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Blackfeet encampment Archival Photographs from the University of

Blackfeet encampment Archival Photographs from the University of


An eldery Blackfeet man and woman pose next to a traditionally painted tipi. She sits on the ground, wearing a "white-mans" hat and holding a carved toy ...

Peel : University of Lethbridge, [Three Blackfeet girls in decorated costume] (1910

Chief Chewing Black Bones

Blackfoot man with tipi poles at Sun Dance camp, Blackfoot reserve, near Gleichen,

Logging camp at Seeley Lake

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blackfeet indian | Blackfeet Indian Girl - City of Vancouver Archives Native American Children, Native

Sun Dance Blackfeet Indians, Gleichen, N.W.T. - City of Vancouver Archives. 1893 год?

Free archive of historic Native American Indian Tribes Photographs, Pictures and Images. Photographs promote the Native American Tribes culture

Blackfeet parade around camp before construction of the Okan lodge, 1908

Native American Edward Curtis Blackfoot Tepee by griffinlb, via Flickr

Kat-O-Capee - Blackfoot Indian - City of Vancouver Archives.

"Old Agency"-Blackfoot- on Badger Creek MT 1881. "

Mokoti lodge being constructed, Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve, Alberta. Date: 1938 or Photographer/Illustrator: Hanks, Jane and Lucien.

Encampment of Blackfeet (Montana)

Photographs of individual Blackfoot | names, location and date unknown. www.American-

A Group of Blackfoot Indians and Their Tepees. Glacier National Park. Montana

New York photographer Napoleon Sarony, well known for his celebrity portraits, took this picture

Siksika (Blackfoot, Alberta) family camp

26 Amazing Vintage Photos of the First Nations People Before the 1900s ~ vintage everyday American

Photograph of Blackfoot (Kainai) Camp

Among the Blackfoot, circa 1908 (photo by Trueman, courtesy Library and Archives Canada/C-14106).

10 Blackfeet encampment ...

One Gun, Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve, Alberta. Date: 1938. Photographer


Siksika (Blackfoot) Tipi

Chief-Boy - Blackfoot - City of Vancouver Archives

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Black and white photograph

Blackfoot Camp

Original title: "Crowfoot", Chief of the Blackfeet ...

Blackfoot (Siksika)

Chief Crowfoot ca. 1885

15 Blackfeet ...

Blackfoot Indian camp. Glacier National Park. Montana

Blackfoot Indian Girls in Front of Teepee Glacier National Park. Montana

Beinecke Library via Wikimedia Commons, ...

Elouise Cobel at her desk, looking at a document and talking on the telephone.

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... Black and white photograph

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Earl Old Person speaks to a crowd in 1986. Elected to the Blackfeet Tribal Business. Great Falls Tribune Archival Photo

Eugene Baker with officers at Fort Ellis

Indigenous people, likely Cree, sell bison horns as coat racks to train passengers at Medicine Hat, Alberta. Library and Archives Canada

Indians arriving and erecting Teepees Blackfoot Indian women building a Teepee. Glacier National Park.

Photograph of Blackfeet (Pikuni) Camp

Photograph of Blackfeet (Pikuni) Camp

Murdered and missing Native American women challenge police and courts – Center for Public Integrity

26 Group photo ...

“Tail-Feathers-Coming-Over-The-Hill, Yellow Wolf,

Adrian Stimson's performance art persona is known as Buffalo Boy. (Adrian Stimson)

21 Blackfoot chiefs ...

Old Color Photos of Native Americans

Kainai Pow-wow Dance

6 Blackfeet ...

... Black and white photograph ...

Photograph of Blackfoot Camp

#40: Medicine Man Nosey, Chanting Versed before the Tree for the Medicine Lodge Pole is Cut Down

The Blackfoot were one of many tribes to rely on buffalo for survival.

Blackfoot Indians and Teepee. Glacier National Park. Montana Two Guns White Calf--

The painted tipi was an important traditional art form among most American Indian Plains tribes; but with the destruction of the great buffalo herds in the ...

Blackfeet IndiansThree chiefs Piegan.jpg

Sitting Bull

Photograph of Blackfoot (Kainai) Camp

25 Group of Blackfeet ...

Gleichen encampment

"Children at North Camp School, Blackfoot Reserve, Gleichen Area, Alberta, 1892, Collection of Glenbow NA 1934-1" (Courtesy of Glenbow Archives)

14 Blackfeet ...

[Blackfeet Indians on horseback]

Photo of Native Americans

Blackfoot Elders

“Crow camp.” Fred E. Miller was a trained photographer living on the. “


New book looks at Glacier National Park through eyes of Kootenai, Blackfeet

Grave of Poundmaker / Last camp of Chief Crowfoot, Head Chief of Blackfoot Confederacy /

Gros Ventre

... Rhonda Hogstad left the Blackfeet Indian Reservation at 17 years old and never looked back.

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The painted tipi was an important traditional art form among most American Indian Plains tribes; but with the destruction of the great buffalo herds in the ...

Color illustration depicting several views of 'Glacier National Park, ' including the 'View