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CRISP BOLD We worked with the creators of Lines icon pack to

CRISP BOLD We worked with the creators of Lines icon pack to


Freeline Icons

4800 Line Icons Pack

Smart House Icons

3000 Unigrid icons

Education Icons

Line Icons

Food and Beverage Line Icons

Web Outline Icons

September 2017 Update — NEW Icon Set release

48 Free Vector Line Icon Set

Star Wars Icons

Solid icons pack

Free Gradient Flat Icons

Blueline icons set

LineArt Icons

Traffic and Transportation Icon Collection

500,000+ HTML Web TemplatesIcon Sets, Web Templates & Design Assets

Hexagonal Outline Icons

Free Minimal Line Icons

Miscellaneous Line Icons

Simple Line Icons Set Vol.2

Simple Line Icons Set Vol.1

Line icon set for UI & more

Free Vector Line Icons Set - 50 icons

Fitness Vector Icons

65 Free Line Icon Set

Flat icons pack scenes

Christmas Outline Icons

Sliceberry mastered the art of quality. Join us and enjoy all our favorite, and best-designed icons and illustrations.

Free Duo Tone Icons

Icon Pack Vol. 1

Dripicons is A Completely Free, Vector Line-Icon Font with 95 Icons

Caviar - Premium Icons

Simple Line Icons

220 Free Line Icon Set

The Elegant Icon Font – 360 Of The Best Free Icons For The Modern Web

Winter Icon Set by Tamara

5,000 Perfect Icons. *NEW v4.0

170 Thin Line Icons

A Modern Matter · A Modern Matter ...

iOS7 Icon Set

Simple Line Icons Set Vol.3

CRISP & BOLD We worked with the creators of Lines™ icon pack to bring an even better UI experience to our smartphone. "Teaming up with Blloc gave us the ...

Icon pack. Adaptivepack

Eco Ico - Line Icon Set

Icon pack

Sporties Icon Set by Creativedash

Argon 300+ Premium ...

flat movie icons

Free Line Icons

The key feature of this small set of stroke icons lies in two-tone coloring and relatively bold lines. The first mimics the primary color scheme, ...

Network & Database Line Icons

iOS7 Vector Icons 100 icons Photoshop Custom Shape PNG Webfont formats freebie

Screenshot of icon issue after replacing fonts on GitHub


Icon search iconjar

45 Blue Drops - Free Line Icon Set

Icon appearance


... that is achieved because of monochrome color palette and a generous amount of white space. Neat and delicate line icons bring fun and playfulness to ...

Update Your Phone's Style With the Best Icon Packs for Android | Digital Trends


Everything you need for a beautiful app: Glyphish icons for iOS

kitchen travel line icon set

Activity Line Icons

External channels are for collaboration with users outside your organization

On confirming, the formatting toolbar will hide and you will see only the spell check icon.

Line Icon Set

Outline Icons by Ricardo Salazar

Feather Icon Set is A Beautifully Simple Icon Font with 130 Icons

Vector Line Icons

Get bold

Pixel Perfect. High-quality icons designed on ...

Chat window let's you format texts. Make use of them and make your texts lively

Jan van Krimpen's Cancelleresca Bastarda, a twentieth-century revival of the chancery italic style.

Lastly convert it to a shape with the “Outlines” icon in the toolbar for an easier handling (or select “Type” > “Convert Text to Outlines” in the menu bar).

free icon font MFG Labs Web Icon Set

Everlasting Boilers (EVLB) Brand Icons used for brochure material.

Then change the “Position” of the border to “Inside” and the “thickness” to “5” and we are done.

Blockchain Technology Line Icons

Stroke 7 Icon Font Set

Stroke Icons 80 icons PSD AI Webfont formats freebie

Step Four: After you bolded the letters, you may have noticed that the crisp corners now have a slight bevel to them. Press Command-J (PC: Ctrl-J) to make a ...

Polished and sleek line icons and the overall design play wonderfully together, producing a subtle touch of elegance.

icon free font Ligature Symbols

Round the corner size to 100%.

Gradient Round icons


The most important thing to remember if you build icons is to always try to construct them with basic shapes instead of using the vector tool.