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Active shooting events across America over the past 10 years

Active shooting events across America over the past 10 years


Active Shooter Events By The Numbers

Incidents per year 2000-2017. The above bar chart contains the numbers of active shooter incidents in ...

Active Shooter Map 1

Active Shooter Incidents Casualties per year

It found 90 of them occurred in America. Put another way: While the United States has about 5% of the world's population, it had 31% of all public mass ...

From Texas to Sandy Hook, mass shootings are a tragic and all too regular occurrence

Active Shooter Incident Location Categories

Unlike a homicide or mass killing, the "active" aspect implies that both law enforcement and citizens have the potential to affect the outcome of the event.

... active shooter events over time. We believe the first 10 years or so reported are likely under-reported by the nature of how the data was compiled, ...


The limits of lockdown drills

Some of the country's most high-profile mass shootings have occurred in those kinds of places: Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech and San Bernardino.

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Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI] | Concealed Carry Inc

Importantly, the Mother Jones figures define mass shootings as public attacks in which the shooter and victims were generally unknown to each other, ...

School shootings per year

Active shooter incidents are on the rise: FBI

Police officers conduct a mass shooting drill with students at Lincoln Middle School in Alameda, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be, researchers say - News @ Northeastern

Mass shootings in America are a serious problem -- and these charts show just why - CNN

Active Shooter Incidents Casualty Breakdown Per Year

Police direct family members away from the scene of a shooting at the Pulse nightclub in

Las Vegas shooting now tops list of worst mass shootings in U.S. history

New ...

Schools shootings: A look at the most recent events

Active Shooter: America Under Fire Poster

People hold candles during a memorial service for Charleston Hartfield, an off-duty Las

Teachers learn how to fight attackers

(REUTERS/Jim Young). America is a land of ...

AP/David GoldmanGuns sit on display at the National Rifle Association annual convention in Atlanta, April 28, 2017.

Worst mass shootings in U.S.: Las Vegas, Pulse, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook

Westchester Medical Center Shooting

Images from the aftermath of yesterday's school shooting in Parkland, Florida can't help

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: 11 Dead, Several Others Injured; Suspect In Custody – CBS Pittsburgh

Hannah Miles, is reunited with her sister Hailey and father Gary after a shooting at

A man lays on top of a woman as others flee the Route 91 Harvest country

Mass Shootings Are Getting Deadlier, Not More Frequent

After the most recent school shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year old gunman was charged with ...

Eric Harris, left, and Dylan Klebold brought guns and bombs to <a. Photos: Worst mass shootings in ...


UPDATE 10/28/18: In the original publishing of this report we rounded several numbers poorly or in a way that didn't portray the data as accurately as ...

Paul Devoe, 54, awaits execution at the Allan B Polunsky Unit in Texas, having shot dead six people in 2007. He believes the murders would not have happened ...

We thought it would be interesting to see if the overall percentage of events at which an armed citizen was present was increasing given the rise in ...

Law enforcement officers search for the suspects of a mass shooting December 2, 2015 in

School shootings are not the new normal, despite statistics that stretch the truth

Looking at the 283 total Active Shooter events in our data pool, an Armed Citizen was Present and Engaged the Active Shooter in 33 total incidents (11.7%).

2017 deemed deadliest year for mass shootings in modern US history


Active shooting incident in a school with 5%-10% concealed carry individuals

Active Shooter Infographic

In December 2015, <a href="http://www

Mass shootings in which 10 or more are killed are occurring more frequently, and are becoming deadlier. Some experts attribute this frequency to the ...

The U.S School Shooting Statistics Everyone Should Know

... during a school shooting. By selecting commands on a keyboard, they can give instructions to virtual students.CreditDepartment of Homeland Security

Black students make up 16.6% of the school population.

Lastly, below is a complete infographic. For those of you who have an interest in embedding this on your site, you can find the embed code below as well.

Mourners grieve as they await the start of a candlelight vigil for victims of the Marjory

Chart showing 18 active shooter cases involving a solo officer entry. In total, 13

... to state a common part of the political discussion is the effectiveness of state laws in stopping or slowing the instances of Active Shooter events.

Its possible another 10 years could go by without any more incidents so calling it a high probability Active Shooter State is logically unsound.


There was an initial confrontation in which two officers were injured, Mr. Hissrich said. Two more who are members of SWAT were injured in a later ...

A crowd of people holding candles.

A vigil was held Saturday at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for victims of the previous day's shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

People fleeing the Route 91 Harvest country music festival after a active shooter was reported on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Students and parents mourn in Parkland, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images ...

One mass shooting in America every day

... in the US since 1900. Slideshow preview image

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Deadliest shooting in modern US history leaves at least 59 dead, 500+ injured in Las Vegas

We decided to take a look at one specific metric that John Lott and the FBI didn't really consider. The success rate of armed citizens.

59 killed, more than 500 injured: Las Vegas

This graph shows the frequency of Active Shooter Events from 2002 to 2012. The dotted

This graph shows police response time for active shooter events. For the 51 cases that

Surviving an Active Shooter Event - Civilian Response to Active Shooter


Police search students outside Umpqua Community College after <a href="http. Photos: Worst mass shootings in ...

In these incidents, 77.8% took place in a gun-free zone suggesting that gun free zones lead to a higher death rate vs active shooter events in general.

Active shooting incidents at educational institutions that took place in the last 5 years Active .

Opening · Active Shooter Myths ...

Slideshow preview image. 10 PHOTOS

Why active shooter training didn't help in the Florida high school shooting