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Common sense truth t Common sense Politics and Funny

Common sense truth t Common sense Politics and Funny


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why would Putin have "let" Obama have a second term. NEWS FLASH: Russia is not responsible for anything in the elections.if anyone has the capability of ...

At least she didn't quote "Thou shalt not kill". Karen Gardner 路 Conservative - Freedom - Common Sense

Truth! (Unfortunately) Liberal Hypocrisy, Keep It Real, Liberalism, Political Views

Isn't it time to put granny into a home?

Deport Conservative Politics, Conservative Quotes, Illegal Aliens, Pro Gun, Political Quotes,

In this day and age, Common Sense is the LEAST COMMON of all senses. #woodworkinghumor

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump's boom Political Quotes, Political Views,

Common Sense. Truth Hurts Quotes. Humour. Moon Moon. Jokes. Funny Humor. Funny Jokes. Democrats aren't too bright Political Quotes, Political News, ...

Feel free to answer this common sense question. Truth Hurts, Anti Liberal, Liberal

Government Terminology Political Memes, Liberal Logic, Conservative Politics, Hilarious Jokes, Common Sense

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When it comes to the conservatives say whatever, we don't even care if it's true. Billie Murchison 路 Political, and plain old common sense

This woman couldn't tell the truth if it slapped her in the face

Your twisted party is the problem, and not the solution. No First Man with genital problems allowed. We are ready no your strange habits, and don't need ...

Liberal Logic, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politicians, Gun Rights, Media Bias,

Haha so many libs got offended by this....but what can I say ...it doesn't take much. | Common sense | Politics, Funny, Lol

It is now. Thanks for taking half my paycheck assholes. Ungrateful, refusing to

Maybe he shouldn't have lied.

another libtard common sense issue failing to come full circle. Liberalism is a mental disease!

Haaaaahahaha truth! Political Topics, Politics, Double Standards, Common Sense, Thomas Paine

#WorkingClassHeroes #ProfittingOffStudentDebt #DebtSlaveAmerica | Common sense - Facts | Pinterest | Politics, Quotes and Facts

Truth, Facts & Etc | Politics, Common sense, Quotes

Sickeningly true. Lets start here saving tax dollars! Common Sense, Sad, Facts

Pin by Giselle on Red,White,Blue Truth.... | Pinterest | Politics, Truths and Common sense

The real Beto O'Rourke Political Quotes, Political Topics, Truth Hurts, Common

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Son and heir of nothing in particular.

Truth Hurts, Common Sense, I Don

Exactly | Trump | Pinterest | Politics, Common sense and Conservative politics

It wasn't always this way, but sadly, this has now become the truth.

Pin by Debbie Ostrowski Barton on *2018 POLITICAL TRUTH | Pinterest | Politics, Funny and Humour

Ain't it the truth? #trump #ChildrenInCages #economy

Thank you for the truth.

Respect to the Irish as well who were even more mistreated than the African slaves. Don't hear them rambling on how they need restitution for being freed.

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Pin by Laura T. on Idiots, Assholes,Douchbags and Traitors | Pinterest | Politics, Truths and Common sense


The Free Thought Project on Instagram: 鈥淎in't that the truth?! 馃挱馃馃馃馃馃挱 Join Us: @TheFreeThoughtProject 馃挱 #TheFreeThoughtProject 馃挱 LIKE our Facebook ...

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God Bless America, Truth Hurts, Common Sense, Political Quotes, Funny As Hell

Ain't that the truth.

Another AstroTurf, fake, grassroots movement

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Heeheehee Truth Hurts, Liberal Humor, Politics Humor, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politicians, Socialism

Gun control advocates don't see a connection! Political Quotes, Political Ideology, Truth Hurts, Gun Control, Morals, Common Sense

#tRump #notmypresident #republicans #GOP #resist #resisttrump | Common sense | Pinterest | Politics, Donald trump and Presidents

Truth To Power, My Fellow Americans, Conservative Memes, Trump Is My President,

Goldberg is about as stupid as they come

Caption and share the Joke's on you humans That wasn;t wine meme with the aliens meme generator. Discover more hilarious images, upload your own image, ...

