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Concept S11 by mhannecke on deviantART CHARACTER DESIGN

Concept S11 by mhannecke on deviantART CHARACTER DESIGN


Concept S11 by ~mhannecke on deviantART

Monkey Soldiers Designs by mhannecke.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Unit_056 by mhannecke Unit_056 by mhannecke

mhannecke 223 32 Fan Dog Design by mhannecke

C.A.T police unit by RobinKeijzer on deviantART

mhannecke 88 4 Surfer Bro Apt BG by mhannecke

mhannecke 875 92 Aztec Characters by mhannecke

Focus Redux VD by mhannecke.deviantart.com on @deviantART Character Art, Character

Yakuza WIP by mhannecke Yakuza WIP by mhannecke

... lecture on using digital painting as a character design tool, and at a different time, a demonstration on one of the techniques from that presentation.

mhannecke 260 16 Space Rebels Redux by mhannecke

Matías Hannecke

Knuckle Duster MC, Benjamin Last on ArtStation at…

Concept S11 by ~mhannecke on deviantART ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン • Find more at ...

Nubrian Concepts 1 by

Concept art for the TX 3 by aaronsimscompany. "

Human Paladin character made as an art test for the WoW team.

mhannecke 303 14 Alien Assassin Design by mhannecke

Mecha_057. Character ConceptCharacter ...

Dream of Me Character Lineup

Infinity Aleph Spec Ops Chandra by BlitzJaeger on DeviantArt Infinity Art, Infinity The Game,

A Hypothetical Space Jam II by erlim

Military suit by Falarsimons.deviantart.com

Executioner. Game Character DesignCharacter ConceptCharacter ...

Ravendeviant 79 5 Iron Horde Zarya - Character Explorations by TehSasquatch

Insectoid Character Concept

Suit Concept-02

Female High Research3 by. Insectoid Character Concept by

robot_one_colors by ~mhannecke [dA] Character Concept, Character Art, Character Design,

Space Monkey by mhannecke

Personal Keavana Character

Posts about steampunk robot written by paulms

mhannecke 1,517 96 FM Character Concept by mhannecke

Sci Fi Girl 2 by andaerz on

mhannecke 322 36 Alien Designs by mhannecke

Aztec Tattoo Designs, Aztec Designs, Aztec Warrior, Game Character, Character Concept,

Commission :by bayanghitam. Concept S11 by mhannecke on DeviantArt

Momotaro by milkyliu on deviantART Character Creation, Character Concept, Concept Art, Character Art

Red 3 Character Concept by

skybolt 1,965 151 The Darathia - concept art by Shockbolt

Robot Quest Concept

FINAL Sci FI Girl Bubble gum

Shockbolt 236 58 Character concept 02 by NathanRosario

Capcom Tronn Bonne Fanart by Fikey on deviantART Robot Concept Art, Game Concept, Character

Sci Fi Clothing/Character

mhannecke 196 25 Nogo Redux by mhannecke

26/06/13-Details by mhannecke.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

382 best Character Design Sci

HellBoto - DeGiz by DeGiz

GEMeni Megalith

HopelessSoul 8 4 SFmuni by Madhattin

stephen silver Character Creation, Character Concept, Character Turnaround, Character Design Tutorial, Old

My characters by Vytz on

Batman TAS Sketch Cover Commission by timshinn73

Firefall Concept Art

City Pan by mhannecke ...

Alien Assassin Design. Alien CharacterCharacter ConceptCharacter ...

Retro Sci Fi by twosheds1 on

xan comm Balto Mika colour by joverine

Evoland 2 coming soon by Kurunya on DeviantArt

Pirates by EStreet on

mhannecke 733 55 Sci Fi Guys by mhannecke

Mecha from Rahxephon Creature Concept Art, Super Robot, Mobile Suit, Cartoon Characters,

Third Lap

RobotQuest Girl Red. Character Concept · Character Art · Character Design ...

Commission 014 by Rob Laro, via Flickr Character Sketches, Character Concept, Concept Art

mhannecke 147 3 FPS Character by mhannecke


DeGiz's Profile Picture

ArtStation - Lionheart Dark Moon Concepts, Baldi Konijn

mhannecke 263 8 Magnus Robot Fighter -Redesigns by mhannecke

Mechanic Anjanath by MuHut

Fix it Felix concept art by danielarriaga.deviantart.com on @deviantART

LEGO X-Men Sketch Cover by timshinn73

Splash by *medders on deviantART I wish this uniform was 'pret-a-porter' :))

mhannecke 160 3 Glirp Expressions by mhannecke

League of Legends: Vayne by Ganassa.deviantart.com on @deviantART Donas,

sundragon83 300 28 Concept Art by -adam-


Mafu's WIPS - Page 3 - Polycount Forum Fantasy Character Design, Character Design Inspiration,

KJKallio 328 14 A'hariz by hydriss28

Lt. Pavlichenko by Asahisuperdry.deviantart.com on @deviantART Robot Concept Art,

Alexandru1988 2,907 1,014 Encosto by Santolouco


Sketchbook Page 04 by JakeParker ...

Cat character design.

Isamu Igarashi by Maxim Moshkov. (via ArtStation - Isamu Igarashi, Maxim Moshkov) More robots here.