x Sister!Reader by TheLadyOfManyFandoms on DeviantArt

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Best of SUPERNATURAL's Geeky Aliases

11.10 The Devil in the Details

Sam and Dean are the same way. To apply this to writing, I think it's important to first start with a base character for each person.

Tenoko1 | Writer of stories on Twitter: "He went to Lucifer hoping to find hope & the barest chance. Lucifer was going to kill Dean if Sam didn't say yes, ...

'Gilmore Girls': Jared Padalecki & David Sutcliffe Returning for Netflix Revival


I'm ...

'Supernatural' Recap: Season 11 Episode 20 — Chuck Is God | TVLine

Haha. Abort Mission Sam! He's onto us!

Dean Winchester and Food: A Supernatural Love Story

In it, Sam says, “I wish I could have that kind of innocence,” and Dean replies with, “If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could too.”

Winchesters - Dead in the Water

HAHAHA... it's hasn't even been a week yet and I'

Hahaha Dean talking about Sam's doll collection. Lololol they are so gay right now it's beautiful. "Sam's got a major doll collection.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Castiel

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Sam

... his jokes, the way he cries, the way he Hugs <3 . His love towards his baby Impala. His love towards his Family especially Sam, Sammy !

John Dean: Nixon 'Might Have Survived If There'd Been a Fox News'

Dean and Gary Gaffney

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Sam

Dean seeing bobby after his return from hell

"Supernatural" Changing Channels (TV Episode 2009) - Plot Summary - IMDb

Supernatural's Dean Winchester Dismantled His Own Machismo—and That's Why We Love Him | Tor.com

It took me about 2ish hours to make, just adding mishas all over the place and then adding the text etc. hehe!! I hope everyone likes it haha!!

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Dean and Sam's killing habits are straddling a very foggy line, one in the middle of just and unjust. How can they say for sure everything they do “is for ...

Title, Dog Dean Afternoon

All together now: Dean McDermott's son Jack was seen with four of the kids his

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Supernatural Humor / Castiel / Angel / Season 1

One ...

Dean: You know that he's not real, right? Sam (fighting back tears): He says the same thing about you.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Pays Tribute To 'Walking Dead' Co-Star Chandler Riggs After Heartbreaking Midseason Premiere

Community Cast Favorite Episodes

Dean Jones: When It's All Been Said and Done, A Defender of the Persecuted

Ta dah.

'Supernatural' Boss Talks Dean's New Trauma. '

Dean Winchester Q-Pals Plush

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hahahaha... destiel

Sam's predicament is devastating here. Holding on the safety bar and trying to ride it out is clearly not going to work, and Dean's reaction isn't helping ...

Castiel, Bobby, Dean & Sam - "Jefferson Starships" S6E18


... his jokes, the way he cries, the way he Hugs <3 . His love towards his baby Impala. His love towards his Family especially Sam, Sammy !

I'm not a big fan of the premieres because they always tug on my heart strings for the most part. Since I couldn't say none, I chose the season 6 premiere.

Supernatural -- "Just My Imagination" -- Image SN1108B_0065.jpg --

Sam Brooks

supernatural, lucifer, and sam winchester image

5 for the Day: Dean Stockwell

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Poised To Star In Starz's Period Drama Series 'Magic City'

... his jokes, the way he cries, the way he Hugs <3 . His love towards his baby Impala. His love towards his Family especially Sam, Sammy !

The CW

Sam is a hardcore shipper of Destiel and you cannot convince me otherwise

And with that revelation I just fainted here. Srsly this was an awesome master stroke of the productors. I'd have never noticed this if someone hadn't done ...

You can't help but smirk to yourself as you lean back against the counter. Sam and Dean stand facing each other, completely stone-faced as they hold one ...

K-Pop in the US: a massive fire, or just a lot of

Unaware: Sam going into the Celebrity Big Brother house, where she fell ill.