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Democrats Democratic Socialist, Tell The Truth, Fake News, Real People, Common Sense

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It's hard to believe how blind people truly are.

... to all other countries as well...you don't want to be separated...come legally!!! | Politics As Usual 搂搂 | Pinterest | Politics, Funny and Common sense

GUNS don't kill people, EVIL people kill innocent people thats why we need GUNS for protection "LUKE 22 VS GODS LAW everybody has the right to defend their ...

Pin by Pam Santiago Mays on Prayers and truth | Pinterest | Politics, Common sense and Truths

Pin by Shirley Gillis on Idiots | Pinterest | Politics, Truths and Common sense

I've got 44 funny posters (heavy on the Trump versus Obama theme) plus a true video highlighting media histrionics. It's all funny and thought-provoking.

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Don't think. Allah God, Mind Blowing

Funny, you don't mean shit to me! Dumbass

That's right, I really don't see much difference between white supremacists or black

This kinda feel's like America right now ... the last administration vs. the current administration. | AMERICA !! Don't Tread!! | Politics, Canada, Liberal ...

Truth. Just another way to make us buy something to make a corporate company richer. While stepping on the people who give thier hard earned money to a ...

When I hear Trump supporters talk about "fake news" I can't help but laugh because they don't realize they're basically agreeing with Malcom X.


Politics, Common sense, Truth hurts

I don't ask to be called German-American, because that is utterly ridiculous! Paul Toth 路 common sense

funny shit. funny shit Liberal Logic, Anti Liberal, Political Cartoons, Political Memes, Common Sense

Pin by Storm & Grace 馃 on The Best Of Donald Trump | Pinterest | Politics, Satire and Donald trump

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Common Sense 路 Stupid 路 Humor 路 Quotes 路 Funny 路 Hard Truth 路 Crybaby 路 Usmc 路 Don't forget the one signed by SOROS to get you to the protest in

Pin by Lynda Chidester on Don't read if you don't like my opinion | Pinterest | Funny, Politics and Donald trump

Truth Hurts, Conservative Politics, Liberal Logic, Liberal Hypocrisy, Common Sense, True

Politics, Humor, Sayings, Liberal Logic, Political Quotes, Funny, Truth Hurts

They don't want to upset their multi-. Red StateEqualityFeminismRepublican PartyGun ControlCommon SensePoliticiansWillful IgnoranceFacts

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So much truth!!! It's the way liberals roll. Liberal Democrats, Liberal

Funny how that's NEVER mentioned? I guess they wouldn't have an excuse.

Funny, my health premiums went up 154% in the last three years, and

Jajaja That's so funny I love bullshit but the reality is that both are based on theory,feeling, and fantasy is just both want to sell it as facts, ...

Marine Corps Humor, Political Quotes, Political Satire, Political Views, Political Cartoons, Funny Thoughts, American Humor, Common Sense, Twisted Humor, ...

OBAMA Doesn't Care about what made and makes America truly a great nation.

Found the cure for their liberalism......COMMON SENSE AND THINKING

Liberal Logic, Truth Hurts, Tangled, Common Sense, Integrity, Politicians, Revolution

I'm for finding alternatives for plastic, but could somebody, somewhere please make sense???

Tell The Truth, Common Sense, Believe, Amen, Speak The Truth, Faith

With common sense & logic. Lol its easy all you have to do is state facts and proof and they can't handle the truth lol

Baby in favor of gun control.... Posted by PoolAndSpa.com Inc

TRUTH! | Politics, Common sense, Funny

Becuz he didn't want to. God, Freedom, & Everything USA Truth Hurts, Common Sense, Funny Politics

Calling her a woman is just disrespectful to women everywhere. well, we think she's a female but since he hasn't grabbed her pussy.

Time To Think | Pinterest | Politics, Facts and Common sense