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Anderson Cooper Dismantles Trumps Relentless Lies About the Michael

Anderson Cooper Dismantles Trumps Relentless Lies About the Michael


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7:39 AM - 13 Dec 2018

Kavanaugh Protest

Anderson Cooper: Cohen basically called Trump a crook

President Trump Signs The Iraq And Syria Genocide Relief And Accountability Act Of 2018

Trump Organization Business Partner Signed a Deal with Saudi-backed Fund Weeks Before Journalist Disappeared

CNN legal analyst Laura Coates explains how Giuliani could be charged with a crime for coordinating with Manafort's lawyers | "NEVER" My President" | Lawyer ...

Brett Kavanaugh busted lying about even whether he watched Blasey Ford's testimony

In an interview with ABC News, President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen said that Trump knew the hush payments to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels ...

Director Oliver Stone attends the N.Y. premiere of 'Snowden'

Revealed: Mueller-Bashing Democratic Strategist Mark Penn Was on Trump's Payroll

#CNN #News

It's Time for Jeff Flake to Put Up or Shut Up

Rosenstein is the only person between Trump and Mueller. He may soon be gone.

Donald Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio noted one of the bad things the president has done for the country is turn himself into a pariah among the ...

The Government Says Trump Lied About Terrorists Coming Over The Border

A top staffer like Mark Meadows would be confirmation that Trump's strategy to defend against political

Saudi Lobbyists Used U.S. Military Veterans To Line Trump's Pockets

A Trump Appointee Hunted For Election Fraud. It Looks Like It Was Right Under His Nose.

Bloomberg: Trump Denies Climate Change

A Michael Flynn timeline (20.99/21)

Trump denies he 'directed' Cohen to ...


Michael Bloomberg speaks during a panel discussion in Washington. (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)


05 trump jong un split

nydailynews.com US CIA chief, Mike Pompeo's secret meeting with N Korean leader Kim Jong Un hailed a success by Trump

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donell have a fascinating theory that explains the biggest

Trump picks 'attitude' over prep work ahead of Singapore

'I would prosecute the case today': Ex-Prosecutor explains why Trump is. '

Donald Trump Has No Friends Anymore. Only Witnesses.

'It's time to end the garbage': CNN's Lemon opens show with brutal attack on Trump lies over Russian involvement

FILE PHOTO - Gary Gilbert, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Damien Chazelle, Jordan


The zombie attack will have to wait. “World War Z 2” will no longer open in June, as originally scheduled. It has been shifted to a different date, ...

President Trump on Thursday drew space between himself and his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen, saying that Cohen only dealt with a “tiny fraction” ...

ANALYSIS: Michael Flynn resignation raises dark new questions surrounding Trump and Russia (20.99/29)

algemeiner.com Trump says CIA boss Mike Pompeo formed a 'good relationship' with Kim Jong Un in North Korea

Prince also arranged an August 2016 meeting between himself, a collection of Saudi and UAE princes, Donald Trump Jr., Trump team Middle East liaison, ...

Performative Cruelty Is All They Have

88 First Of Secret #TrumpTapes Leaks, Hear Trump Tell Michael Cohen To Pay Off Playboy Model 'With Cash'

A single high school in India has produced the CEOs of Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard [Video]

dailycaller.com Trump tweets wrong information about Pompeo's North Korea visit

White House says Trump knew three weeks ago that Flynn misled on contacts with Russia

... address at the University of Texas in Austin. He planned and directed the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. President Trump attacked ...

... officials finds that it was extremely rare for non-citizens to vote in the 2016 election, casting even more doubt on President Donald Trump 's unfounded ...

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Mike Pence

Trump and Kim Jong Un's ups and downs

Michael Cohen: 'Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani Threatened My Family'

rule of law,” Mr. Trump said.

President Trump poses with his top strategic advisors on communications, from left, Kellyanne Conway

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This week, as the Russiagate noose tightened around Donald Trump's neck, he met with Vladimir Putin in Vietnam.


“It Is The Latter Troupe Of Shameless, Relentless Thrusters That Occupies Us Here”

Khizr Khan, left, talks to Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) during the confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions in January 2017. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)


Felix Sater with Donald Trump (via Flickr of Emilio Labrador)

djt fred trump daily bast photo illustation

The Last Act of Paul Ryan's Speakership Is a Suitable Disgrace

Doanld Trump London Times interview Jan. 16, 2017

With that blouse on, Don, you look as young as a schoolgirl.

WASHINGTON — (CNN) President Donald Trump reached for poetry and conjured a vision of common national purpose Tuesday during his first address to Congress, ...

A man holds a poster showing images of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, describing the prince as “assassin” and ...

Special Prosecutor Mueller and his fishing expedition reminds Iraq WDM scam

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President Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda hold a joint news conference in the White House. (Michael Reynolds/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, wives Melania and Karen at Inaugural, Jan. 20

George Gigicos on the camapign trail in 2016 with GOP nominee Donald Trump and running mate

[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He's never gon' be President now... ♪♫ | MetaFilter

... Anderson Cooper rolls his eyes at her just means its Tuesday. The Department of Homeland Security attempting to overrule the judiciary is a Tier 1 ...

Conway on Anderson Cooper's eye-roll: I face sexism often in TV interviews

ABC News false report about Manafort


miles of the U.S. border with Mexico, told Rolling Stone that the border crisis Trump speaks of is a "myth," and that his wall is the "most expensive and ...

... john dowd fox cropped

“I Want To Revel In This Moment, Even As I Am Scared And Uncertain Where It Will Lead Us”

There Is Exactly Zero Value Whatsoever in a 2020 Presidential Poll Right Now

Donald Trump Bild Interview Jan. 16, 2017

Anderson Cooper Dismantles Trump's Relentless Lies About the Michael Cohen Payoffs · Esquire - By Jack Holmes · Rats of a Feather F*ck Rats Together


Frederator, Anima Estudios Launch Spanish-Language YouTube Animation Network (Exclusive)

Mueller arrests Roger Stone on process crimes. Still no Trump-Russia collusion to be found (Video)

... pbs.twimg.com ) ...

American Politics Is Full of Medical Doctors With Insane Ideas