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ExPido Insecticide on Behance 2 Behance

ExPido Insecticide on Behance 2 Behance


wich take´s care of cockroaches one after the other like a series of falling dominoes.

Face Paint Advertising Posters

A simple logo that combines the symbols of a bedbug and shield. Our branding catches the eye and illustrates that Culex is the best insecticide.

For this book project, I typeset Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, a book that is widely credited with exposing the dangers of DDT in the 1960s.

Obezvrezhen (Обезврежен) (Neutralized) is a line of insecticide products against garden pests. The base of the brand's visual concept is an insect lying on ...

Inspired by Episode 114: “Ten Thousand Years” of the podcast 99% Invisible, which I transcribed and edited. The written dialogue of the podcast is ...

Check out my @Behance project: “ID Card Design” https://

Social Justice Poster Pieces for various causes.

Smeg - Brochure - Product Catalog by Mauro Lorenzo, via Behance

Furniture store opening Ad Campaign on Behance

Chinese Matcha on Behance

Raffles City Great Singapore Sale Campaign 2013 on Behance

Christmas Ad for Swedish Trading by Nirmal Fernando, via Behance

NESCAFE X-Ray on Behance

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Good Day Coffee

Art Director: Kelley Redmond

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Mother's Day press by Pedro Chacón, via Behance

Microgreens are young seedlings of vegetables and herbs and contain up to 40 times more vital nutrients than mature plants.

Training Manual Cover Design on Behance

Images by Impact BBDO Dubai, Quan Duong, and Sam Lane, selected for "

HyCube - The worlds largest hydroponic vegetable garden that can produce 100,000 heads of lettuce and 13,000 pounds of herbs and greens per year.

Fanta by Ahmed Mokhtar, via Behance | Ads-of-theworld | Pinterest | Advertising, Ad design and Creative advertising

Mercedes-Benz service on Behance

login-or-subscription. Print Magazine · Philosophy · Behance ...

Award Winning Poster design on Behance designed by deepak shet who won and award from organic BPS for World Environment Day

Campaign about used scholar supplies donations. on Behance

Oversight Arcade

Mini Cheddars on Behance

Packaging, collateral, and instructional illustrations created at OMFGCO for a cannabis C02 extraction company called OCO. Their brand is weird science; ...

... a A3 sized sketchbook for 2 years. I explored insects and aquatic animals in it. My purpose was to draw attention to ecological issues that go unnoticed ...


Travel Website Redesign by Martin Oberhäuser, via Behance

WARSAW'S BIOGRAPHY CONFERENCE by Ania Światłowska, via Behance


... embodied the earthy agricultural feel that Humboldt is known for. By developing a deep, rich color palette and utilizing a Kraft substrate, ...

The world is facing an enormous challenge: feed 9 Billion people in 2050. This requires maintaining or even increasing the world production of food.

Malaysia Airline One World Phase 2. Advertising Design · Malaysia · Behance ...

Christmas card by Konrad Mantur, via Behance

Final Art Work.

Photography and Retouching: Chris Slabber

Barilla advertisement by Nathan Brunstein, via Behance

Deep in the highlands of Pahang, lies town called Kampung Baharu Teras. For a town that has once died and resurrected itself this village is now an active ...

See more at: soulseven.com

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Laser cut self assembly bee house, using box joints.

NYT - Pesticides

Sleepy Hollow: Insecticide label for spray can.

Lab Equipment Flyer-Geno/Grinder

Result of produt : Good response in France. Visited by many media. Including VOGUE, Milk, marie claire, madame Figaro. Selling on several online platforms.

Tea Campaign Infographics

Want this poster and others for my classroom.The Sun Infographic on Behance

Home And Family, Biology, Rats, Behavior, Sign, Environment, Pdf, Infographic, Behance

Insecticide In a field of sunflowers, a mutant plant is devouring a bee, an insect that is crucial for its pollination and reproduction.

LOGOS - A Collection in Full Color. by Emir Ayouni, via Behance Typography Logo

Font book promoting the use of Apple Chancery as a heading and body type. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Scott Belsky



one2teahouse - An Organic Taiwan Tea Shop in Tainan, Organic Oolong Tea, Organic Black Tea

TEDx event branding by Artem Sologub, via Behance

Boy's apartment on Behance

Inspiration was drawn from the age old milkman, who once stood for quality, convenience and above all for going that 'extra mile'.

Greenhouse Brochure on Behance Greenhouses, Layout Design, Photographs, Green Houses, Greenhouse Apartments