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CNN Politics on Updated News Trump chief of staff Donald trump

CNN Politics on Updated News Trump chief of staff Donald trump


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Trump continues search for new chief of staff

Trump asked John Kelly to stay through 2020

Trump names Mulvaney acting chief of staff

Amid chief of staff search, Trump increasingly anxious over political future - CNNPolitics

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump is no longer considering one of his top congressional allies, Rep. Mark Meadows, to become his next White House ...

Who is John Kelly?

GOP lawmaker: It could be a long shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 25: AFP OUT U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen.

Mulvaney calls Trump 'terrible' in 2016 video

Trump scrambles to find Kelly replacement

Mueller's team questioned John Kelly

Gergen: Reince Priebus is a promising choice

Outgoing Chief of Staff John Kelly, then homeland security secretary, sits next to President Donald Trump in a meeting in the White House in January 2017.

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Trump stops short of National Emergency pledge on opioids

Sources: McMaster, Kelly poised to depart soon

US President Donald Trump speaks to the press during a Cabinet meeting at the White House

Christie and Trump weren't always friends

Trump furious about Kelly's wall comments

Trump ousts Priebus as chief of staff

Trump: John Kelly leaving at end of the year

Woodward book reveals 'crazytown' White House

Sources: Trump increasingly uses personal cell

President Barack Obama and outgoing chief of staff Bill Daley, right, at a news

JUST WATCHED. Donald Trump's ...

First on CNN: Tea Party Patriots warn against Priebus for chief of staff - CNNPolitics

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CNN filed a lawsuit against President Trump and several of his aides, seeking the immediate restoration of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's ...

FILE PHOTO: White House chief of staff John Kelly listens as U.S. President Donald Trump

Chris Christie takes himself out of running for chief of staff - CNNPolitics

Top White House official draws new scrutiny in Russia inquiry

EPA chief worked for climate change skeptic

Trump lashed out at Mulvaney during meeting

Washington (CNN) While President Donald Trump and Nick Ayers were still in the middle of negotiations about him replacing John Kelly as chief of staff, ...

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White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, left, looks on as President

Trump furious over leak of warning about Putin

Santorum on chief of staff: The answer is no

Kelly: I first told Trump not to call families

President Donald Trump, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus

Bill Shine, left, and President Donald Trump

Mueller to drop Cohen, Manafort memos

Trump seething after Cohen sentencing

Trump contradicts own claim about why he fired Comey

Ricardel forced out of White House

Is Trump relying less and less on Mattis?

Trump lashes out amid multiple investigations

Kanye's monologue leaves Trump speechless

US President Donald Trump prepares to board Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in

Bob Woodward's Trump book: Author details aides' worries about Trump - CNNPolitics

Senior administration official hits Trump in op-ed

Graham on spending plan: Trump is open-minded

Tapper: Many Trump allies are swamp critters


Says Trump Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus "

White House responds to Rob Porter resignation

Sources: Ayers may be Kelly's replacement

Sessions is out. Heres what that means for immigration

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (L), US President Donald Trump (R)

Sources: Rick Gates close to plea deal

Donald Trump just made John Kelly a promise he (almost certainly) won't keep

What Trump's tweets taught us in 2017

Trump John Kelly Ivanka Jared Kushner New York Times newday_00000000

Schiff: Trump's emergency tactic a non-starter

Donald Trump and Jim Acosta

HUD stands by hiring of new chief of staff

CNN attorney: The WH cannot get away with this

CNN: Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to meet with White House Chief of Staff. #Breaking #News #Rosenstein #CNN #DonaldTrump #WhiteHouse - video ...

WaPo: Kelly threatens to quit in fit of anger


The report followed Trump's announcement in a tweet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be replaced by Whitaker, who was Sessions' chief of staff at ...

Trump persists with brash political rhetoric

Trump's next chief of staff may be walking into a nightmare - CNNPolitics

WH aide: Trump in 'really good mood' ahead of Kavanaugh vote

Trump: We are all to blame for Russia relations

CNN's Jim Acosta has White House press badge revoked after Trump called him 'terrible'

Zinke kept some meetings off public calendar

Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist to U.S. President Donald Trump, attends a

JUST WATCHED. Hear audio of Woodward's phone call with Trump

Although President Donald Trump once considered then deputy national security adviser Dina Powell to replace then chief of staff Reince Priebus, ...

A White House staff member reaches for the microphone held by CNN's Jim Acosta as he

Mulvaney in 2016: Trump should be disqualified

Executive orders: one thing you need to know

April Ryan Ashley Parker Jim Acosta Journalists in the Trump Era

Trump picks Priebus as White House chief of staff, Bannon as top adviser - CNNPolitics

White House and FBI clash over GOP memo

A closer look at Trump's White House turnover

Who is in Trump's inner ...

Trump in tweet: I have people I want to change

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Trump's administration departures, in a photo

trump implicated court filings tapper monologue lead vpx_00000201

n this March 12, 2017 file photo, White House Director of communications for the

Ap United Nations General Assembly I Xun

South Korea: Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un

Trump administration and orbit: List of all departures, firings and resignations - CNN.com