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Enjoy fishing as we work and earn for you The Worlds fishing rigs

Enjoy fishing as we work and earn for you The Worlds fishing rigs


baited hook image. Of course you can buy your sea fishing rigs ...

How to Cast a Fishing Rod

The Neko Rig is one of the most popular ways to fish soft plastics right now and with good reason, it works well for a variety of situations.

Will we have fall fishing like we did last year? It might very well be better. SoCal offshore fishing in autumn of 2014 had something for everyone fishing ...

How to Use Umbrella Rigs for Smallies

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The Best Fishing Rod and Reel

Carolina Rig Tips from the Pros

Might be a shape, texture or action that seems dead-on, even if you can't quite put your finger on the why.

I like to use one of my kelp cutter rigs for this style of fishing. Since we're mostly fishing on the edge of the kelp, 60-pound braided line tied to a ...

Sometimes while fishing solo, I like to fish two ham and egg rigs and will work one outfit and leave the other one in gear with clicker on and drag set at ...

How Would You Like to Catch One of These Brutes! Keep Reading. We can

“The secret is,” Kramer said, “Joe still really likes this.

The best indicator that the A-rig will shine is the presence of forage that isn't pinned to the bottom, be it shad, alewives or perch.

The NEW Snapper Snack – The Ultimate Combo of Lure & Rig

Return Of the Halibut lead

Enjoy the holidays, and we look forward to bringing you substantial returns, Thank you. Secure Link with info please email and or ...

Paddlefish Hook'em hard and hang on tight. If you want the biggest fish ...

That said, there's a long tradition of making a Carolina rig a truly finesse rig and dragging around a ringworm or French fry for picky eaters.

If you do that, it is almost like making a new cast.” Photo: Pro Fishing Management


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Hatch Magazine - Fly Fishing, etc.

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Big Game Fishing - From the reel to the hook


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Love fishing? One of the Aussie leaders in fishing lure development is right on our

Fish Shiners Like John Cox

To hell with catching numbers of fish. This year, earn man-points by catching the sasquatch of all fish…the fish of a lifetime…a fish that will make your ...

surf fishing on florida beach - gulf coast

Best Flies for the Late-Summer Fishing Season

Juan, 30, makes his living as a guide on Lake El Salto. The

... fish. word-image-18.jpeg

Fishing the Damiki Rig in Winter

Planet Sea Fishing Digital Magazine | Rigs and Traces | Continental Style Scratching Rig Fishing Rigs

4 Umbrella Rig Applications

Cobias are like express trains. When you hook up good luck. WildStyled T's · Cobia/Lemonfish Fishing

Fishing Hook Pre-Tied by Stainless Steel Saltwater Gear Surf Fishing 6 Hook Fishing Rig

Captain Lucas Bissett is the owner of Lowtide Charters LLC and a Louisiana native who has been guiding the marshes of Hopedale for the last 7 years.

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Bass master angles for pro fishing career | Features | Maryville Daily Forum

Fishing Sim World (PS4) - it is what it is

Planet Sea Fishing Digital Magazine | Rigs and Traces | Irish Conger Rig Fishing Rigs,

Shanes Baits - Blades of Glory

Umbrella rigs and smallmouth. Gone Fishing ...

Fish Tales. At the World's richest BillFishing Tournament, catching the biggest marlin may earn you millions. But not until you pass the polygraph.

But here, we're talking teeners. And when you talk about largemouths of that size, you point westward.

After they stop pumping, oil rigs like this one in Borneo can act as long-term underwater reefs. Now it is an eco-resort. Courtesy of Matador Network

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Enjoy some Bahamas fishing as you watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea


Fishing for GIANT Catfish!

Damiki Rig

The 15 Hottest New Fishing Lures for 2018

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures


Education is power. That's the premise of the Blue Collar Investor. When the Complete

3 Must-Know Beach Fishing Rigs for Beginners

Best Kayak Fishing Rods of 2018

... a 1/2-ounce Texas rig in Lake Apopka earned a top-10 finish for Glenn Browne, who caught spawning fish that he couldn't see well enough to sight- fish.




Ben is from upstate New York, where he grew up hunting and fishing throughout the area and the Adirondack park. Being from a family of avid outdoorsmen, ...

Producer, editor and cameraman Jim Kramer is constantly behind host Joe Thomas as he fishes

you should use invisible and thin line. Thinner line almost always results in more bites. The only exception is perhaps fishing such rude and careless ...

“Fishing is my heart”, those are the words of 29-year-old charter boat Captain Brandy Miles. As the only female fishing Captain at HarborWalk Charters in ...

How to Find Fish - Bass Fishing

Matt Arey

... the country begin to flood, we're reminded that spring rains bring muddy water, which decreases visibility and makes bass fishing even more challenging.

Curt grew up in Texas where he learned early to enjoy fishing and other outdoor sports. He attended Baylor University with and BBA in marketing.

Here's Mike enjoying the fight, hooked up with a Jack Crevelle. The Penn Conflict Reel and St Croix Rod make a perfect light tackle inshore rod and reel ...

fish finding drone 2

Half of world's oceans now fished industrially, maps reveal | Environment | The Guardian

Fall fishing tends to be good like that. The weather's nice and fish are feeding hard, at least at times, and they often bite in frenzies. You don't need to ...

You can fish your choice of bait, the way you want, and stick to your proven techniques. Use the bait you like best, rig it the ...

Courtesy of Lindner Media Productions Al Lindner as a kid dreamed of making a living in the fishing industry. The Brainerd area resident, along with his ...

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The crew was a dominant force over both days of fishing with a second place daily on Day 1 and a strong finish on Day 2 that netted them a payout of ...

Deep Sea Fisherman

Walleye Fishing Tactics For Mastering Pure Michigan's Saginaw Bay | Great Lakes, MI Blog

If you fished for yellowtail during the first half of this year, you know that we had a huge influx of red crabs in many areas. Well, those red crabs are ...

Whether he's counting down to suspended fish or looking for better strike detection, Fukae says the multicolored line promotes precision.

Planet Sea Fishing Digital Magazine | Rigs and Traces | Simple Blood Loop Paternoster Fishing Rigs

60 Second Trout Fishing System *ILLEGAL IN SOME AREAS*

Photo / Supplied Kingfish have turned up on reefs around Maria Rock. Photo / Supplied

The Bahamas fishing reports a great deal of interest in this excursion along the island

“At the end of the day,” Kramer told me later, when we. “

Bobber Rig