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Campaigners have criticised NHSs care of women with mental health

Campaigners have criticised NHSs care of women with mental health


More than 200 suicides recorded at mental health units over seven years | Society | The Guardian

Mental health deaths in NHS up by more than a fifth over three years, new figures show

Mental health services 'at risk of deteriorating' despite Government promises, NHS managers say | The Independent

Campaigners fear NHS underfunding will lead more contracts to be privatised

Some 5.5 per cent of two to four-year-olds are thought to have

Delays in mental health treatment are 'ruining people's lives', according to a report

Significant waits for counselling mean NHS is turning to technology to prevent young people getting worse

mental health depression NHS anxiety funds theresa may

Analysis by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) shows that while the Government states

One in four people with acute mental health problems unable to get the help they need, study finds | The Independent

Theresa May has not made any real steps to assign funding to mental health services hit

Campaigners criticise scale and pace of government's children's mental health plans

Mental health champion for UK schools axed after criticising government | Education | The Guardian

Five signs you might be experiencing a mental health problem

Alexandra Cromie's mental health problems started when she was bullied at primary school and, by

Woman killed herself after series of NHS trust errors, jury finds | Society | The Guardian

The government is now considering grading universities on their ability to deliver improved student mental health

Alarm over restraint of NHS mental health patients

Judge calls for Mental Health Act reform over rising detentions

'The upcoming election revives the chance of committing more funds and ensuring they reach the. '

Psychiatric staff demonstrably move away from and feel less emotionally connected to people who have been

NHS mental health funding is still lagging behind, says report | Society | The Guardian

A cross-party group called for a full inquiry into the vaginal mesh scandal

GP's charging mentally ill patients up to £150 for sick notes

Frank Bruno criticises NHS mental health care and launches campaign for reform

Millions of people in the UK are dealing with mental illnesses, including stress

Theresa May has pledged to scrap the “flawed” 1983 Mental Health Act

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Six out of 10 IVF cycles in the UK are funded by patients themselves, according

Learning coping strategies can be important for young people waiting to access mental health therapies

Jeremy Hunt will announce new ambition as part of range of suicide prevention focused measures

Open Dialogue: The radical new treatment having life-changing effects on people's mental health

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had pledged to increase mental health funding

Jeremy Hunt criticised for 'misrepresenting' NHS weekend mortality facts

Sandalwood Court's place of safety suite will be shut for a year. Picture: THOMAS

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust meeting

Jeremy Hunt: “It is crucial we have the right people in post.” Photograph: Neil Hall/PA. Mental health campaigners ...

Lawyers argued for 'Ms I' to be given a general anaesthetic to protect her

Pregnant women are 'frightened' to seek NHS care for fears of arrest or charges

Sandalwood Court place of safety unit to be temporarily closed - after moves by NHS England and Swindon CCG | Swindon Advertiser

Natasha Devon.

The chief medical officer for England will report back to the government with findings 'within

NHS-app partnership "cherry picks" younger patients leaving practices with less funding for the elderly and frail

Sir Andrew's ill-advised comments have been described as 'shocking' ...

NHS charging rules: Doctors and nurses accuse Government of 'deliberate cruelty' with upfront payments and ID checks | The Independent

Samantha Lethbridge wrote an open letter to David Cameron

Laura Harris, who qualified as an oncology nurse 12 years ago, said she was

The Public Health England campaign will launch in March. It comes after research revealed women

mental health depression NHS anxiety funds theresa may

Health and Social Care Bill. NHS vigil...NHS staff and union officials. Wendy Savage has been criticised ...

Graphs showing the number of bed days spent out of area/out of trust,

'Eurovision straitjacket' joke angers mental health campaigners

Researchers say more must be done to battle social stigma against people with mental health problems

Campaigners hit back at Donald Trump's criticism of NHS | Daily Mail Online

May unveils 'major' Brexit boost to NHS reforms · Mental health ...

NHS chiefs tell Theresa May it is time to curb privatisation | Society | The Guardian

William Mead, who died from sepsis, had a chest infection and pneumonia that was

Aji Lewis addresses campaigners during a procession in remembrance of those who died in policy custody

An investigation carried out by the Alzheimer's Society shows dementia patients are delayed up to 10

NHS mental health hospital 'failed to act after two patient suicides'

Joan Bakewell, the journalist, broadcaster and author, said anorexia was limited to societies

Teenagers' struggle for mental health care: 'I needed help quite badly'

Hospital trust criticised over death of woman who drank floor cleaner

Kay Ska

Almost half of GP appointments now involve mental health, survey finds

Around one in 10 mothers suffer postnatal depression

Women criticise themselves an average of eight times a day, study says

'Open ...

Assisted suicide bill returns to Lords, amid concerns from campaigners | News | Nursing Times

Averil's body was discovered by a cleaner in her university flat after failures in care and

Smoking breaks are discouraged in the NHS, but estimates suggest smokers have an additional 10

Julie Cave, chief executive of the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

The ¿We are the NHS¿ advert, which cost £8million of public money

A boy sitting on the ground

Mental health sector gives mixed response to £1.3bn plan to improve NHS services | Society | The Guardian

For too long, those of us with mental health problems have struggled to access the quality services we need. In 2016 the Government made a major commitment ...

Theresa May unveils biggest shake-up of mental health policies in 30 years

How should the government overhaul mental health laws? | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian

Teenage mental-health crisis: Rates of depression have soared in past 25 years

Lol Butterfield

Further trials must find a balance between making treatment available and protecting the public from an

Homeopathy 'quackery' should be cut from NHS, campaigners urge after study finds it ineffective

A drop of two million treatments to patients eligible for free treatment shows the scheme is

Pic - gv.Date 23/9/17.Pic by Dave Cox.

How sexist stereotypes mean doctors ignore women's pain | The Independent

Cameron's Cancer Drugs Fund has been criticised as a 'waste of money'

The Secret Illness: People affected by OCD are sharing their deepest fears online. "

Campaigners raised concerns the mega database compromised patients' privacy

mental health depression NHS anxiety funds

Student nurses and health workers take part in a demonstration against government plans to scrap the

The post, which attracted fierce reaction on social media, revealed a woman in the

The NHS has been criticised for

Phillip Simelane is arrested by West Midlands Police on Harborne Road, Birmingham just hours after

In the middle of the crisis in the NHS? During a crisis in ambulance attendance times? During a crisis in Midwife recruitment and workload ?

The rare mental illness which makes people think they are dead

Pro-choice campaigners gather outside Belfast's Public Prosecution office in support of a 21-

Vast majority 'of British workers have suffered mental health issues'