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Growing the Next Generation Gameing t Games

Growing the Next Generation Gameing t Games


The Nintendo Switch has already begun the next generation, technically.

Ubisoft CEO Says Next-Gen Consoles to Be the Last, Microsoft “Evolving Beyond Generations”

Best Video Games in 2019

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C — The next generation PC Gaming Eye Tracking peripheral

Here is your dream job in Zürich: Take broad-based responsibility to build the next generation gaming platform Struckd. Grow rapidly together with our team.

Arguably the best-looking game at Gen Con 2017, Rising Sun is the latest big-box strategy game from prolific designer Eric Lang.

Tencent isn't just Ubisoft's savior — it's the world's biggest gaming company

What will the game industry look like in five years?

You can already play games on Google's Chromecast.

Hybrid Wars Release Date Announced

X018 Game Pass Hero Image

Microsoft kept the gaming announcements coming at its Xbox E3 press conference where it announced a series of studio acquisitions meant to bolster the ...

Toxic management cost an award-winning game studio its best developers

Fortnite is helping to bring in the next-generation of games players, along with celebrity endorsement from the likes of Drake. If developer Epic Games is ...

The Top 25 Modern PC Games

Don't know if a lot of people liked this game but I love it and miss playing it with my dad when I was younger.

The next level

Many kids and adults play video games — they're not just of interest to young men.

Pokemon PokeCenter "

The 39 games we can't wait to play in 2018

Sales have grown by 28%

Epic CEO confirms Fortnite to skip Google Play store. '

Do the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X change things for the next generation?

E3 Evolves to Welcome More Consumers as Well as Video-Game Industry Insiders

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "

The scope of video games has grown a lot over the past 20 years, and while GRIP has visibly expanded upon what was offered in Rollcage, it's hard to ...

The Mobile Games Market will Continue to Grow

Critics switch on new generation of gaming. In a bid to grow ...


The gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate, and a lot is going on in the world of online gaming, from PCs to next-gen consoles and even ...


These servers will launch initially with developers in mind to build and develop games in the cloud instead of local debug machines, and then to stream ...

The popularity of Epic Games' Fortnite has grown ever since its release; when the company announced last week that the game would be coming to iOS, ...

Gaming Thoughts... Do we need the next generation of consoles yet? | Chalgyr's Game Room

Here is your dream job in Zürich: Take broad-based responsibility to build the next generation gaming platform Struckd. Grow rapidly together with our team.

The Best Beginner Board Games for Adults

College invests £1million in Manchester's next generation of gaming talent



"By listening to gamers and understanding their needs, HP is building an industry-leading gaming ecosystem that appeals to all segments of the market," said ...


Mobile game revenues set to overtake console games in 2015

Fears grow for children addicted to online games

This year's Gen Con seemed less flush with super-hyped games than in years past, but there was one demo area that was perpetually swamped with eager ...

best video games 2018 shadow of the colossus

Gamblit Gaming

best nintendo 3ds games monster hunter generation theme

Although the growth of the Asian gaming market is hindered by restrictive regulations in major markets such as China, the industry is still generating ...

Shadow of the ColossusCredit: Team ICO

The gaming world is growing rapidly this days with tons of gamers everyday, many people now a days makes gaming their job and some for fun, thanks to steam, ...

Nicholas Yanes: Growing up, what were some video games you two loved playing? Are there any you two still enjoy?

With a left handed Xperia game phone, a right-handed Next-Generation Portable gaming system and the eyes reporting threats of the Nintendo's new 3DS and ...

Xbox Two Is Set To Smash Next Gen PlayStation - PS Now

... retail side in generation nine (the Nintendo Switch is already a proud member of that crew anyway) given how big the physical market still is—especially ...

Late summer is the time for barbecues, concerts in the park, and (most importantly) making the trek to downtown Indianapolis to play tabletop games with ...

The Asus ROG Phone can be paired with accessories such as the Mobile Desktop Dock to

Console players everywhere are rejoicing with the news that after months of bullish denials, Sony capitulated and will soon allow PS4 players to link up ...

This is the featured image for the best android games with gamepad support

There's always that one Gen Con release. It doesn't have the backing of a huge license or a household-name designer. But everywhere you go, people can't ...

An XCloud service is on the way

Digital Game Sales Up By 25% Thanks To Next-Gen

The 50 Best iPad Games

Xbox Two Is Set To Smash Next Gen PlayStation - Nier: Automota

Gamification headline.jpg

Xbox Backward Compatibility Hero Image

3d Gaming Market: Global Market Synopsis, Growth Factors, Industry Segmentation, Regional Analysis ...

Video game costs

10 Games Every Xbox One Player Needs

... to hearing that the 11th International Classification of Diseases will contain 'gaming disorder'. I am concerned that we have a new generation growing ...

With more games rolling out shortly, this step is complementary to its Silver Bullet and Powered By content as well as its proven poker, bingo and table ...

A new edition of the modern classic Cthulhu mythos game Arkham Horror <

Immersive sims are hard to come by nowadays but developer Arkane is at the forefront of the genre. Off the back of last year's immense Dishonored 2, ...


There was a time when Star Wars games allowed fans to go on their own exciting adventures across the galaxy. That time is over.

As such, we are limiting this list to games that are currently scheduled for a 2019 release date. With that out of the way, let's take a look at the best ...

Ubisoft Says Next Gen is Last; Microsoft Looks Beyond Platforms – Variety


Xbox Two Is Set To Smash Next Gen PlayStation - Fortnite

Welcome to the next-generation virtual gaming platform: Struckd is the place where people of all ages come together to easily create, share and play games ...

Plenty of seasoned gaming developers are still capable of creating new ideas, of course. However, the newer gaming developers will have largely grown up in ...


To the producer of the upcoming Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (the latest Bokujo Monogatari, formerly known out West as Harvest Moon), playing Natsume's ...

Backward Compatibility Graphic

Next-gen mobile MOBA Fight For Freedom 2 is released and recommended by app store in China.

As it existed in the Warcraft 3 custom-games community, Defense of the Ancients was a gathering. In the hands of Valve and Dota legacy developer "IceFrog," ...

50 Best Video Games of All Time

Some of the Game Pass offerings seen on Xbox One this month.